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ISIS Terrorists Claim Responsibility for the Deadly Bus Attack near Raqqa

US-sponsored ISIS ISIL terrorists finishing off passengers of a bus near Raqqa إرهابيو داعش المدعومين أمريكياً يجهزون على ضحايا الباص قرب الرقة

ISIS terrorists claimed responsibility for the Monday, 20 June, early morning deadly attack on a passenger bus carrying soldiers and civilians near the city of Raqqa in northern Syria.

The US-sponsored terrorist organization said in a statement issued on its ‘official news agency’ that it has set up an ambush for the incoming bus near the village of Al Zamlah in the southern countryside of the Raqqa province near the provincial borders with Deir Ezzor, in northern Syria.

The statement added that the ISIS (ISIL) terrorists opened their machine guns on the bus killing 13 people on board and injuring others, it claimed all of its victims were soldiers while in fact, two of them were civilian passengers on that bus.

Command sources of the terrorist organization quoted in the above-mentioned statement concluded that the terrorists ‘burned out the bus after finishing off the injured passengers before departing the area and celebrating their victory’.

Another war crime by all standards committed by the USA through its proxies without any doubt of the US direct involvement especially after the refusal of its other officially-sponsored proxy, the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists, to handover the ISIS terrorists in their possession to the Syrian state for prosecution and instead, offer the anti-Islamic radicals spa-like treatment and giving them chances to flee, repeatedly. It’s also no coincidence that a couple of days prior to this attack, the Kurdish separatists claimed that a doze of those ISIS terrorists in its ‘spa’ managed to flee.

It’s also no coincidence that the ISIS terrorists attacks have escalated especially in central Syria after the CIA freed dozens of ISIS terrorists from a makeshift Kurdish SDF prison in Hasakah province in which soon after the Pentagon allocated 200 million dollars to capture them, those attacks, somehow, only target the Syrian people, the Syrian state facilities, and the Syrian army soldiers sparing the US and Turkish armies and their other proxies in Syria.

The Syrian authorities have accused the US forces illegally deployed in Syria and whose main task is to plunder Syrian oil, wheat, and other resources, of harboring, relocating, training, arming, and then unleashing ISIS commanders and ISIS terrorists in makeshift bases it set up in the Hasakah province in northeastern Syria and in the Al Tanf area in the depth of the Syrian southeastern desert at the border junction with Iraq and Jordan.

Some opposition sources claim in conflicting reports that ISIS remnants have carried out another attack in the same area killing two Syrian army soldiers and injuring one more, where some sources claim the attack was carried out against a bus carrying the soldiers while others claim the attack targeted a stationery post of the Syrian Arab Army taking advantage of the sandstorm hitting the region. Awaiting confirmation of this latest attack by official or local sources in the region.

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  1. Miri

    Something stinks about ISIS’s claims.

    Obviously, these were savage terrorists who attacked the bus and committed the massacre. But the description only seems to fit into the US war criminals propaganda when they claim to be illegally in Syria to fight terrorism.

  2. Muhammad Turkmani

    Of course they will, it’s all about their propaganda as if we didn’t know they will attack soft targets after the Kurdish SDF let loose dozens of them in Raqqa.

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