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UNSC NATO Pushing to Extend Al Qaeda Lifeline for Another Year in Syria

UNSC on Syria - United Nations Security Council - مجلس الأمن الدولي سورية

The UNSC NATO junta held another meeting to urge another round of breaching the national sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic via the extension of Security Council Resolution 2585 (2021) which expires on 10 July. The imperialist klansmen were a bit more strident in their fraudulently righteous concern over the ongoing Syrian humanitarian crisis — caused by their countries — on this occasion. They are concerned that Russia and or China may finally, irrevocably thwart their plot for a new Sykes-Picot.

To facilitate the comprehension of the various UNSC resolutions regarding the replacement of Syrian sovereignty with supranational [NATO] authority, Syria News again posts all the resolutions that have been involved:

The passage of UNSCR 2165 (2014) allowed for foreign entities to deliver alleged “humanitarian” goods via corridors not explicitly opened by Syria. It was quickly celebrated when around 50 children were killed by intentionally poisoned measles vaccines brought in from Turkey. It was renewed via UNSCR 2393 (2017), followed by 2449 (2018), and then a six-month compromise via 2504 (2020) which was rolled over into 2533 (2020) for another year. Any member of the P5 could have refused the Syria-excluded compromise; instead, the colonialist P3 persist in clamoring for the reopening of other imperial corridors, obsessively, Yarubiyah — breaches of sovereignty that none would tolerate against their own countries (it is possible that 2504 broke the UNSC record; only France voted yes, while US, UK, China, and Russia abstained.)

The United Nations Meetings Coverage & Press Releases read so much like previous ones, that one may wonder why a template is not used, which simply changes the dates and names of speakers.

UNSC junta worries that the cross-border will be closed.
NATO junta ruling the UNSC is worried the final cross-border will be closed.

Secretary-General Guterres addressed the UNSC. Supranational [NATO] cross-border mechanisms that ignore Syria’s sovereignty have always been close to his humanitarian heart. At this writing, his statement has not been published. As such, we share only two screenshots from his Twitter account, and also hyperlink his stunning speech to UNGA in September 2021, focused on the restoration of trust.

Martin Griffiths, Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator was next to address the UNSC. As is his wont, Griffiths’ horror of atrocities consists of naming the atrocities while pretending he does not know who the perpetrators are, nor that the NATO mobsters ruling the UN are the perpetrators or their supporters:

  • “Murders continue in Al Hol camp, with 18 murders already this year.” — al Hol is under the control of the illegal US regime forces, with the help of the US-funded, UN beloved, armed insurrectionist SDF.
  • “On 15 June, a car bomb killed the Head of Office of a humanitarian partner organization in Al Bab city.” — al Bab has been under war criminal Turkish occupation — complete with terrorist fratricide over booty — since February 2017.
  • “On 10 June, the Damascus airport — damaged by an airstrike — was shut down and remains closed as of today…”. — DAM was shut down because of Israel’s war criminal bombing of Syria’s civilian airport, after which there was no emergency UNSC meeting called. Western supremacists, including Operation Mockingbird liberals and assorted neocons, might consider their reactions if Israel had bombed London’s Heathrow, New York’s JFK, or Philly’s International Airport.
In his righteous fervor, Griffiths again forgot that al Hol is under war criminal US occupation, that al Bab is under war criminal Turkey occupation.
In his righteous fervor, Griffiths again forgot that al Hol is under war criminal US occupation, that al Bab is under war criminal Turkey occupation.

As we have previously explained, each monthly UNSC pro tempore president may invite a celebrity guest. We have no idea if NATO Albania’s Ferit Hoxha dug up Iyad Agha himself, or it was suggested by any of the P3 to the house servant, and if Agha was brought in as part of the Liars’ Club having lying confirmation of their lies.

Agha is the “Non-Governmental Organization Forum Coordinator, NGO Forum Northwest Syria.” According to his Linkedin account, he is Syrian-born, and received his [free] university education in Syria, before emigrating to Turkey, possibly Gaziantep, where he coordinates “[NATO] Turkish NGOs and international [NATO?] NGOs operating cross-border in northern Syria.”

According to the website of NGO Forum Northwest Syria, the organization consists of “Turkish NGOs and international NGOs operating cross-border in northern Syria.

There is little to be found on the website, and the list of members remains blank as of this writing.

Somehow, NATO-affiliated media completely missed this, and no one seems to have thought to ask the British ambassador for a list of these NGO’s.

The author again reminds Syria News readers that the UNSC junta supports NATO Erdogan’s fake safety/buffer zone, which is actually his plot for annexation and ethnic cleansing.

