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Russia Repatriates 56 ISIS Children from Northeastern Syria

CIA ISIS ISIL breeding Al Hol concentration camp - Hasakah Syria مخيم الهول داعش الحسكة

Russia repatriated 56 children from an ISIS breeding concentration camp in northern Syria run by the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists.

The Russian children’s ombudswoman Lvova-Belova brought with her the 56 children back to Russia yesterday, 12 March 2023 after an agreement was reached with the Kurdish terrorists who run the ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) breeding camps in northern Syria.

An agreement to repatriate 200 more children has been reached with the Kurdish (SDF terrorists), Belova told the Russian news agency TASS, adding that the returned children will undergo a rehabilitation program for several weeks before handing them to their relatives across 16 Russian regions.

Ms. Belova complained to Russian President Putin about the obstacles set by the US regime pressuring their Kurdish proxies complicating her humanitarian mission to which Mr. Putin urged her to continue and commented ‘itis easier to negotiate with the Kurds than with the Americans,’ according to TASS.

The Russian children’s ombudswoman thanked Syria and the Russian Health Ministry, emergency medicine experts, and the Kurds she was negotiating with to secure the return of the children.

Upon the hand-over operations of large areas in northern Syria under the US sponsorship, the Kurds received thousands of families of the anti-Islamic Wahhabi and Muslim Brotherhood indoctrinated ISIS terrorists along with the terrorists themselves who enjoy rehabilitation in Kurdish spa centers before ‘escaping’ their detention centers to attack Syrian civilians and Syrian army units across the Syrian desert.

Most of the ISIS breeding is taking place in the infamous Al Hol concentration camp in the northeastern Syrian province of Hasakah. ISIS terrorists graduating from the rehabilitation process are then moved to one of the ‘prisons’ like the Ghuweiran prison in Hasakah province before ‘escaping’ the detention.

The US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists refuse to hand over the ISIS terrorists and their families to the Syrian authorities and instead use them to pressure the Syrian state and extort financial benefits from the countries where the terrorists are imported to Syria from by the US ‘democracy-exporting’ agencies.

Until February 2014, reports of up to 14,000 terrorists from the Russian republic of Chechnya alone in addition to another 750 terrorists from ‘Mother Russia’ managed to cross several countries on their journey to join thousands of others from different countries under the watchful eyes of the ‘intelligence’ agencies of the countries they came from and through to somehow turn into Syrian opposition, peaceful protesters, and members of the Free Syrian Army FSA before splitting into dozens of different terrorist groups.

Somehow Russian/Chechen terrorists become Syrian opposition and peaceful protesters in western mainstream media!

Some countries, like the self-proclaimed mother of democracy, the UK strip their citizens of their citizenship to avoid their repatriation due to the danger to their societies, they will sponsor them as long as they are spreading ‘western values’ in Syria but will not allow them to return to their home countries out of fear from those very ‘western values’! Nobody knows these radical terrorists more than their sponsors who radicalized them.

Estimates of up to 7300 minors from 60 countries in addition to 1800 children from Iraq are held in the camps in northern Syria, mainly the Al Hol and Roj concentration camps, managed by the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists.

According to the Interfax news agency, Russia managed to repatriate 385 children from different ‘conflict zones’ in the Middle East; the Russian authorities have prepared the documents to repatriate 137 other children.

Meanwhile, thousands of real Syrian families who fled their towns and villages when ISIS stormed them found themselves in the concentration camps run by the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatists alongside the ISIS terrorists they fled from and their families. The Kurds use them as one of their bargaining cards against the Syrian state.

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