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The US is Preparing for a New Chemical Attack False Flag in Syria

Previous Staged Chemical Attack by the White Helmets in Syria

Syrian National Committee on Implementing the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) warned that the regime of Donald Trump is preparing for a new chemical attack false flag to be used as an excuse to attack the Syrian state.

The warning from the committee came amid reports of suspicious movements by US’s assets in the country including ISIS and the separatist Kurdish forces known as the SDF.

‘Families were brought from areas under SDF control to the illegal base set by the USA in the al-Jafra Oil field northeast of Syria where they have been trained for about 5 days on how to act like the fake chemical attack in Douma‘ the committee citing reliable information in its possession.

CWC in its statement given to the Syrian News Agency SANA added that the terrorists of ISIS will, in coordination with SDF and the US forces in the base, stir provocations with the Syrian Arab Army units positioned near al-Jafra oil field to draw them to respond, and that the chemical attack false flag will be played in a village near the oil field.

It will be the 3rd time the current regime of Donald Trump to use a false flag chemical attack to justify, in its opinion, an attack on the Syrian state and its armed forces. The first such bombing was carried out by the Trump regime alone against the SAA’s al-Shuayrat Air Base in April 2017, claiming to be in retaliation for a false flag chemical attack carried out in the town of Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib province northwest of Syria, and the second one with its accessories in NATO crimes the UK and France against research centers and multiple posts of the SAA in the country on April 14th, last month, and this time claiming to be in retaliation of the false flag chemical attack carried out in Douma, Damascus Countryside. Both false flags were exposed, but that doesn’t stop the pariahs ruling the USA, France, and Britain from continuing their crimes.

Seeing their ISIS and other al-Qaeda affiliated assets lose ground to the Syrian Arab Army after the tens of billions they invested in them and the time and efforts spent on them to effect a ‘Regime Change’ in Syria, this is very likely to be carried out in the same context.

The United States of America’s disregard to international law and to its own commitments and own signed agreements would not bother its false flags are exposed to be fake and poorly staged, and if there was any chemical attack it was carried out by the terrorists themselves, and since the Pentagon controls all the Western mainstream media, the Sheeple citizens in the USA and other Western countries can be fooled easily, and that’s what matters for the junta ruling the White House.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Donald Trump would sacrifice his own troops in the false flag to justify the response, he already placed them in a very hostile region under danger and only for some money he received from his closes ally ‘democratic’ [sic] Saudi regime, turning the US troops literally to mercenary militias wearing US Marines uniforms.

The goal of the US in the northeast part of Syria is to establish a new Israel, a separate ethnic based state which will be run by the Kurds and then unite with the Iraqi Kurdistan, be in control of Syria’s main oil fields and the rich agricultural land, and to pose further threats for dividing Turkey and Iran. Mr. Putin of Russia has agreed to a US presence in the area thinking he can trust his ‘Western Partners’ on the account of the suffering of the Syrian people. It was a major mistake by the Kremlin’s judo guy, let’s hope the Syrian people will not suffer much more liberating their country from the US and its agents, especially in the northeast parts of the country.

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