An actual buffer zone would be on Turkey’s side of the border.

Please consider how the UNSC would have reacted had France’s bordering countries all stole a piece of France, for safety reasons, after the Paris terror attacks.

His Excellency, Dmitry Polyansky, First Deputy Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation brought that proverbial elephant to the deaf, dumb, and blind NATO junta ruling the UNSC: “ It is a pity that the report again fails to highlight the responsibility of the United States, which not only introduced unilateral sanctions, but also occupies Syria’s north-eastern territories.” Mr. Polyanskiiy also pointed to the domino effect of Israel’s [war criminal] bombing of the Damascus International Airport.

The Russian Representative emphatically stated “UNSC 1267/1989/2253 Sanctions Committee have reconfirmed that HTS has been profiteering from humanitarian assistance to Idlib, and that it constitutes one of their main sources of financing” and that “are more and more cases when Western weapons are sold by corrupt Ukrainian officials and later surface in Idlib.”

The good ambassador’s decisive statement that “We are absolutely convinced that organization of humanitarian deliveries to all areas of Syria is possible in coordination with Damascus, and the Syrian government welcomes and supports this process. This became obvious once Al-Yarubiya checkpoint at the Syrian-Iraqi border was shut down,” gives this writer a bit of hope that Russia will vote “no,” on 10 July.

The French Mission to the United Nations persists in its fetish to enforce C19 vaccines on the Syrian population — despite France being among world leaders in COVID infections including deaths per millions, despite Macron’s draconian lockdown (and release of criminals from jails), and, despite France’s criminal negligence in moving critically ill and infectious patients from infected Paris, into uninfected regions, and its expert™ actually calling for a “rotation” of infected patients throughout the European continent.

Though the US remains number one in C-19 cases (also despite draconian lockdowns, release of incarcerated criminals, and a 67.4% “fully vaccinated” population), western supremacist savior Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield is also concerned with Syria’s vaccination status, though the SAR continues to have one of the lowest deaths per million in the world. Her righteous virtue also has no room to be concerned that the Biden regime continues to steal Syrian grains, and and to steal Syrian oil.

Tragically, today, the situation in Syria is even worse than it was before” — what imperialist cares that the Levantine Republic was self-sufficient in wheat, and in oil, prior to the NATO Spring inflicted on it.

This is our chance to irrevocably destroy Syria’s independence, Syria’s sovereignty, to ethnically cleanse Syria, and to increase the Refugee Industrial Complex for which ‘we’ can hire professional mourners, and throw laurels to ‘ourselves’ for our [demonic] piety.

Turkey’s diplomat had the temerity to also mention vaccines as the rancid raison d’être for extending UNSC Resolution 2585 and opening other corridors not under Syrian control. Given that the poisoned measles vaccines that massacred upwards of fifty children in September 2014, his remarks on the topic are either poor salesmanship or sadistic arrogance.

UN Security Council Resolution to breach Syrian sovereignty resulted in the murder of upwards of 50 children.
UN Security Council Resolution 2165 (2014) to breach Syrian sovereignty resulted in the murder of upwards of 50 children.

His Excellency, Bassem Sabbagh condemned Turkish and Israeli war crimes against his country, and the plundering of his homeland’s raw materials and natural resources, by certain [NATO] members of the Security Council.

Excellency Sabbagh also condemned the attempts to ethnically cleanse his homeland.

May the rabid dogs of imperialism howl on 10 July, caused by a resounding No! to the extension of UNSC Resolution 2585.

Miri Wood

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  1. mosckerr

    Religion, the key to understand strategic imperialism

    The suicide of Nero terminated the Juleo-Cladian dynasty which ruled some 95 years before its extinction. The Civil War, known as the Battle of the Four Emperors brought Rome unto the verge of total collapse. Had Jewish warriors killed Vespasian at the Battle of Gilboa, Rome would most probably not have survived its internal domestic Civil War.

    Galba replaced Nero. But before General Vespasian could swear an oath allegiance to Emperor Galba, he too died through assassination by the corrupt Praetorian guards; these spout brats of the Roman Army decided, if the price was right, who would rule as Emperor. The Praetorian guard supported first Salvius Otho, a friend and lover of Nero, as Emperor.

    Chaos and Anarchy prevailed in Rome, during the Jewish Revolt. Emperor Otho, replaced Galba. His rule also lasted but a few months. Alus Vitellius followed Otho, and for a short time he assumed the purple robe. The Roman Civil War threatened to tear the Roman empire apart.

