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West Ignores Murder of Syrian Journalist Khaled al Khatib

Friends of Austin Tice helped murder this Syrian journalist, in Syria.

On 30 July Syrian journalist Khaled al Khatib was murdered by US backed terrorists in Homs. The 25 year old al Khatib was on assignment with RT TV, covering Syrian Arab Army operations in the eastern countryside, when his crew was hit by an anti-tank missile (a cameraman remains hospitalized). A Google of “Syrian journalist Khaled al Khatib” yields no results from western media, except for a blurb hidden in a NYT story with an unrelated headline.  

Thousands of Syrians attended Khaled al Khatib’s funeral, 31 July


Khaled al Khatib’s mom carries her son’s coffin.

Warmongering NATO media glaring omission of al Khatib’s martyrdom is their standard.  Though their raging coverage on the deaths of mercenaries pretending to be journalists (e.g., orangette mercs Foley and Sotloff, illegals) was pimped as excuse for Obama to bomb Syria, the murders of actual Syrian journalists are as negligible as the US Trump regime slaughtering Syrian civilians with white phosphorus.

Syrian journalist Maya Nasser was assassinated by FSA terrorist sniper while reporting live, 26 September 2012. Google his name, too.

A number of Syrian media figures were assassinated, kidnapped, and directly targeted throughout the Syrian crisis after labeling them ‘Shabeeha’ we can name a few: prominent Syria TV presenter Muhammad Saeed kidnapped with no trace since August 2012 when FSA pages showed him kidnapped and tortured, reporter Maya Nasser sniped by an FSA sniper while covering the attack on military staff building in Damascus, Hussein Murtada with the most attempts on his life by sniping, ambush and detonating cars in his office’s garage, journalist Ali Abbas the head of Arab News Section in SANA news agency, kidnapping the Ikhbariya crew in Tal Mnen whom were rescued by an SAA special operation.

Martyr Yara Abbas, Syria’s Ikhbariya TV Reporter

While terrorist-supporting CNN remains completely mute — Syrian lives do not matter, not even superficially — RT has provided a glimpse into the courageous work of the young martyr Khaled al Khatib.

الله يرحم الشهداء

— Miri Wood (On Twitter: @miriwood)

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