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SAA Cleans Southern Deir Ezzor’s Plains from ISIS Completely

SAA Syrian Arab Army Victorious

The SAA completely cleaned over 5,800 square kilometers of very difficult terrains from US-sponsored ISIS terrorists in the countryside plains of Der Ezzor’s province south of the Euphrates River.

The Syrian Arab Army with its allies completed the most difficult task since ISIS is heavily protected by the US and its coalition in the open area and has attacked the SAA bases multiple times to protect advancing and retreating ISIS terrorist groups, especially in the eastern part of Syria.

The United States of America doesn’t want the vital Baghdad – Damascus highway to be reopened as it sees in it a threat against the security of not the US itself or any of its interests, but for Israel, even on the account of the US and all of its interests in the region.

Above map: Red zone is Der Ezzor Province south of Euphrates. 
The lower blue line is Baghdad - Damascus Highway through Tanf blocked by US occupation.
The upper blue line is Baghdad - Damascus Highway through Qaem in Iraq and Bu Kamal in Syria via Der Ezzor City.

The Syrian state, Iraq, and Iran vowed to reopen the Damascus – Baghdad Highway at all costs and clean the entire Syrian Iraqi borders from the US-ISIS mercenaries, especially after the blatant acts of the junta ruling the US regime in bombing any force fighting ISIS between the two countries.

The US and some terrorists it trained occupy Tanf border crossing to deny Syria and Iraq from using the other Baghdad – Damascus Highway. US forces have on numerous occasions attacked advancing SAA and allies forces towards that area. The Syrians will continue to clean other strategic regions all over the country from US-sponsored terrorists, like the large operation in the southwest of the country now, and later on will go on face to face with the illegal occupiers in this region.

Dr. Bashar al-Assad vowed to clean every inch of Syria from terrorists and their sponsors in a number of interviews and statements the Syrian president did especially recently.

The US-led coalition bombed just 10 days ago an Iraqi PMU advanced post inside the Al-Hiri border village in the Syrian Der Ezzor province killing 22 PMU (Popular Mobilization Units) fighters and injuring 24 others. The Iraqi PMU is responsible of the major defeats inflicted upon ISIS in Iraq, thus the US attack against it. A US Pentagon war ministry unidentified spokesperson attributed the attack to Israel, which was happy not to deny it but is very unlikely to be capable of carrying the attack out without the US full involvement.

Earlier, during the Obama regime times, the same US-led coalition bombed for almost an hour a Syrian Arab Army’s post on al-Thardeh Mountain killing 83 SAA personnel and paving the way for ISIS to take over the post. The Pentagon apologized for the deliberate ‘mistake’ which caused the prolonging and intensifying the suffering of the besieged 120,000 Syrian civilians in the city of Der Ezzor, who were protected by the SAA post.

It’s true the USA is not at war with Syria, at least officially, but the blood and suffering bill the US consecutive regimes inflicted needs to be paid sooner or later, the US citizens must act faster to avoid the bill becoming a burden they wouldn’t be able to carry longer.

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