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When Mainstream Media Propaganda Post News, Space & Time Lose their Subsistence


Mainstream media propaganda freely utilizes the knowledge that pictures are always more effective in terms of emotional motivation and propaganda than texts are. Writings require the reader to think and imagine, while images speak directly to the viewer, causing his thymic* side and compassion to dominate over his rationality.

This fact has always been exploited by the powerful and most especially the mainstream media propaganda wing of the West since the times of the Cold War, when journalists through their distorting narratives of events and selective attention and compassion managed to blacken the enemies of American imperialism in the consciousness of the people.

Today where TV and the internet images are more popular than reading, this situation has reached to a point where the news both of the mainstream media of the West in TV as well as all the official internet blogs that copy and paste their information, the one from the other and not caring about truth at all (but only focus on how to cause hatred of readers towards their ideological enemies), with all their mess of fake information on geo-strategical matters, actually end up using photos that could be — if not fake — taken from different events, that happened at different places, and in other times but still use them as descriptive information or supplement of the events they are supposed to be ”objectively explaining”.

A great example of this is in the case of Aleppo and other war events in Syria where even when the news are about a different year in the same city or even in different places, they (e.g., the pages of UN, UNICEF, and other ”humanitarian” mainstream blogs included) use the same photo that was previously posted in different months in Aleppo (except when used in Afghanistan), to cause rage against the side they dislike in the war.

UNICEF uses the above photo to campaign for vaccination of children in Afghanistan.

UNICEF tweets about vaccines in Afghanistan, 25 April 2016

Children used by UN to depopulate Syria, then by UNICEF for vaccines in Afghanistan are now used in aid appeal for Syria, to create guilt in the viewer.

21 September 2016

Image of children used to strategically depopulate Syria, and vaccinate Afghanistan, now represents kindergarteners reportedly killed in Harasta, Damascus countryside.

6 November 2016

The desolate image again resurfaces to coerce the viewer into believing that liberation means genocide, while ignoring NATO’s genocide of Yugoslavia.

9 December 2016

MouslimRadio helps reinforce the UN campaign, using the same photo to suggest the children from Aleppo and Afghanistan, and Harasta will be ‘massacred’ in Aleppo.

13 December 2016

Pakistani TV, SAMMA, used the image to humiliate the viewer.

16 December 2016

One thymic image is used, over and over, for mainstream media propaganda. In most of its uses, the caption is the same, but this is irrelevant as the image moves with the headlines.

This is purely done to emotionally motivate rage against the side they hate. That is  how mainstream media propaganda in war works:  If you want to make a propaganda supporting a side in war, you overstate the crimes of one side (which may occasionally happen in any war), you hide the crimes and motivations of the ones you support and repeat the supposed ”great crimes” of the side you hate all the time in order to legalize your political actions.

— Jim A.



*From the Greek, thymos, the state emotion of fury/rage.

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