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Israel and ISIS Launch New Joint Attacks against Syria


Israel and ISIS are again collaborating in joint attacks against the Syrian Arab Republic, in response to the recent gains by the Syrian Arab Army in liberating various villages, especially of Idlib governate — the invaded home of foreign takfiri.  The illicit affair was made public in May 2013, when Israel bombed Damascus countryside, to assist al Qaeda ISIS, then only known as “FSA.”  The expensive ISIS cameras were ready to capture the Kodak moments when Israel bombed an SAA food supply center, an air defense unit, and a weapons depot.  ISIS videoed and cheered that terrorist aggression by Israel.  

Though Israel has always been al Qaeda’s first air force against Syria, it is necessary to remind our readers that ISIS is the new name for al Qaeda.

al Qaeda now has two air forces attacking the Syrian Arab Republic

At 0240, Tuesday 9 January, Israeli war planes again violated Lebanese airspace, to further breach International Law by firing missiles against al Qutayfah, Damascus countryside.  Syrian Arab Army air defense intercepted the bombs, and downed one of the planes.  Twenty-four minutes later, Israel launched two ground-to-ground missiles from the illegally occupied Syrian Golan, also intercepted by the SAA’s air defense system.  Slightly more than one hour later, Israel launched four missiles from Tiberias, into the SAR, three of which were intercepted, one of which was destroyed.

al Qutayfah, Damascus countryside, site of Israel bombing for ISIS

Israeli media coquettishly reported on the new war crimes against the SAR by reporting on  Syria’s reporting of them (replacing words such as government and ISIS terrorists with Orwellian Newspeak, in attempt to legitimize the illegitimate).  Despite this non-report, Israel has previously bragged of providing ISIS with free state of the art trauma and other medical care.  Israel has bragged of collaboration with ISIS is stealing Syrian artifacts, and counterfeiting Syrian passports.   Israel – ISIS collaboration has also included ISIS tossing some shells from the Golan into an empty field of the Syrian Golan occupied by Israel, so that Israel could ‘retaliate.’

How Israel reports collaboration with ISIS.

Israel’s most recent bombings of Syria followed ISIS’s Tuesday’s bombings against Qassa and Bab Touma, in which 3 civilians were martyred, and 19 others injured.  The mortar bombs were fired from ISIS infected eastern Ghouta.

Syrian car after mortar bomb attack from ISIS infested eastern Ghouta.
Syrian blood.

This most recent round of Israel and ISIS collaboration follows Sunday’s success by the Syrian Arab Army, in crushing the strangle-hold of al Nusra in Harasta (also Damascus countryside).  Scores of foreign takfiri leaders were killed, and the SAA expanded its security zone.

Though 21 SAA members were martyred defending their homeland from foreign-owned takfiri, Israel and ISIS were infuriated over the military success.

Also on 10 January, ISIS moderates bombed Hama countryside, Homs countryside, and Daraa city.  Daraa is especially important, as last summer terrorists slaughtered Syrian soldiers, mutilated their bodies, while monsters of Congress tweeted #SaveDaraa. 

Unconfirmed reports are surfacing that the Syrian Arab Army has discovered land mines/IEDs hidden among rocks.

Looks like a rock…
…land mine inside.

SyriaNews shares these photos, though they have not yet been officially reported, because the existence of explosive devices camouflaged as rocks, can be corroborated — unlike international MSM’s wild anti-Syria propaganda campaign, resulting from one Facebook status, or CNN’s Amanpour using excessive shaving cream as uncorroborated corroboration of GB use by the SAR.

credibility-white helmets
In 2013, CNN’s Amanwour was not embarrassed to show excessive shaving cream as evidence of a GB attack. Photo courtesy of Moon of Alabama
Amanwour interview of SAMS rep in which shaving cream evidence was produced, April 2013

Timing is the bedrock in all military actions, and in crimes against peace propaganda.  On 18 December, The Guardian ran a belated report, glorifying the stethoscope-less death squads funded by the US/UK, against Syria. Though much of the fraudulent piece was dedicated to besmirching the accurate investigative work of Vanessa Beeley, Tim Anderson, and Eva Bartlett — stopping short of the legal definition of libel, its intention was to launch the “Save Idlib Terrorists!” campaign.  This was despite the fact that the Syrian Arab Republic had not announced its campaign to liberate Idlib from al Nusra and other foreign-owned takfiri.

The timing of the new Israel ISIS operation against the SAR comes as 23 villages of Idlib governate have been liberated by the SAA and its allies.  The takfiri in war planes, and on the ground, have united to increase their savagery.

