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Egypt: Morsi Ouster is a Major Setback for Jihadists in Syria

Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood

The Egyptian army commander General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi ousted the President Mohamed Morsi on July 3 who came into power in June 2012 and, for example, dissolved the constitution of Egypt afterwards. This military coup by the Egyptian army was to expect after the recent weeks and months in Egypt.

In addition, the Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi was never a democratic president and his status as member of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is no organisation of moderate Islamists, but dangerous political figures that use religion to achieve worldly aims and benefits, is not the only reason to state that Mohamed Morsi cannot be a real democrat.

Further, he was never good for the Egyptian people in his times as President of Egypt. The history of the Muslim Brotherhood already tells the story why to put them into a lot of questions and why they are dangerous in various ways and not to trust.

A statement of an analyst of the events in Egypt says that the ouster of the Egyptian Islamist President Mohamed Morsi by the Egyptian military is a huge setback for the foreign-supported jihadists and militants fighting and operating in Syria.

According to the opinion of the analyst, who follows the events in the Middle East and Northern Africa region for years, the foreign-backed gunmen and Islamists fighting in Syria are now “facing a major setback this week and that didn’t even happen on their own territory”.

The analyst also said that the military coup in Egypt ousted an “Islamist president” who supported the militants in Syria. According to the good article by Jason Ditz, published on the Antiwar website on July 5, the militants and jihadists fighting in Syria have lost an important supporter by the military coup in Egypt.

This is certainly true due to the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood and the external Syrian opposition figures share a lot of common stances and it is already known that many religious fanatics and even Islamist are part of the divided and staged Syrian opposition groups outside the Arab nation.

Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood
Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood (Source)

In addition, the Muslim Brotherhood branch in Egypt, allegedly an organisation of democrats now when reading some headlines about the military coup of the Egyptian army against the “first democratically elected president in Egypt (Morsi)”, is far away from supporting real democracy or the establishment of a democratic political system in Egypt.

They still have a problem with secularity, human rights and the opinions of others when they are different to their own opinions or fanatic stances.

For example, one of the new articles of the Egyptian constitution added under the presidency of Mohamed Morsi stated that the Egyptian government permitted its citizens to go to Syria and to fight there against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

The Islamist and puppet Mohamed Morsi even appeared at events and rallies were the citizens of Egypt were encouraged to fight in Syria against the secular government and army.

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  1. Arklight

    The ouster of Morsi will only be a setback if the Egyptian people are a whole lot smarter than I think they are. Personally, I don’t think they can put aside their hatred for people who don’t worship exactly as they do, individually; I don’t think they’re smart enough to kick out the foreign ‘investors’ and build anything for themselves, by themselves; I don’t think they’re smart enough to exterminate the Muslim Brotherhood and all of its hangers on; I think that they’re suckers for any thug with a gift of gab, which leaves them stuck in just another arab sh*thole. Too bad, but that’s the way I see it.

    • M K

      lol… true.. I guess.. your views are understandable.. its just sad somehow that they won`t exterminate the MB and it will probably continue as it did before. why should the current events change anything, especially in Egypt with its “countryside” and MB influence(s)..? Mh..

  2. Artur

    Why European and USA governments supported terrorists in Liviya where djihadists ousted secular government of Muammar Kaddafi, then help to muslim brotherhood in Egypt to ouster secular government of Mubarak and now they want to ouster Bashar Assad by the hands of terorists. At the end i see only destroyed countries, families, a lot of human deaths and widespread of destability in a East.


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