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Video Tribute to the Heroes of the SAA, the Syrian Arab Army

SAA, Syrian Arab Army

A tribute to the heroes of the one and only Syrian Arab Army, the bravest men on Earth. The only men who with their determination managed to change the balance of the World Order into a multi-polar system.

The American Century Died in Syria, as how Bloomberg described it.

(Video also available on BitChute:

Our special thanks to the sacrifices, the braveness and the steadfastness of the men and women of the SAA, the Syrian Arab Army, of all ranks from the smallest conscript who believed he needed to join his country’s army at the height of the crisis to defend his land and his people instead of fleeing the country, to the highest officers who were offered tens of millions of dollars to defect but proved to the world the Syrian dignity is not for sale, to the leader of the country and the Syrian Armed Forces, the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad whose determination and nerves of iron gave hope to the whole world that the US’s evil New World Order can be defeated, and so it was.

The only army in the whole world that fights armies from over 80 countries and win over them, those countries included the superpowers and the super rich countries in the planet who financed and armed hundreds of thousands of anti-Islamic Wahhabi suicide terrorists, the filthiest filth of what subhumans can be.

Those countries are now coming by their own to fight the Syrian Arab Army heroes after their mercenaries lost all the battles.

A special thanks added to the Syrian diplomacy which stood up on all international arenas in one solidified position defending their country in the face of the world’s hyenas, and in spite the non-stop attempts to buy them to defect offering fortunes to each of them.

The video is a compilation of short clips taken in different locations in Syria.

The War on the ‘War of Terror’ is not over yet, but it’s in its last weeks, it could be ended faster if Syria had real allies in both their armies and their politicians. It will take few more weeks but the credit first and for most goes to the men and women of the SAA, and all of the Syrian people.

Watch: Hezbollah top official praises SAA heroism and bravery.

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