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“Israel” and Putin: Master and Servant? (Op-ed)

image-israel putin Russia to replace US as Israel's main ally in the Middle East

‘Israel’ and Putin: Master and Servant? A question asked based on the following points and needs an answer, all respectful replies are welcomed, so many dots connected and begs proper answers.~by the editor.

Just let us view the facts:

#1: Netanyahu and the MOSSAD-chief meet with Putin over Syria (why should anyone not authorised to decide on Syria debate Syria with some third person, not authorised to decide on Syria as well?).
#2: After the defeat of its mercenaries, labelled “ISIS”, at Deir-Ezzor, “israel” again bombs SAA-positions deep inside Syria, this time at Masyaf.
#3: After this illegal aggression – a blatant violation of International Law – the western (Zionist-run) presstitutes hurry to bring up again the well-known lies about Syria allegedly stockpiling chemical weapons (or again was working on getting them).
#4: As always, NO evidence is given and NO attempts from the Russian administration are made to counter this propaganda-attack on Syria.
Obviously, the renewed “israeli” and Western-fabricated allegations against Syria are just the second row of attacks after the military ones, and obviously, they are aimed to deceit the (already brain-dead) Western masses and prevent them from realising:

  • The constant “israeli” and Western meddling,
  • The constant provocative actions of “Israel” against Syria on the Syrian Golan Heights,
  • The support for al-Qaeda and ISIS-terrorism by “Israel” and the West,
  • The repeatedly performed direct military aggressions of “Israel” and the West against Syria.

It must be a coincidence that, just now, the Russian-israeli relations have become “the warmest in history”…

And now you people who still defend Putin the THUG tell those Syrian children who lost their fathers in Masyaf (and the Russian children who lost their fathers fighting alongside the heroic SAA in Syria as well) there were no dots to be connected.

*The author, born 1964, is a German historian and political scientist. 


image-israel putin Russia to replace US as Israel's main ally in the Middle East
Russian media a year ago cheering Russian desire to be Israel’s main sponsor in the Middle East!

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