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The False Flag Attack in Syria Finally Arrives

image-Trump Regime Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley - False Flag

The much anticipated false flag chemical weapons attack has finally arrived in Douma, the last terrorist holdout of East Ghouta. The Syrian and Russian governments have been warning for weeks of preparation for an attack using chemical weapons which would be pinned on the government of Bashar Al-Assad.

Reports in the BBC and Reuters made claims of anywhere from 35 to 150 people killed in an alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma, sighting the reports of activists and medics. Predictably, those sources are the same terrorist aligned ones which have made repeated allegations of chemical weapons attacks, barrel bombs and the deliberate targeting of schools and hospitals. The medics referred to are the exclusively terrorist embedded White Helmets, who tweeted 150 people had died before deleting the tweet. They posted online video of a basement in a house with dead men, women, and children who appear to have suffocated. As we know a video of suffering doesn’t tell us how people died and it certainly doesn’t tell us who did it. With their previous record of participating in atrocities suspicion naturally falls on the White Helmets version of the event.

The Ghouta Media Centre weighed in with allegations of an attack, but added that they believed a nerve agent was also used. This fits too neatly following the Skripal poisoning crisis and it defies logic that Bashar Al-Assad would suddenly decide to introduce nerve agents at a time of world attention and outrage and when he is on the cusp of finally liberating East Ghouta of its Saudi/US/UK backed terrorists.

Backing up the nerve agent allegations was the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS). Reuters reported:

Medical relief organization SAMS said a chlorine bomb hit Douma hospital, killing six people, and a second attack with “mixed agents” including nerve agents had hit a nearby building.

Basel Termanini, the U.S.-based vice president of SAMS, told Reuters another 35 people had been killed at the nearby apartment building, most of them women and children.

It went on to quote Termanini saying, “We are contacting the U.N. and the U.S. government and the European governments.” It is not difficult to figure out this will involve advocating more sanctions designed to cripple Syria, but more dangerously urging direct attacks on Syrian forces. Russia has already warned the US not to strike Damascus, but rabid regime change operatives like SAMS seem blind to the dangers of a wider war, invoking false humanitarianism that risks pushing us to the precipice of World War lll.

The common theme in MI6/CIA loyalist media reporting such as this is that while they often will insert the obligatory the “reports can’t be confirmed” they only ever entertain the possibility that government forces could have carried out chemical weapons attacks. They repeat the familiar pattern of reporting the allegations of terrorists, citing sources which they fail to state are terrorist allies therefore not impartial, include minimal statements of the government denying the attacks, but never state any allegations or evidence pointing towards terrorists carrying out such attacks then framing the government, which is actually what happens.

The discovery near Douma of a chemical laboratory filled with containers of chlorine and equipment designed to produce chemical weapons stalled the planned false flag and showed rock solid evidence of the possession and capacity of terrorists forces to use chemicals which could be weaponized. The discovery should have been a game changer in the broader narrative of who has and is using chemical weapons in Syria, but, true to form, the MI6/CIA loyalist media and leading western governments ignored it. It may as well not have been discovered, with no difference in attitude and coverage that it made.

The rapid advances the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) made into the four enclaves controlled by different terrorist factions may have also unsettled the preparation and execution of a false flag attack, particularly if being coordinated with their Saudi, US, UK and French backers.

Today however the operation appears to have been carried out.

image-From Chlorine to Sarin to...? Next Novichok?
From Chlorine to Sarin to…? Next Novichok?
image-From Chlorine to Sarin to...? Next Novichok?
From Chlorine to Sarin to…? Next Novichok?

Never fear intrepid warmongers, the news will soon reach the inbox of Nikki Haley, the neocon, Israel worshipper par excellence. Haley has been visceral in her attacks on Syria and recently said Russia can never be a friend of the great Satan, the USA, who will “slap them when we need to.”

image-Trump Regime Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley
US Regime Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley

The fevered rush to seize the moment to finally go head to head with Russia will only be boosted by the appointment to the post of national security advisor to neocon supremo John Bolton, a war firster who never saw a war he didn’t like and never regretted any of the disastrous wars the US started, not swayed one iota by the resultant rivers of blood. Bolton seems to have a special fetish to launch a “legal preventive” strike on North Korea and fulfil long-held plans to conquer Iran, but may have been gifted an early present following the Skripal poisoning, which will combine with this unfolding chemical weapons accusation to build up an almost irresistible push for full-blown war on Syria.

The jihadist brigade fueled and funded by the western spy networks and gulf state-funded think tanks have hit the ground running. Why wait for evidence when the task of obliterating Syria, leaving jihadists to rise from the ashes and rule is so pressing. All in the name of humanitarian intervention naturally.

