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Losing in Gaza, Israel Bombs Damascus, Al Qaeda Bombs Aleppo

NATO proxy army and Israel strong defenders in Syria Al Qaeda Levant Nusra Front

On the 86th day of its Holocaust against the Palestinian civilians in Gaza, Israel desperately needs an offramp, its once hyped-up IDF amateurish TikTok dancing army is being systematically depleted by the Palestinian resistance fighters in Gaza, the Hezb Allah resistance fighters in Lebanon, and the Iraqi resistance who in turn are taking out sensitive Israeli targets almost on daily basis; the offramp is coming from the proxy armies Israel’s sponsors in the NATO ‘defensive’ alliance created for its support, ie. Al Qaeda, ISIS, and their affiliates.

A Syrian military spokesperson said in a very brief statement conveyed by the Syrian news agency SANA:

“At approximately 4:35 a.m. today, the Israeli enemy carried out an air attack from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan, targeting some points in the Damascus countryside.”

This follows reports coming from the anti-Jewish Zionist entity – dubbed Israel – that missiles fell in the occupied Golan coming from the direction of Syria.

In the northwest of Syria and during the past 24 hours, Al Qaeda Levant (Nusra Front) terrorists in Idlib fired barrages of artillery shells, rockets, and drones against the Syrian towns and villages within their reach in the countryside of Idlib and Aleppo, killing a little child with her mother and injuring 10 other civilians.

The shelling of Al Qaeda mainly targeted the towns of Nubbul and Zahra in Aleppo’s western countryside; the little child killed was later identified as Ruqaya Osama Seifo, and her mother was identified as Sukaina Ali Seifo.

NATO and Israel proxy army in Syria Al Qaeda murdered a child and her mother in Aleppo

Syrian Arab Army artillery responded to the bombing by shelling with heavy artillery the posts of Al Qaeda on the outskirts of Darat Izza, a town in western Aleppo countryside, and managed to eliminate 6 terrorists and injure 11.

The terrorists of Al Qaeda swiftly stopped celebrating their ‘achievement’ in murdering the ‘Assadist’ child and her mother and started weeping and whining about their lost commanders and comrades in the shelling by the Syrian Arab Army.

When Al Qaeda was on the verge of defeat in Syria in May 2013, Israel and its US-led NATO sponsors rushed to their rescue, it’s the turn of Al Qaeda and ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) to support their masters in Tel Aviv.

During the past 3 months, NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda and ISIS have escalated their attacks on the Syrian people and the Syrian armed forces, notably, the heinous war crime committed by NATO when its Al Qaeda terrorists bombed the Syrian Arab Army cadets’ graduation ceremony in the Military Academy in Homs on the 5th of October 2023, 2 days before the Palestinian resistance in Gaza launched their spectacular military incursion into the territories engulfing their concentration camp and manned by Israel’s so-called elite of the elite troops of the IDF and the various spying agencies.

Israel, the US neo-cons, NATO Western Europe, and Canada need a war, they have placed all their bets on Ukraine facing off against Russia and are losing on all levels in that criminal war, that’s after a decade of propping up terrorist groups across the Arab world in the regime change operation dubbed Arab Spring which not only was halted in Syria, the domino effect reversed its gains after they succeeded to control Tunisia, Libya, most of Yemen, Sudan, Egypt, and Morocco.

In Syria, NATO received its first defeat which not only failed to achieve the Syrian episode in the regime change and the NATO-sponsored anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood takeover of the country, the Syrians defended their country and brought the tens of thousands of NATO terrorists to a standstill until the USA, its European lackeys, and their Israel project decided to interfere directly to aid Al Qaeda FSA, and their newborn ISIS.

Syria asked for help first from Iran in the wake of the first threats of bombing by the Nobel Peace Laurette Obama, Iran decided to sit and watch and to approach the new Muslim Brotherhood regimes which were getting stronger in Turkey and Egypt. For Iran, that time when the picture was still murky and the Iranians were not sure whether Syria could survive, they set their bets on the ‘bearded brethren’, or so they thought.

Despite the very warm approaches Iran had to Egypt under the Muslim Brotherhood, and despite the lucrative economic incentives Iran gave to the Muslim Brotherhood leader, the Turkish madman Erdogan mainly in gas price discounts, Iran found out the hard way that they are next on the list of the US-led NATO ‘defensive’ alliance, especially after the birth of ISIS and its swift expanding in Syria’s desert and Iraq’s main northern cities.

