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Syrian Army Foils ISIS Ambush in the Desert, Terrorists Eliminated

Syrian Arab Army SAA eliminates an ISIS ISIL Daesh terrorist group

The Syrian Arab Army ambushed a group of ISIS terrorists that was setting an ambush for the civilians in the Syrian desert in the eastern Hama province, the ambush led to the killing and injuring of the US-sponsored terrorists.

The Syrian Ministry of Defense said in a statement [conveyed]() by the Syrian news agency SANA:

Through the monitoring and follow-up operations carried out by our armed forces of the movements of terrorist organizations and their continuous attempts to launch attacks on innocent civilians, a group of ISIS terrorists was detected while it was setting up an ambush on the main road east of Ithriya, and it was immediately dealt with suitable fire weapons, the operation led to the killing of two terrorists and the wounding of others.

The video is also available on Rumble, Bitchute, and YouTube.

ISIS, an offshoot of the US-created Al Qaeda terrorists, mainly out of the Al Qaeda Levant (aka Nusra Front, CIA code name: Moderate Rebels) out of Iraq post the illegal US-led NATO invasion of the country has been more active recently after the Syrian Arab Army and its allies defeated the terrorist organization before the US intervention in northeastern Syria and moving its commanders and main fighters into rehab spas under the management of the other US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists to be used when needed.

A series of horrific massacres were committed by the supposed to be ‘imprisoned’ ISIS terrorists taken by the US Army and its NATO coalition in Syria operating illegally in Syria but instead are unleashed whenever the USA needs to force-exports its surplus of democracy against the Syrian people, hundreds of innocent people were brutally murdered to ‘enjoy’ these Western values.

The Syrian Arab Army and its allies are fighting a plethora of NATO forces across the country, the US and Turkish armies, Al Qaeda Levant, ISIS, the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists, Israel, and all of the ‘intelligence’ agencies attached to them.

The eliminating of this ISIS terrorist group while preparing an ambush will deliver the proper message to the CIA and other ‘democracy’ exporting tools of the US-led NATO ‘defensive’ alliance, it is not enough as the ‘defensive’ alliance is fighting with the sons of other people against entire populations who have done no harm to the taxpayers funding the dirty operations of this evil alliance.

Now, that their forefront Israel project is threatened and their Ukraine project is collapsing, we expect the ‘defensive’ alliance to become even more hysteric in its war crimes across the planet.

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