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Ukrainian Ambassador Lied about the Syrian Grains Ship Laodicea

Ukrainian Ambassador to Lebanon lied about Laodicea accusing Syria and Russia of stealing the Ukrainian grains

The Ukrainian ambassador to Lebanon lied about the cargo of a Syrian ship carrying grains to prevent the delivery of the grains to both Syria and Lebanon, Lebanese judicial authority proved.

Working for its puppet masters in Tel Aviv and Washington, the regime in Kiev falsely claimed that the cargo of the Syrian ship Laodicea is carrying grains stolen from Ukraine calling on the Lebanese authorities to seize the ship and its cargo as it docked at the Lebanese port of Tripoli to unload half of the grains.

The Ukrainian allegations come at times both the Syrian and Lebanese people are in dire need of grains as the US army and its proxy Kurdish SDF terrorists are stealing Syrian wheat and the inhumane sanctions imposed by the ‘collective west’ against Syria and the pressure through the Lebanese officials allied to the West hindering the import of the needs of the Lebanese people of wheat and other grains.

The video is also available on Rumble, YouTube, and BitChute.

The ship owners presented to the Lebanese judicial authority documents proving the authenticity of its cargo and leading to the release of the ship and its cargo after dropping the false allegations of the Ukrainian ambassador to Beirut who failed to present any evidence to prove his allegations.

Laodicea finally arrived at the Syrian port of Tartous after more than a week of delay and started to unload its cargo there after unloading a half of it at the Lebanese port.

Director General of the Maritime Transport Corporation, Hassan Mahla, said in a statement to reporters today:

Laodicea is one of the ships owned by the Syrian Maritime Transport Corporation, through which we contracted with a Russian company to ship a quantity of goods from a Russian port to the Mediterranean ports, and its cargo includes flour and barley, provided that five thousand tons of flour are unloaded at the Lebanese port of Tripoli, and the rest is unloaded at the Tartous port.

After the ship arrived on the 25th of last July at the port of Tripoli, we were informed of its detention by a judicial procedure from the Lebanese judiciary, following allegations from the Ukrainian ambassador in Lebanon that the goods carried on board the Laodicea were stolen.

Accordingly, a precautionary seizure procedure was taken on the ship and the goods, which is a routine precaution in any port until full proofs of the goods or the ship are presented. At the start of the official working hours on Monday, the ship presented all the identification papers for the goods in terms of their origin and health certificates as well as the ship’s certificates, and the claim of the Ukrainian ambassador was denied.

The seizure was extended for two more days so that the other party provided evidence to prove his allegations, but he did not submit anything. The case was referred to the Lebanese urgent judiciary to issue a decision to cancel the seizure of the ship and the goods and its deportation on August 4, pointing out that all facilities and quick procedures were provided by the competent authorities. Lebanese to deport the ship.

End of the statement

These allegations, which come in the context of the war against Syria, and the unjust and unilateral coercive measures imposed on the Syrian people to prevent and delay the arrival of foodstuffs to the port of Tartous, prove the invalidity of these allegations and how low the Ukrainian regime has put itself in the service of its puppet masters in the USA, Western Europe, and Israel.

The vessel, Laodicea, has been owned by the Maritime Transport Corporation since 2007. It is a multi-purpose vessel with a tonnage of 13,000 tons, capable of carrying strategic cargo, and equipped with two cranes, each with a capacity of 120 tons.

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  1. Huda Hajjar

    Two disgusting regimes, the Ukrainian and Lebanese official regimes, who sold their souls to the devil, their people are struggling and paying very high prices for their treason and criminality.


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