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Homs – Hama Highway Repairs After Terrorists Evicted

homs - hama highway

Just days after cleaning the countrysides of Homs and Hama, central of Syria, from NATO-sponsored terrorists, the city councils of the two provinces are working hard to repair the infrastructure destroyed by the ‘moderate rebels’.

One of the main tasks is to reopen the vital Homs – Hama highway connecting not only the two major cities with their countrysides but also part of the main highway from Jordan south of Syria to Turkey in the north.

NATO-sponsored ‘moderate rebels’ blocked this road in an attempt to cut the northern parts of Syria from its southern parts, serving non-else but the enemies of Syria and the plot to divide the country.

The following is a video posted by Syrian News Agency showing work on the highway already in progress and expected to be completed within the coming few weeks.

Obviously, the Syrians will not wait until Russian or Chinese companies, or even the Iranians waiting to find out what to do, start coming to Syria to contribute with the infrastructure rebuilding, the Syrians are using whatever machinery is still functioning to get their country back on its feet again after more than 7 years of NATO-sponsored terror.

I personally understand that for Russian, or any other international corporations in general, the majority of Syrian projects would not be profitable for their standards due to the cheap cost and not much margin for them. For instance, any non-oil or gas projects in Syria would not be able to afford to pay 300 – 400% profit for the Russian oligarch owning those companies. Same goes for Iranian or Chinese, these people trying to imitate the West in failed capitalism without long-term strategies.

In other words, if the Chinese would help rebuild the roads and railways in the country, they might not get the profit in a short time from passengers and goods, but would benefit them by the shortcut to the Mediterranean to Europe and back. The same thing for the Iranians. They’re investing in the wrong countries where mostly it’s hostile to them. Empowering the Syrian people would for sure leave the best impression on future relations with these countries.

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Pray with me that Russian, Chinese and Iranian corporations take further time in thinking so we don’t need to hear stories that they built our country for ‘free’ like the stories we are hearing now from Iranian officials claiming if it wasn’t for their late interfering in Syria, Damascus would have fallen, when it was us who saved their countries from the Libya democratization by the West taking the biggest load of the confrontation by ourselves when we could have easily accepted the offers from the US and its stooges and saved our people and our country.

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