Eliot Higgins, better known as the NATO PR proxy Bellingcat, has no time for his alleged painstaking open source investigation. He knows it was a chemical weapons attack, the biggest since Khan Shekhoun and he wants action. He clearly laments the reticence of Fox News to lead the chorus for a full-fledged attack, knowing it is the go-to news source for Donald Trump. It is hard to see why, as it is as fake and war crazy as CNN and MSNBC. Bellingcat will no doubt be as pleased as the NATO proxy terrorists if Trump can beat his record of striking Syria within 72 hours of the Khan Shekhoun incident. Only this time he will urge it be bigger and more prolonged.

“Jihadi Julian” Ropcke is as nasty and vindictive as they come in the CIA/MI6 loyalist media landscape. Journalist ethics and dignity went out the window a long time ago and he is both the type of man to admire and be admired by vicious Wahabbist gangs that have killed across the length and breadth of Syria for more than 7 years. Ropcke will instantly believe and promote any anti-Assad accusation and has pushed the genocide narrative ceaselessly. He not only knows Chlorine and Phosgene were used but knows it was in “doses never seen before.”

Charles Lister, the “Nusra fanboy,” would like us to believe he is a detached and objective professional rigorously analyzing the war on Syria, hence his reference to “medical sources.” The medical sources are, as is always the case the western intelligence propaganda asset the White Helmets and the deeply anti-Syrian Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS). SAMS is revered by the political establishment in Washington, a dead give-away they are a regime change advocate willing to promote sectarian terrorism behind their false humanitarian façade. They, like others in the NGO complex, are pimping for future prestige, power and no doubt cash in a Syria absent the leadership of Bashar Al-Assad.

Lister makes the false distinction between “moderates” and outright terrorists in Syria; even as he has subtly promoted Al-Nusra as an opposition group that has a support base and is attempting to reach out to the civilian populations in areas it is present in. In contrast to whitewashing Islamist extremists, he presents the SAA as incompetent, low in morale and as having carried out regular, systematic executions of the Sunni majority. Incompetence, low morale and savage treatment of the majority Sunni population —the SAA is majority Sunni— would have led to the downfall of the Assad government long ago. The truth is the SAA fought Western, Turkish and Gulf state-backed terrorists for more than 4 years until the invited intervention of Russia and Iran. As for a sectarian President, I don’t think his Sunni wife Asma would agree.

image-Charles Lister the “Nusra fanboy”
Charles Lister, the “Nusra fanboy”
image-Dr. Morad tells (lies to) Nikki Haley SAMS has recorded almost 200 chemical weapons attacks in 7 years
Dr. Morad tells (lies to) Nikki Haley SAMS has recorded almost 200 chemical weapons attacks in 7 years

The images have spread across social media of people lying dead in basements and they are shocking. However, while pictures can say more than a thousand words they can also be made to lie and misrepresent. Given the history of terrorist group friendly activists, the White Helmets and the terrorist groups themselves to manipulate images to show what is clearly not true, we have to maintain healthy skepticism and be prepared for a cacophony of calls to mount major attacks on Syria from the MI6/CIA loyalist media and a whole host of imperialist western politicians who will not admit defeat.

As with previous attacks against the SAA, timing and the circumstances on the battlefield at the time are crucial.

Miri Wood on 7 April reported in Syria News:

Saudi run Jaish al Islam faction of al-Qaeda today broke the Douma agreement, unleashing more atrocities against Syrian civilians.” The agreement was that all abducted military personnel and civilians be released, along with the bodies of martyrs, for heavy and medium weapons to be turned over, and for the savages to get on the buses to Jarablus. Begun on 2 April, almost 3,000 terrorists and their families left Douma. Infighting among the remaining savages ensued (some reports claimed the infighting was related to the disbursement $900,000,000 held by the terrorists).  Today, 6 April, Jaish al Islam — more appropriately named Jaish al Wahhab — fired mortars and rockets into several neighborhoods of Damascus.

In late March a deal had been struck for Jaish al-Islam to release 3500 hostages held captive in Douma. That is 3500 innocent civilians criminally held captive in the middle of a war zone, easily able to be used as human shields by terrorists to stop the advances of the Syrian and Russian forces. As to why so many civilians were taken captive and where they were held, Syrian ambassador to the UN, Dr. Bashar Jaafari highlighted the suffering of these people at the hands of Jaysh al-Islam when he addressed the UNSC in February:

These terrorists are taking the civilians as hostages, they have a jail in Douma (Eastern Ghouta’s main city) called the Jail of Toubah, do you know what Toubah means in Arabic? It’s ‘Repentance’, you don’t leave this jail until you repent. They have thousands of innocent people taken prisoners, civilians, and put in this jail in Douma. And from time to time they take women and children, put them in cages and drive them into the streets, I guess you saw that.

The obvious question is how many of the 3500 was released and how many may have been killed in a false flag attack. While the allegations are that up to 100 have died, we have seen a much smaller amount of victims than that in online videos. A closer look at Jaysh al-Islam tells us all we need to know about their willingness to kill as many civilians as necessary to provoke a response from western media and governments.

