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Israel Bombs Two Posts in Masyaf and Tartous from over Lebanon

Israel bombs Masyaf in Hama and Safita in Tartous from over Lebanon

Israel carried out its latest aggression against Syria by firing a barrage of missiles against two posts in Masyaf, Hama, and in Safita, Tartous early this morning, the anti-Jewish Zionist terrorist army used the Lebanese air space to attack Syria.

The people of Masyaf and Safita were alarmed in the early hours of the day by the sounds of explosions and the shaking of the ground as they were getting ready to start their mornings, they’re still not recovered from the devastating earthquake that shook the entire country on the 6th of February.

A Syrian military spokesperson said in a statement carried by the Syrian news agency SANA:

“At about 7:15 a.m. this morning, the Israeli enemy carried out an air attack with bursts of missiles from the direction of northern Lebanon, targeting some points in the countryside of Tartous and Hama, and our air defenses intercepted the missiles of aggression and shot down some of them.”

In its initial assessment, the military spokesperson said that “the Israeli aggression resulted in the injury of three soldiers, and some material losses.”

The video is also available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.

This might be Israel’s response to the rapprochement achieved between Iran and Saudi Arabia a couple of days ago under the mediation of Chinese diplomacy, and it is also Israel’s policy to distract its people’s attention from their ongoing turmoil for the past few years.

It is Israeli, and their western sponsors’ way of reminding the world of the terrorist nature of this fake anti-Jewish anti-Christian anti-Islamic anti-humanity entity created by the British occupation in the early last century in the heart of the Arab world to keep the Arabs divided and to act as the front post of the imperial hegemony.

Israel’s repetitive aggressions against Syria will not go unanswered, Syria has multiple ways to retaliate at the right time and in a strategic response that will shake the aggressor depending on the type of aggression waged against it.

If bringing back the world’s geopolitical balance and breaking the US global hegemony as a result of the 12-year US-led war of terror and war of attrition against Syria is not enough lesson, maybe the civilians in Israel, if there’s any, might draw some lessons from the history of the region ever since the days of Moses some 5783 years ago.

During the US-led war of terror against Syria and before that, immediately after the US and UK criminal invasion of Iraq in 2003, the collective west eyed the destruction of Syria, and Syria was responding in kind; the 2006 Israeli war against Lebanon and its humiliating loss in that war at the hands of Hezb Allah after 33 days of the constant bombardment of Lebanon and series of war crimes and massacres, that was the response of forcing the Syrian troops leaving Lebanon. Hezb Allah’s main weapons and direct support came from Syria.

The humiliating defeat of Israel in the face of Gaza firstly against the Palestinian factions there combined in the Al Quds Sword battle, and later against the Palestinian Islamic Jihad faction alone, was also largely Syria’s response to the repeated Israeli aggressions against Syria, Syria was the main party helping the Palestinians defend themselves by supplying them with the needed weapons to fight back the Israeli aggression.

Yet, the foreign imported radical Zionist settlers in occupied Palestine are not learning the lessons properly, soon enough the US troops will leave the region just like they do in every region they infested and the Israelis will be standing alone in the face of the resistance forces who will make sure every act of aggression the Israelis committed will be paid back directly.

Our advice to the Israeli civilians, if there are any, go back to your home country, the people of the region are sick of you, your US Army cannon fodders are leaving soon, and their largest army of terrorists is being defeated systematically, Russia and China will not be able to help you then as they are not standing up properly to your aggressions now.

In the meantime, Syria needs a more proactive foreign ministry cadre the caliber of Syria’s former ambassador to the United Nations Dr. Bashar Jaafari, at least, at the international body, and at the top posts of the ministry of foreign affairs. Only reading printed statements when allowed is not the diplomacy expected from the Syrian mission at the United Nations.

Also, the country needs to speed up its air defense industries in addition to its new cooperation with Iran on this sector and its previous reliance on the Russian air defense systems that each time proves they’re incapable of defending the country, not to mention the Russian weird coordination treaty with Israel over Syria’s skies, and the continuous high-level of relations between Russia and Israel despite all the Israeli terrorism in the region and against Russia’s own national security.

Similarly, we expect from China as it rises to fulfill its position as the world’s new leader taking over from the USA, a more proactive role in defending international law and the charter of the United Nations, Syria is a partner with Iran and Russia and a host of like-minded countries to defend international law and the UN Charter.

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  1. Roy

    I’m pretty sure that it goes back long before the City of London, long before the make believe Ancient Israel ever existed and even long before the ancient city of Sumaria ever existed; probably at as far back as 13,000 to 15,000 years ago; the thing is, is that if you had a long proud family tradition of killing people for fun and profit; would you really want to ever stop? I don’t think so; I think that they’d rather die, and if they have to take the whole world with them so be it. It doesn’t really change a thing; we are not alone, either these psychopathic killers hang up their guns or we/ you will all be amputated from the living; I think since that since a game called religion has been used to communicate with this species (us) in a language that we can understand since this is a Western Civilization phenomenon; maybe we have 3 weeks left since China did make an offer for peace it has to be honored, but after that; I’m pretty sure that we’re all dead. So if I die tomorrow for having said s, well it doesn’t change a thing; the citizens of Israel and elsewhere in the world must either lay down their psychotic mission for world domination or we/you will all die; personally I think it’s a lost cause because I went through all the trouble of becoming one of you just so that I could understand what it means to be human; sorry, no excuse the humans will be made extinct. So, sorry for the world just because of a small number of very sick people.


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