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Palestinian Islamic Jihad Single-handedly Defeated Israel in Gaza

Israel barbaric aggression against Gaza - نتائج العدوان الهمجي الاسرائيلي على غزة

Israel waged a three days aggression on the besieged Gaza strip, it stated the goal of the latest in its long record of war crimes is to eliminate the Islamic Jihad faction, the spearhead of the Palestinian factions resisting the occupation of their land by foreign imported settlers from Europe, Russia, and around the world. After three days of massacres, the Israelis, as what has become their trend called for Egypt to mediate a truce.

Israeli ‘political’ leaders claimed their war on Gaza has achieved its targets, the Palestinians and despite the high toll in civilian losses celebrated their victory, so who actually won?

In the first strike, Friday 05 August, the Israelis committed their first massacre by killing four civilians including a 5 years old girl in order to assassinate the military commander of the northern front in the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) movement Taysir Al-Jabari, during the course of its aggression, Israeli IDF terrorists killed the military commander of the southern front in the PIJ Khalid Mansour on the dawn of Sunday.

The latest toll of Israel’s latest war crimes on Gaza issued by the Palestinian health authorities is 44 martyrs, 15 of them children, and 4 women including an 80-year-old. On the Israeli side, we will never know the exact number of killed and wounded, the Israelis never tell the truth in this regard in order not to scare the settlers and see them return to their home countries, but we do know there’s a massive financial loss in cost of the war and in the suspending of businesses not to mention the damages in properties which is not important for them as the US taxpayers will cover for that and more.

It is an established fact that when a party declares war or starts a war or declares one, it sets the goals it wants to achieve from the war, the war is considered a victory when the goals are achieved, it’s considered a defeat when the goals are not achieved, let alone when the outcome will be the opposite of those set goals.

Israel officially stated its goal was to eliminate the Palestinian Islamic Jihad faction, it stated that publicly and it coordinated the same with Egypt and passed a message to Hamas which is largely in control of Gaza that it does not want to fight it, it will only target the PIJ.

Hamas, on its part, played a very controversial role, whether they knew of Israel’s plans beforehand and did not warn the PIJ or they knew later and did not publicly join in defending the Gaza strip against a new round of aggression by Israel, it failed its supporters by leaving the PIJ, at least publicly, alone in the battle. Some say its fighters of the Qassam Brigades joined the fight alongside Saraya Al Quds of the PIJ, but that really doesn’t matter, Hamas markets itself as a resistance movement and it did not act as one, in the eyes of the public, it has betrayed the PIJ.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad on their part managed to replace the assassinated commanders and waged a very fierce retaliation against Israel by firing over 580 rockets and mortar projectiles within the 3 days the Israeli aggression lasted, 100 of them were within the very first day. If we were to believe the Israeli reports that the hyper-expensive Israeli Iron Dome managed to shoot down around 97% of the incoming missiles, that means around 18 missiles and mortar shells reached their targets. Most other reports confirm that the Iron Dome’s success was not more than 70% at its best, meaning that over 170 of the missiles and shells reached their targets. Let’s also not forget that the PIJ used missiles from its older stockpile, usually, they start using the more advanced ones as the war progresses.

What is not hidden by the Israelis this time is that they are the ones who called on Egypt to mediate a truce, why call for a truce if their goal was to eliminate the PIJ and that goal is not achieved? On the contrary, the PIJ are firing more rockets and missiles in retaliation against Israel on the third day than when they started on Friday evening.

That’s the first material Israeli loss, the stated goal of the war is not achieved, it has solidified the PIJ as a potent faction against Israel who singlehandedly absorbed the Israeli first heinous and treachery strike and started bombing back within hours. More importantly, the PIJ has proven its competence in the eyes of the people across the Islamic world and the free nations, and especially among the Palestinians and that’s why the Palestinians celebrated.

In June 1967, Israel waged a wide-scale war against its neighbors and managed to grab the Syrian Golan, the West Bank, and the Sinai peninsula, keep in mind that when we say Israel we are actually referring to the collective west, the USSR at that time, Iran under the Shah, and some of the Gulfies. Israel’s propaganda continues to this very day in marketing its capabilities of winning over the Arab state as if it’s some kind of invincible army failing to mention that the Arab states were struggling after four centuries of Ottoman occupation followed by decades of European colonization which ended in the case of Syria in 1945 while Israel was collecting all the strength it needed from the same colonizers and mainly from the USA. Since then, Israel started losing, and it started losing against smaller enemies each time, let me explain:

In October 1973, Syria and Egypt fought back, Syria was fighting back to liberate its land by a military victory while Egypt’s Sadat was fighting back to sign the Camp David accords betraying Syria and removing Egypt from the cause completely. It’s true that Egypt managed to retrieve much of the Sinai but without proper sovereignty over it.

In 1978 and following in 1982, Israel waged a war against Lebanon and managed to occupy half of the country and entered its capital Beirut, soon enough, it was forced by newly gathered resistance groups to retreat all the way to a border strip in southern Lebanon. In the year 2000, the Lebanese Hezb Allah movement alone defeated Israel into a humiliating retreat out of over 95% of that strip and Israel keeps holding on to a couple of villages giving the Hezb Allah all the legitimacy it needed to continue the fight and continue growing.