Also on 10 January, terrorists from Idlib attacked the Hmeimim base in Lattakia, with drones.  Russia’s Ministry of Defense actually sent two letters to Erdoganstan, requesting it be ‘in compliance’ with its part of the absurd CoH.  Counting of fingers and finding them intact, after a photo-op that includes a rabid dog, does not mean the rabid dog has been trained.  Most of the 350,000 foreign terrorists in Syria entered through the border with Turkey.  Iran’s attempt to broker an honest deal with Qatar, ended in the slaughter of more than 130 Syrians, in al Rashidin.  OPCW investigators refused to enter Idlib, because they would not trust the safety guarantees offered by terrorist controllers, Qatar and Turkey.

Erdoganstan and Qatari savages have even attacked the Hmeimim base.

Soon after Israel again rushed to the defense of ISIS terrorists, imperialist France — another leader in world genocide — began its “Save Idlib Terrorists!” campaign, braying that “several hospitals” in Idlib were being ‘targeted’ by the SAR.  Given France’s previous anti-Syria propaganda history, these “several hospitals” are likely the ones that do not exist, the unhospitals of French intelligence services, MSF (also not in Syria).

France “worried” for Nusra terrorists in Idlib.

Shall we soon expect Le Merde to interview the British illegal in Idlib, the British born and reared man who was once charged with terrorism in the UK, whose medical license has been permanently revoked, and who continues to raise money — using videos of himself meandering through caves he claims are hospitals — via One Nation under investigation by the Charity Commission for England and Wales?

Brit illegal was source of GB hoax. No matter his license was revoked in UK either, nor that he spent the day of fake bombings raising $$$ and giving interviews.
His medical license was revoked in his home country.
Brit undoctor Shajul Islam raises money for Nusra terrorists via charity under British investigation.

The inquiry was opened after a follow-up visit to the charity in July 2016 and a subsequent review of the charity’s records which identified failure in the charity’s management and administration.  The Commission’s concerns are further heightened by the fact that it has already provided regulatory advice and guidance to the trustees of the charity on a number of issues relevant to the charity given its objects and areas of operation.  These included due diligence on partners, monitoring and verifying the end use of funds and trustee decision-making.

What comes next, as Syria liberates every inch of itself, from foreign terrorists?  Will the US-led war criminal coalition become an open member of the Israel ISIS anti-Syria coalition?

Will CNN weep as it fake reports on the last supper of American terrorist Kareem, and his terrorist Saudi friend, Muhaysini (still on the US ‘kill list’)? Has Trump’s pâtissier yet chosen a dessert for a re-run of this president following fake news CNN, without anyone noticing?

Terrorists Kareem & SDN Muhaysini discuss need for Wahhabis of the world to invade Syria .

As the Save Idlib Terrorists! campaign gains momentum, will any Mockingbirdbrain reflect on aligning with Israel, ISIS, and NATO?

Des questions, toujours…

“It’s not necessary to be an agent of the enemy to help them; it’s enough to be a fool.” ~ Imam Ghazali

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  1. Vincenzo Ferretti

    Israel bombed a chemical weapons plant that had very precise weapons that Hezbollah could use against Israel. This has been going on for five years and a hundred strikes. Israel is not going to let Iran establish a corridor from Tehran to Beirut and allow Iranian proxies to launch thousands of missiles into Israel. Israel also bombed an Iraqi nuclear power station back in the eighties. Nothing to do with helping ISIS…

  2. Arabi Souri

    You’re watching too much fantasy fake news, come back to reality and start with explaining the featured image. The only power been effectively fighting ISIS and Nusra and all those terrorist groups was and still the Syrian Arab Army, while every other power in one way or another was aiding them with Israel openly doing so and only attacking Syrian Army posts that endanger the terrorist groups. Wake up.

  3. miri

    It appears that Mr. Ferretti chose not to read past the headline, or he would have seen that Israel has been working with the terrorists since the beginning of the crisis (alQaeda’s 1st air force, pre-dating Obama/Trump). It seems he’s ok with breach of Intern’l Law, despite Israel being a signatory to the Geneva Treaties. Ok also, for Israel to breach via stealing of Syrian artifacts & counterfeiting Syrian passports? Syria, unlike Israel, is a member of the OPCW. Unlike the US, Syria turned over all its CWs. FYI: chlorine factories are essential in making water potable.

    SyriaNews has massively documented the true history of chemical weapons since the takfiri used VX in a videoed threat, 5 Dec. ’12.

    “What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor…go and study…”.

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