June 2013

For some reason, the Russian leadership also decided in the first 4.5 years of the US-led war of terror against Syria to bend over to the US demands; trusting its ‘Western partners’ was Russia’s costliest mistake, whether in Syria or on its borders in Ukraine, recalling here the Minsk Accords for eastern Ukraine.

Russia decided to come to the aid of Syria after it also realized it was on the same neo-cons menu as Iran, and only after Al Qaeda and ISIS grew in numbers to reach over 250,000 terrorists at the same time in Syria. The Syrian Arab Army managed to kill tens of thousands of those on more than 40 active fronts across the country, no other army in the whole world throughout the entire history of mankind has ever faced such a threat and managed to preserve the core structure of its country.

Even after Russia came to aid Syria in only combating Al Qaeda and ISIS out of moral and tactical bases, moral because over 14,000 of those terrorists in Syria came from Russian republics, and tactical with Mr. Putin betting on the friendship he thought he forged with Erdogan and believed that Erdogan can be trusted only to get the Russian ambassador to Turkey assassinated and a Russian fighter jet pursuing Al Qaeda terrorists in Idlib to be shot down by NATO member state Turkey.

Russia’s continuous mistake is thinking it has some kind of leadership over its population of settlers in Israel, estimates that over 1.2 million of Israel’s settlers hail from Russian-speaking countries; this Russian mistake is costing Syria dearly with the Israeli repeated bombing of the country that never stopped since May 2013 and unfortunately, with Russian ‘coordination’ based on the weird ‘agreement’ between Russia and Israel to ‘operate’ over Syrian skies!

A strong united Syria is beneficial to the world’s peace and stability, especially to the world that the US’s fading evil empire does not control anymore, again thanks to the steadfastness and resilience of the Syrian people and their army, we hope that the Russian leadership will realize this sooner than later, and not only reap the benefits of Syria defeating NATO’s ‘Arab Spring’ and continue to side by NATO and its tool Israel in Syria.

The USA and Israel are in a control dilemma, each of them controls the other in its own way, while the USA controls the flow of weapons, literally funds Israel’s budget, all of it, and provides the needed logistics for Israel to bomb everyone surrounding it to survive in its criminal nature, Israel controls US politicians by funding their election campaigns or fund the election campaigns of the opponents of congressmen and senators who try to act independently from the Zionist dictate, ironically, using US taxpayers’ money in both cases.

Israel has become a burden on its sponsors with the repeated defeats it’s being handed failing its role as the US’s ‘unsinkable aircraft carrier’ in the heart of the Arab world, dividing Asian Arabs geographically with North African Arabs, and by supporting some of the world’s most retard political regimes in the region, like the Qatari, for instance, who in turn help radicalize illiterate Muslims from rural areas, especially in central and southern Asia and direct them under the leadership of the Turkish madman Erdogan and his anti-Islamic AKP Muslim Brotherhood party to benefit NATO.

A strategic defeat of Israel will bring peace, security, and prosperity to the whole world, all you have to do is look at the situation in the Red Sea, the Yemeni Army imposes a sea blockade on Israel through the Bab Al Mandib until Israel stops slaughtering the Palestinian children in Gaza and allows food and medicine to enter the open death camp there, and the USA and its stooges want to start a war to lift the Yemeni blockade on Israel instead of ordering Israel to stop ‘holocausting’ Gaza.

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  1. Greagoir O'Cathasaigh

    Over decades to come, historians will agree that is was the courage, bravery and steadfastness of the Syrian people, led by President Bashar al-Assad that was the major factor leading, via the Donbass, Yemen and Palestine, to the ultimate defeat and collapse of the American Empire, of its fascist puppet-meisters in TelAviv and Jerusalem and of the craven Euro-GB piggys who have fed at the trough(s) in Brussels, London, Paris and Frankfurt on the back of Russian Gas, sub-Saharan Uranium and an array of precious stones and metals together with oil and gas extracted from the fertile earth of Africa and Latin America for the benefit of a transatlantic white-skinned Euro-plutocracy. May they all rest in Hell.

  2. Muhammad Turkmani

    If you still cannot see the link between the terrorists of Al Qaeda, ISIS and the NATO armies and Israel, go back to sleep.


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