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A Mother’s Prayer for Return of Her Son’s Body Is Answered


The recent victory in AlQalamoun was achieved by Hezbollah, the Islamic Resistance Movement, in coordination with the Syrian Arab Army.  An agreement came as a consequence of this victory over western backed terrorists who had controlled the border between Syria and Lebanon.  I spoke with a member of the martyred Qasem Mohammad Souliman’s family.  Qasem was one of the martyred Hezbollah soldiers whose bodies were finally released.  First I emphasize that the core of the agreement is that we value our brave martyrs and that we owe them our lives.  

Qasem Mohammad Souliman was a young man born 27 June 1994.  He joined the Lebanese Islamic Resistance Movement Hezbollah to defend his country and to be a follower of Imam Hussein who taught us the value of sacrificing our lives in order to protect the oppressed and to defend our homeland against those who want destroy it and who wish to commit genocide against our people.


These were Qasem’s words when he joined Hezbollah’s war against terrorists in AlQalamoun according to a video he recorded. I watched it in tears. Qasem sent a message to his mother where he said, “my sweetheart angel, in case I am killed I can’t ask you to not cry. You are a mother and mother means emotions..I love you, my mother. Please forgive me for causing you pain..It is my blessed duty which I believe in!”


Brave Qasem was martyred in western AlQalamoun while fighting AlNusra Front terrorists. That was in 26 June 2014. One day before his birthday which is also his brother’s birthday!

His brother and all his family were counting the days to receive his body. It was three years and two months his brother said. “It was 1160 days without his blessed body!” his brother told me.

Martyrs Hussein Hamadeh, Fadi Msarra, & Qasem Mohammad Souliman

Finally, as a result of our victory on AlQalamoun and in order to impose our agreement on those defeated and broken terrorists, we got the body of my brother with two of his blessed friends, martyr Hussein Hamadeh and martyr Fadi Msarra.

This is so important for our dignity to perform a magnificent funeral for those brave martyrs and for their lovers and families to say goodbye to them. And it was a really majestic funeral organized for them in Al-Nabatieh city sponsored by Hezbollah leadership and was broadcast live on the Lebanese TV channel.


It was a sad farewell but it means so much to us.” Qasem was wounded and he helped to carry the wounded of his friends away from the site which was under the terrorists fire, his bleeding wound couldn’t stop him. Then he asked all to be far from him because he wanted to throw the explosive devices on those terrorists. He was martyred in brave way. In Jroud Qara, Qara’ barres, the cave,  in the western region of AlQalamoun.

One of the terrorists who was killed by brave Qasem was a Saudi wahhabi member of those Islamist state terrorists!
The mother of Qasem received the blessed body by her tears but also with her brave heart. She was thankful to God and to Sayyedah Fatema AlZahra  — “our Mother in the sky” — to whom she was praying during those years to let her receive her son’s body. Mother of Qasem, as a brave mother of a Martyr went to the cemetery of her son with sweets and flowers saying he is a groom. Rest in peace hero Qasem.
Glory to you and to all these great mothers.
Qasem’s mom provided sweets to the visitors of his grave on the first day of Eid AlAdha
In a question to Qasem’s brother about the American aggressive reaction towards the agreement which led them to target the transported vehicles of the surrendered terrorists to Deir AlZour, he said “our victory is a big hit to this coalition. They don’t fight terrorists and they fight against us regaining our territory from those terrorists.”
I also quote Sayyed Hassan Nasrollah to explain the situation more: “The US was against any operation anti-ISIS in the Lebanese-Syrian border the US threatened to stop its military aid on the Lebanese Army if of the operation was launched!”
Qasem Mohammad Souliman, 27 June 1994 – 26 June 2014

— Afraa  Dagher

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