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Syria: NATO Backed FSA Shell Civilian Neighborhoods in Homs

FSA fighter

Homs shelled by the FSA, while all western mainstream media accuse the State Syrian Arab Army. Such crimes, even those with clear evidence, are not shown to the westerners contributing with their tax money to topple the Syrian state. U.S. citizens alone have contributed $815 million so far.

The Syrian Arab Army has never targeted a ‘civilian neighborhood’ on purpose, and mistakes over the past two years have occurred so few times, they are not worth mentioning in comparison with atrocities committed daily by the ‘rebels’. On the other side, the ‘heroes’ of the FSA have systematically targeted civilian neighborhoods with shelling, suicide bombings, detonating booby-trapped cars, and attacks on breadlines, and hospitals, and after each atrocity they commit, they blame the SAA for their crimes.

However, after getting the green light from the U.S. and their other backers they don’t even bother to hide their crimes anymore, they brag about it.

The following clip was uploaded yesterday 6 July 2013 to one of the dozens of their online channels on YouTube, by one of the ‘coordination’ groups to brag about Free ‘From’ Syrians Army shelling a residential neighborhood of the ‘Shabeeha’ in Homs. ‘Shabeeha’ is a loose label used to brand everybody else not with their ‘peaceful uprising’.

This represents only one of the crimes they brag about and celebrate. Check the comments. Note that most of the ‘activists’ uploading videos and commenting are paid shills provided with state of the art communication devices including a special shadow internet provided by the USA

In Qussayr, in Homs countryside, they claimed the SAA is shelling civilians, and few fighters and a huge massacre will occur. After liberating the city, there was no trace of a single civilian, all were Al-Qaeda terrorists, aka ‘Freedom Fighters’ with tons of weapons & munition.

The SAA is mainly a conscript army, it’s formed from the Syrian people from all provinces and all cities. It is formed by the same people the foreign fighters claim are being killed by the SAA, the 19 million Syrians who remained in their country to defend it. In case you didn’t know that there are 24 million Syrians, because the mainstream media only concentrates on the displaced civilians outside the country. There are 4 million displaced WITHIN the country who are being taken care of by the Syrian government, yet nobody seems to mention them..!

US creates radical terrorists, cry for atrocities committed by them, accuse its foes of committing these atrocities, and then 'come to the rescue' and fight these terrorists they themselves created.
US creates radical terrorists, cry for atrocities committed by them, accuse its foes of committing these atrocities, and then ‘come to the rescue’ and fight these terrorists they themselves created.
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