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Israel Commits a New Massacre in Gaza, Starts a New War

Israeli IDF terrorists bomb residential building in Gaza - Palestinian factions retaliate

Israel committed a new massacre in the besieged Gaza strip south of Palestine yesterday by firing a missile directly at a residential building to kill a commander in one of the Palestinian factions at his home, they killed several civilians including a 5 years old girl in the heinous bombing.

The Israeli bombing of the residential building in Gaza that killed Taysir al-Jabari, a senior commander in the Islamic Jihad movement and caused the massacre, was followed by Israeli indiscriminate bombing of the Gaza Strip and the calling of 25,000 Israeli IDF reservist terrorists for duty anticipating large-scale aggression after months-long training in occupied Palestine and in Cyprus.

Palestinian factions in Gaza called for general mobilization and later in the evening started retaliating by bombing the illegal Israeli settlements in the vicinity of Gaza as well as firing missiles into the Israeli major city of Tel Aviv.

The Zionist latest aggression is unwarranted, it follows the kidnapping of another senior politician of the Islamic Jihad faction in the West Bank, Bassam Al-Saadi late Monday 1st of August. The 62 years old man was first injured and then lynched by the Israeli IDF terrorists before driving him away to one of their detention centers. The Israelis released a picture of Al-Saadi in an interrogation room with torture marks obvious on his face after rumors that the Israelis killed him.

Palestinian political leader Bassam Al-Saadi tortured by Israeli terrorists at an Israeli detention camp

Saraya Al-Quds (Al-Quds Brigades) of the Islamic Jihad said they have ‘fired more than 100 missiles at Tel Aviv and the settlements surrounding Gaza strip as a first response to the assassination of the leader Taysir al-Jabari and his martyred brothers.’ – ‘Brothers’ in Arabic in this context might mean siblings or might mean metaphorically civilians killed with him.

Israeli latest escalation against the Palestinians is committed despite an Israeli undertaken last May 2021 before the mediators including Egypt that it would not target or kidnap Palestinian leaders in the West Bank or Gaza after its former disgraced prime minister Netanyahu literally begged the USA to stop the Palestinian retaliation to his war he started against Gaza and did not expect the Palestinians to retaliate that powerful and effective.

Like the previous Israeli war on Gaza which went wrong for Israel, the Israelis have already sent their settlers into bomb shelters, the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank do not have any kind of shelters, and flights were diverted away from Israel’s two main airports, and all of the Israeli media turned into coordinated war propaganda reporting the approved narrative circulated by their war ministry, so much for the ‘only democracy in the Middle East’ the West justifies supporting with such slogans.

The Palestinian leaders this time are vowing not to accept the usual mediating before the mediators, especially Egypt, explain how the previous conditions agreed upon were not met by the Israeli side, the head of the Islamic Jihad resistance faction in Gaza Ziad Nakhalah said ‘there will be no red lines in this confrontation as Israel has breached all their red lines,’ others echoed his words, the situation will remain hostile and might lead to the regional war Israel is itching for since the US started reducing its presence in the region, the Israelis want the US army cannon fodders to fight to defend them in the upcoming war.

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  1. Huda Hajjar

    They can’t pass one year without wars, massacres, and killings of innocent people, in addition to stealing land and resources.


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