    The New Testament, during the Jewish Revolt, served Roman interests and the Roman efforts to promote Civil War anarchy and chaos in Jerusalem. Something comparable to Ho Chi Minh’s ‘Peoples’ War’ strategy promoted chaos and anarchy within the American homefront during the Vietnam War.

    General Vespasian, originally came from a stock of common mule breeders and farmers. He fathered Titus, and saved the Roman empire. As the last general to seize the throne, this Roman warrior served the Empire with both talent and integrity. He sought to uphold and protect the best interests of the Empire, even above his own personal benefit. He stands head and shoulders above the 3 previous Emperors who seized the reins of power for vain self serving interests.
    The failure to kill Vespasian at the Battle of Gilboa, compares to king Shaul’s disastrous defeat before the Philistines. That First Commonwealth disaster, also referred to as the Battle of Gilboa. General Vespasian decided to return to Rome, he transferred the burden to crush the Jewish revolt unto his son Titus.

    Titus as head of a regional Army, likewise replaced Galba’s vacated domain in Damascus Syria. General bar kokhba critically failed to expel the Roman legions from Damascus during the 2nd Jewish revolt against Rome. Alas, Vespasian’s rule ended the Civil War which Sanhedrin foreign policy actively promoted within Roman society during the 1st Jewish revolt against Rome. Vespasian inherited an empire on the brink of total collapse. This 1st Judean revolt against Roman rule specifically timed to explode during that domestic political anarchy that exploded in Rome.

    This political opportunism also failed to coordinate its revolt together with the Jews in Alexandria Egypt. The Sanhedrin sent a Jewish agent spy to Rome to promote propaganda of a limited form of Monotheism among polytheistic Roman citizens! Rome responded with the exact same tactic – its New Testament forgery – in the hope to likewise promote Civil War in Judea.
    Many modern day Indian descendants deny the prevalence of the barbaric, disgraceful custom of cannibalism, practiced by many or most ancient Anasazi Indians in South and Central America. Likewise Xtian revisionist historians, in their turn, repeatedly deny that the Apostle Paul served as a Sanhedrin agent provocateur, sent to Rome to promote Civil War. Or that the Gospel forgeries, in their own right, served Roman strategic interests to plant the seeds of political anarchy. Aimed toward the destabilization of Sanhedrin rule within Jerusalem.

    A key strategy, throughout the annals of human conflict and warfare, it seeks to defeat the enemy by promoting domestic Civil unrest and violence within the internal home front politics of that enemy nation state. The Torah views monotheism as an abomination, as it likewise does polytheism. This unique quality of the Torah oath brit faith, Jews as atheists praise HaShem. It simply invalidates all theological belief systems in any and all God(s), other than the oath brit HaShem faith.

    This prima causa objective crystalised itself during the Jewish revolt against Rome as a key strategic effort. The objective, to promote Civil unrest and political anarchy within both societies. Launched by strategic planners in Rome and Jerusalem – against one another. The concept of Peoples’ War guerrilla warfare, Hồ Chí Minh, in the 20th Century, did not originate.
    Stateless Balestinian interests promote social hatred between ‘Liberal Judaism’ in g’lut and Israelis. In like manner the imperialist States of Russia, the EU, and United States promote the division of Jerusalmen and foreign imposed borders – imposed by some UN Quartet authority (as if France won WWII) upon the Jewish state, commonly known as the 2-State Solution, expressed repeatedly through UN propaganda Resolutions 242, 338, 446, & Obozo’s 2334.

    Foreign intervention in the internal domestic affairs of distant countries abroad effectively separates imperialist state interests from countries who refuse to jump into the domestic squabbles of foreign countries. Like as occurred in Spain’s Civil War prior to the outbreak of WWII. Separated by the Atlantic ocean, European empires did not intervene in the Mexican American war. Imperialist powers behave comparable to flies, attracted to the fresh manure of foreign Civil Wars.

    Religion has always served, throughout all Human history, as a basis of nation state stability or instability. Religion served as a Prime Cause for the colonization of the New World. Both church and mosque, throughout their histories, have attacked and disrupted the religious practices observed by minority conquered populations. Sunni Syria backed the Shiite Iranian revolution to the horror and disgust of the Saudis.

    The idea that segregates the new testament or koran propaganda into some Apartheid “religions of faith” – alone and all by themselves – divorced from State strategic interests, utterly and completely absurd. Religion has always served as the key weapon of choice & rhetoric, employed most often by dictators, to control the herds of the sheeple masses, both domestic and abroad.

  2. Huda Hajjar

    It can’t be more obvious than this to show these NATO members are the real sponsors of Al Qaeda and its branches and affiliates in Syria!


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