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President Assad: All of Syria’s Soil will Be Liberated

Syria President Dr. Bashar al-Assad Interview with RT

Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad gave a very timely and important interview to Russia Today’s Murad Gazdiev which was aired today. It comes at a very critical moment where the junta ruling the USA have shown their real faces and intentions towards Syria and the world peace.

Dr. Assad appeared calm, precise, sharp, and giving pointed answers as his usual, come from the first impression watching this interview that took place yesterday in Damascus and was aired today. Mr. Gadziev’s questions weren’t of a type usually asked by most journalists, who don’t use the transparency in the questions he delivered and the answered he received.

Watch from YouTube, we will load it later to a more reliable platform:

Some of the main highlights and not exact wordings:

‘The War is the Worst Choice, every Syrians agrees on this fact, but sometimes you only have this choice, especially when talking about factions like al-Qaeda, Nusra Front, ISIS, and their affiliates who only have their own dark ideological plan, which leaves the only option to deal with those factions is by force. In other areas we succeeded in implementing reconciliations, which is the best choice for us and it is our plan, otherwise it’s by force.’

Why sending the terrorists to Idlib post reconciliations? ‘Simply, the terrorists wanted to leave the cities and towns they infested, they chose Idlib where Nusra Front is as they have the same ideology.’

Militarily: ‘The plan of the terrorists and their masters was to distract the Syrian Arab Army all over the country fighting on more than one hundred frontiers at the same time, now we have them cornered in two or three areas.’

‘The Western and regional mainstream media had a plan to create a rift in the Syrian society to make it easier for them to interfere in a civil war, and they still try to use this narrative that works on ignorant and narrow minded ideologists.’

‘Every area in Syria includes every spectrum of the Syrian society, which debunks the enemies narrative.’

When you’re winning the war on them, why would you negotiate with them when they’re losing? ‘To save Syrian blood and since the beginning we decided to go to the end in any initiative, even if the initiatives itself had bad wills.’

‘The majority of the Syrian people are with the government as they prefer over chaos.’

How are you going to deal with the United States presence in Syria? ‘The US is losing its cards, main one was Nusra Front, when they were exposed to be al-Qaeda and falsely painted as moderates. Now the US’s card is the SDF, the only problem left in Syria, which we are going to deal with in two ways: since the majority of them are Syrians, we suppose they don’t like to be puppets for the Americans whom we don’t trust since decades for their hypocrisy, if they don’t join their country with negotiations, we will fight the SDF with their Americans or without, this is our land, it’s our right and it’s our duty to liberate it and the Americans should leave, somehow they will leave.

Syria President Dr. Bashar al-Assad: "Every inch of Syria will be liberated"
Syria President Dr. Bashar al-Assad: “Every inch of Syria will be liberated”

The Israelis threatened to liquidate you personally, are you afraid? how do you feel with this threat? ‘Our generation lived on constant threats from the Israelis, we got accustomed to it. If someone wants to attack they won’t threaten, they’re threatening because they’re panicking with hysterical feelings as they’re losing their dear ones Nusra Front and ISIS.’

The Israelis striking and claiming they can continue to strike at will, what you’ll do? ‘The first targets of the terrorists in Syria were the air defense, why would someone attack a country’s air defense? It was another proof that Israel since the beginning were involved with these terrorists. For now, our air defenses are much stronger than before, with the help of the Russians, we need to continue to improve it.’

What about their claims they’re fighting Iran, would you consider asking Iran to leave? ‘We never had Iranian troops, we invited the Russians but not the Iranians to join forces, we do have Iranian officers working with the Syrian Army but not troops. Israeli lies of attacking Iranian bases in the last aggression all of the victims were Syrian martyrs and wounded, where are the Iranians?’.

You denied any responsibility of carrying out the chemical attacks, in whose interest were these attacks? ‘That’s the main answer of the question, in whose interest? It’s not in our interest when we won the battle already in Ghouta, and our main battle was to win the hearts of the Syrian people, which we won already. Besides, when do you use chemical weapons? When you win or during the fight? Go and ask the civilians in that area where allegedly attacked by chemicals, they said there was no such attack.’

The US and its allies use the proof they find in tweets and videos to attack Syria, would this happen again? ‘The US has stepped over the international law already and they will continue to do so without any legal base with their puppets in the West, as long as you don’t have international law which the US and its puppets in the West will obey, this will continue to happen.’

US president promised a strong and severe attack, yet we saw a delay in the attack and it wasn’t severe? ‘The aggression had two aspects, the first one they told a lie which their own public opinion didn’t buy, but they didn’t back down and they had to do something about it. The Russians, as we know based on information we have, threatened to retaliate in case there was a wider attack, which in our opinion led them to carry this smaller one.’

‘US President Donald Trump called you “Animal Assad”, do you have a nickname for President Trump? ‘I don’t use this language which represents him, it’s known that what you say is what you are, so he expressed himself. It didn’t move anything in me or in anyone, if it’s coming from people that you trust, people who are levelheaded, thoughtful, moral, ethical, then it would move something inside you whether negative or positive, someone like Trump will move nothing for me.’

Dr. Assad clarified the difference between a Civil War, which we don’t have in Syria, and the ‘War on the War of Terror’ we are fighting, the West using mercenaries to topple the government.

There are 5 nuclear powers directly engaged in military actions in Syria on different sides, how close we were to an escalation between these nuclear powers? President Assad: ‘We were very close to a direct conflict between these nuclear powers, not because of the wisdom of the Americans, rather thanks to the Russian leadership wisdom.’

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    Australian journalist Julian Assange has been illegally detained in the Ecuadorian embassy since 2012, as found twice in rulings by the United Nations.

    It is largely thanks to Julian Assange and Wikileaks that the world is much more aware of the criminality of actions, by the United States military-industrial rogue state and is allies, towards Syria, particularly since March 2011.

    Julian Assange and Wikileaks have also revealed the truth about their conduct in Iraq, Yemen, Aghanistan, Korea, Ukraine, Lebnon, Libya, Palestine, …

    In Australia on Sunday 19 June, there will be protests in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and elsewhere to supportJulian Assange:

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