The group was led by the now dead Zahran Alloush, a hard-line Islamist who wasn’t backward with stating his plans for a new sectarian and vengeful Syria. In an anti-Shia, Alawite and Christian diatribe he said, “The mujahideen of Sham will wash the filth (رجس) of the Rafida and the Rafidia from Sham, they will wash it forever, if Allah wills it, until they cleanse Bilad al-Sham from the filth of the ‘Majous’ who have fought the religion of Allah.”

This savage group only ever referred to as rebels in MI6/CIA loyalist media as “rebels” carried out the Adra massacre in December 2013, brutally killing over 200 people. The terrorists swarmed into the town and spread a clear message of intent, beheading, shooting, burning whole families in their homes and perversely burning people inside ovens.

This was one in a long line of massacres we don’t hear about, as it shows the type of depraved groups waging war on Syria and hugely increases the believability of chemical weapons attacks they have committed. Jaysh al-Islam also took captives from Adra, many of whom were among the 3500 hostages who were supposed to have been released. Some may be the unfortunate victims of a false flag attack designed to draw a powerful military response from the US and its allies.

Let’s not forget that Jaysh Al-Islam was also behind the East Ghouta chemical weapons attack in August 2013, an outrage that came close to resulting in Barack Obama following through on his threat of a military response if the “red line” of chemical weapons was used. It is unacceptable for terrorist groups such as Jaysh Al-Islam to be just kilometers from the capital and bomb it repeatedly. No western country would entertain the thought for a second. The SAA has seen what they are capable of, and as they are on the verge of finally defeating them, they appear to have executed an atrocity in a desperate bid to save themselves. It may not save them, but it may be used by the US as a pretext to launch strikes aimed at stopping the pending liberation of Yarmouk, Daraa and the jewel in the crown of liberating the Golan Heights from years of Israeli occupation.

This all comes not long after Donald Trump said the US would be coming out of Syria, a statement which prompted a backlash in media and military circles, the deep state sending the message to Trump that the president is just a figurehead behind whom men in dark suits make the real decisions.

Trump at a rally in Ohio said:

“We’ll be coming out of Syria, like, very soon. Let the other people take care of it now…. We are going to have 100% of the Caliphate….We spent $7 trillion in the Middle East and you know what we have for it, nothing.”

Trump didn’t say that the US is in the process of building new bases in the Manbij area. The burgeoning number of US bases across Syria is hardly the move of a power ready to leave, but of one consolidating, expanding and in for the long haul. Trump’s remarks sound more like the shoot from the hip style he is known for and shouldn’t be taken seriously. There may, however, be a more sinister side to it.

During the presidential election, Trump even showed some respect for Vladimir Putin, saying he was “knocking the hell out of ISIS.” He professed to end US wars abroad and to make America great again by focusing on the domestic economy.

Just before the Khan Shekhoun incident Nikki Haley and Rex Tillerson said maybe Assad can stay. Afterward we heard implausible claims that this had given Assad a green light to carry out a chemical weapons attack. Then as now he is on the front foot and has absolutely nothing to gain from their use, quite aside from the fact Syria no longer has chemical weapons and wouldn’t use them if they did. Within 72 hours of Khan Shekhoun Trump launched his 57 cruise missiles against the Shayrat airbase.

Are we looking at a repeat of history? Trump makes the surprise announcement of a US withdrawal, absent any definite timeline and clearly without consulting his generals and suddenly we have another alleged chemical weapons attack. But the lesson to be learned won’t be for lying western journalists to listen to and take seriously warnings from Syrian and Russian officials of preparations and plans for terrorists to carry out a chemical weapons attack and frame it on Syria and Russia. No, we can very soon expect to hear that the Trump withdrawal announcement gave huge relief to Assad and he celebrated by dropping chlorine and nerve agents on his own people. A clichéd and predictable, but entirely false narrative with no plausibility whatsoever.

The US State Department is already prepping for a possible US strike, saying that the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government is “not in dispute” and that Russia is ultimately responsible for their use. Coming on the back of the hysteria, increased tensions and large-scale diplomatic expulsions following the yet to be proven claims of the Russian state poisoning Sergey and Yulia Skripal, the rush to war by the out of control Anglo/American imperial alliance may be hard to stop.


Maps and Images of East Ghouta

image-4 March 2018 Areas of East Ghouta Controlled by Terrorist Force
4 March 2018 Areas of East Ghouta Controlled by Terrorist Forces.
SAA has another 3 kilometers to go to cut the enclave in two.

— Paul Mansfield

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  1. miri

    Impressive collection of alQaeda supporting tweets. Lister must have taken a paycut when Saudis demanded Qatar no longer be a competitor. BM Higgins — who got a promotion — blocked me for sharing his hacked emails w/Vandyke re: terrorists having CWs. Sly Liz has always pimped for alQaeda, as has ‘Jihad Julian.’


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