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Syrian Anti-Aircraft Missiles Downed Skylark Zio-Drone


In the early morning of 20 March, Syrian anti-aircraft missiles downed a Skylark Zio-Drone, it was announced by the Syrian Arab Army.  Syria’s air defense forces shot done the  Zionist Skylark unmanned aerial vehicle (“UAV,” “drone”) over the al Qunaitra region of southern Syria, liberated from the NATO/GCC/Israeli backed terrorists.

This is yet another violation of Syrian airspace by Zionist Israel.

Four days ago, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) shot down one of four war criminal Israeli warplanes, and hit a second one after the Zionist air force targeted a Syrian military position near Palmyra (Tadmor).  This war criminal action is an attempt to stop the great advances of the SAA and a futile attempt to raise the morale of the Western/Gulfie/Israel backed terrorists.

Israel has been al Qaeda’s air force since the beginning of the foreign imposed terrorist war against Syria.  In May 2013, it coordinated targeted bombings of a food supply center for SAA soldiers, an SAA defense unit, and an SAA weapons and munitions depot with the al Qaeda FSA, so these Wahhabi terrorists could video the destruction.  The US-led war criminal coalition became al Qaeda’s second air force in September 2016, when US bombed a Syrian military position in al Tharda.  Eighty-three Syrian soldiers were martyred, and the US helped the nearby enclave of “ISIS” terrorists NATO lies it wants to destroy.

The timing of Syrian anti-aircraft missiles shooting down  the Israeli drone coincidentally coincides with its al Qaeda/FSA/Nusra friends bombing vehicles and increasing sniper attacks in and around Damascus.  The coordinated purpose is for the terrorists to occupy Jobar and al Qaboun suburbs which would supply aid to more terrorists.

Two days after the Washington, London, and Paris coordinated attacks in Damascus, to sadistically celebrate the anniversary of the international conspiracy against Syria, Syrian anti-aircraft missiles shot down the Israeli bomber jet illegally in Syrian airspace.

The SAA has countered this attacks and has control of the security of Damascus, the red line of the western war crimes.

Israel pretended Syrian anti-aircraft missiles did not shoot down the war criminal jet, last week, but today admits the SAA shot down illegal drone

NATO fake msm continues to spread its lies, posting fake pictures, claiming they are Syrian soldiers, when in fact they were slaughtered Iraqi soldiers.  Similarly, fake news is showing old, recycled photos of non-Syrian children, claiming many were killed by SAA airstrikes on Damascus.  The same fake msm previously used these old pictures, lying they were taken in Aleppo.  The same fake news didn’t report on the snipers who murdered Syrian children walking home from school, didn’t report on the mortars and missiles that murdered Syrian children in their schools, didn’t report on the murders of Syrians trying to get on buses to leave al Qaeda FSA occupied neighborhoods, didn’t report on the atrocities reported by the Syrian woman, on life under the fake rebels.

Do fake news and fake rebels matter, when the truth is that Syrian anti-aircraft missiles downed zionist jets and drones?

image-Netanyahu visiting terrorists given free medical care in the Syrian Golan, occupied by Israel
US tax dollars at work:  Netanyahu visiting terrorists given free medical care in the Syrian Golan, occupied by Israel
Weapons gifts from the US to terrorists in Syria, found by SAA in liberated Aleppo

— Afraa Dagher


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