In August 2005, Israel was forced to withdraw from the Gaza strip after it could not sustain any more losses there, it had to dismantle 25 settlements and remove 8600 of its settlers.

To regain some of its lost pride, in June 2006, Israel was forced to hasten its planned war against Lebanon which was set for September of that year after Hezb Allah managed to eliminate and capture a number of Israeli IDF terrorists in order to exchange them with Lebanese and Palestinians kidnapped by Israel. Isreal’s stated goal was to eliminate Hezb Allah. After 34 days and after Israel was only committing massacres against Lebanon and destroying the country’s infrastructure, the Israelis literally begged Qatar, the USA, and Egypt to stop the war they waged, they were asking for a truce at any cost.

Hezb Allah back then was a group of around 3000 fighters, much smaller than Syria and Egypt in 1973, today Hezb has at least 100 thousand fighters as officially stated by its chief Hasan Nasr Allah.

During all those years, Israel was not idle, there was not a single year it did not launch a small war, an assassination here or there, a massacre here and there, and stirring problems against every other country in the region and across the planet, it even tried to assassinate Latin America leaders who condemned its war crimes and refused to recognize its existence over stolen land.

Several attempts were taken by Israel to attack Gaza in order to restore some of that lost pride, in each time it only achieved killing innocent people en masse, and destroying infrastructure.

Last year, in May 2021, Israel waged another devastating war against the besieged Gaza strip, it lost miserably and was defeated in a very humiliating manner despite all the massacres it committed within those days, and the Palestinian factions were increasing the firing of their missiles as days were passing, Israel ran out of ammo and the Palestinians were just starting, the Iron Dome financed by the US taxpayers proved a complete failure to the extent that many countries scrapped their interest in buying it.

Last year, Israel also lost the war it waged against Gaza

One of the main conditions the Palestinians accepted last year’s truce was that Israel will not target any commander in Gaza, as it was accustomed to, and it will not commit any new massacre there, it ceases its attacks on the Palestinians in the West Bank and especially against the Palestinian Al Quds (Latin name: Jerusalem), and it will remove the blockade on Gaza. Needless to say that Israel did not implement any of those and last Friday it started this war by assassinating the PIJ commander, committing a massacre, followed by further massacres and assassinations.

What the Israelis and their western backers insist on refusing to learn is the military commanders on this side of the world lead their troops from the front, on the battlefields, their presence among their fighters gives an enormous boost to their morale, and whenever a commander is killed in a battlefield, the fighters become more resilient, in addition to their just cause in liberating their land, they will have to avenge for the killing of their commanders and become more potent in their fights.

In conclusion, Isreal proved it does not commit to its own obligations, it proved yet once more its criminal nature in targeting civilians, especially children, it ruined the status of one more of its mediators Egypt which lost its credibility among the Palestinians and would be more difficult for it to market a future mediation. Israel managed to solidify the Palestinian Islamic Jihad as a strong military opponent who can stand up to the Israeli army alone and win, it also managed to expose the shaky image of Hamas, at least the Hamas politburo.

Instead of isolating and breaking the backbone of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza, Israel and its backers bolstered the image of the PIJ as the worthy military power it is, a strategic planning failure on all levels by the decision-makers in Israel.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad glorified its martyred commanders, and established its role as the spearhead in the Palestinian struggle for liberation, many Palestinian factions joined the PIJ in defending Gaza against this latest Israeli aggression outing Hamas whose ‘decisions are made in Ankara and Doha and not in Gaza’. The PIJ’s conditions in releasing its leaders kidnapped by Israel were accepted by Israel through the mediators.

The PIJ’s leader thanked Syria for its support gave Syria some of its due credit in the retaliation against Israel and more importantly fulfilled part of the Syrian official statement whenever Israel bombs in Syria: “we reserve the right to respond in the suitable place at the suitable time” for the fact that Syria is the main backer of the PIJ and the main conduit of the missiles the PIJ received before they started producing their own and that the PIJ’s politburo’s head office is in Damascus. Iran also received its part of the credit in the same context.

The Yemeni army and the Ansar Allah (Houthi) group declared their full support for the PIJ and their readiness to join the fight if needed, the same was declared by the Iraqi PMU, the Resistance Axis is proving its presence every single day.

Yes, Israel won the PR stunt which will be short-lived until the outcome of this war is clearer within the coming few days, and the Israelis realize the latest mess their ‘political’ leaders brought on them especially since the Israeli IDF commanders are not sharing the same enthusiasm for any victory claimed to be achieved in this war, the victory is all for the PIJ, the Palestinian people, and their supporters in the Resistance Axis.

The USA and its camp win in media for short periods, and the rising free world is winning on the ground on all fronts.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    There’s much more truth in this short post than in all western and Israeli media combined, this makes more sense and their failure is now clearer, to me at least..


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