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President Bashar Assad Arrives in Moscow on an Official Visit

Syrian President Bashar Assad in Moscow on official visit - الرئيس السوري بشار الأسد في زيارة رسمية إلى موسكو

Syrian President Bashar Assad arrived in Moscow on an official visit in which he will be holding talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Syrian Presidency office announced.

President Bashar Assad is accompanied by a large ministerial delegation, the Presidency office added without elaborating on the length of the visit and which ministers.

Welcoming President Assad at Vnukoko International Airport in Moscow was Michael Bogdanov, Putin’s special representative, deputy foreign minister, and the career top diplomat handling the Arab region’s files in the Russian Federation.

The presidency showed snippets of the official reception at the airport including the ceremonial playing of the two anthems of the two countries.

The video is also available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.

This visit comes amid tectonic shifts in the global arena moving from the decades-long of unipolar dominated by the United States of America leading its herd of western countries and spineless dictatorships toward a multipolar system that the US-led west is trying to resist by all means.

The world owes President Bashar Assad and the Syrian people the highest gratitude for blocking the ongoing US expansion, killing PNAC – (Project for the New American Century,) the demonic neo-conservative project to subdue the world under the US hegemony including the US and western masses for the benefit of the so-called 1% elites ruling the USA from behind the puppet politicians.

President Assad was offered a very lucrative deal in 2007 after the humiliating defeat of Israel in Lebanon at the hands of Hezb Allah, the deal will turn Syria into the main gas pipelines hub allowing the passage of the Qatari gas pipeline and connecting it with the east Mediterranean and Egypt’s gas pipelines heading to Europe and bypassing the gas network coming from Russia, Iran, and other central Caucasian nations.

In 2007, had Syria accepted the offer, none of the countries now arising to challenge the US hegemony would have easily collapsed, Russia and Iran were highly dependent on the exports of oil and gas to Europe to sustain the basics of their economies, China and India were just starting to establish their industrial base, and would not be able to compete with the European industrial base had it received cheaper oil and gas from the Arab world region.

President Assad rejected the offer altogether and instead, offered his Five Seas Initiative to form a block of nations shoring the Mediterranean, Red Sea, the Arab Persian Gulf, Caspian Sea, and the Black Sea, an economic powerhouse that will benefit the peoples of the dozens of countries in it.

President Assad’s offer was snubbed by the leaders of the purposed block especially the Turkish madman Erdogan who accepted the role tasked to him by George W. Bush, the Qatari-led Gulfies including the Saudis who would later spend near 200 billion dollars to destabilize Syria and topple President Assad’s government, and by the targeted countries, namely Russia and Iran who sought short-term policies proven less effective.

Syria was punished for rejecting the deal and a war of terror, sanctions, and attrition was waged against it by the world’s superpowers and super-rich monarchies, and their minions.

Standing firm, President Bashar Assad led the Syrian people and the Syrian armed forces for the first four years of the war before the Iranian and consequently, Russian leadership realized they were next on the US menu and started to help Syria but still, each one helping Syria while trying to appease the USA and its western minions to later regret that appeasement as we are witnessing in the NATO war against Russia in Ukraine, and the war of destabilizing terror waged against Iran.

If the world is breathing freedom now, it must remember the sacrifices of the Syrian people, the Syrian delegation arriving in Moscow must return with enough support to break the US-led blockade on the Syrian people and not be further pressured to help one of the main enemies of the Syrian people, the Turkish madman Erdogan while his forces comprising of the Turkish Army and al Qaeda occupy much of northern Syria illegally.

President Assad leading the ministerial delegation to Russia is an opportunity for the world to thank the only people that brought them civilization throughout history and help them liberate their land still under the occupation of the NATO armies and terrorist groups, and to rebuild the country.

Maybe, the Russian leadership can exert some pressure on their Israeli allies to stop their repeated bombing of Syria by ways of diplomacy, politics, economy, or by strengthening the Syrian air defenses, something the Russian political leadership is rejecting for some reason, or at least by ending the ridiculous weird coordination agreement they have with Israel to operate their air forces over Syria’s skies!

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  1. Safaa Syria

    The visit of the President is planned before the topic of the quadripartite meeting of the Deputy Foreign Ministers between Syria, Russia, Iran and Turkey
    Therefore, issues of concern to Syria with regard to the issue of energy in particular will be the main issues at the upcoming summit tomorrow.
    Without a doubt, the Turkish issue will be addressed, and the Syrian position will remain the same as the position heard in Damascus.
    The visit of the US Chief of Staff to his country’s illegal occupied bases in Syria will be met by an expected upcoming measure, which is certainly among the main issues at the summit.
    The Syrian position is clear on the Russian special operation to liberate the western Russian territories.

    For the first time since the outbreak of the war in Syria in 2011, Mr. President slept outside his homeland for the first time (but not in a Russian submarine or an Iranian? ship).

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