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SAA Confuses NATO Between Daraa and Idlib

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Heading southwest or northwest or continue moving northeast or even southeast? NATO and most analysts remain puzzled over the next destination of the Syrian Arab Army after cleaning and securing the Syrian capital completely last week. Helicopters from the Syrian Arab Army threw leaflets over the countrysides of Idlib and Daraa urging the armed groups to avoid confrontations and join the reconciliation.

Three days ago the SAA helicopters threw leaflets over the areas infested by terrorist groups in the province of Daraa south of Syria calling on the terrorists to drop their weapons before it’s too late.

SAA Dropped Leaflets in Daraa Countryside
SAA Dropped Leaflets in Daraa Countryside

Your life and the lives of your children are more important than you stubbornness.

Armed man, for who you are gambling with your life?!

Why don’t you live with your family and children like the others?

Where are those who pushed you to die and made the profession of killing, destruction and sabotaging pleasing to you?

They all have abandoned you and left you to die..

You have two choices: Either the enevitable death or drop your weapons.

The men of the Syrian Arab Army are coming

Take your decision before it’s too late

Signed: General Command of the (Syrian Arab) Army and Armed Forces

Reports today confirm the SAA has dropped another set of leaflets but in a very different location all the way in the northwest of the country in the province of Idlib, bordering NATO member state Turkey. The leaflets urge the residents to join the local reconciliation like in the other towns and spare the bloodshedding and destruction.

SAA Dropped Leaflets in Idlib Northern Countryside
SAA Dropped Leaflets in Idlib Northern Countryside

The dropped leaflets over the towns of Dana, Sarmada and refugees camps in the northern Idlib countryside were titled ‘Peace is the Master of Judgments‘:

Our dear people!

Until when you and your families will live in fear and worry?

Until when your children will remain with no hope and no future?

The war is nearing its end.. It’s time to stop the bloodshedding and destruction.

We call on you to join the local reconciliation likewise a lot of our people in Syria.

Your cooperation with the Syrian Arab Army will save you from the control of the armed terrorists and will preserve your lives and the lives of your families.

Let us work together to restore safety and stability and (start) restructure.

Signed: General Command of the (Syrian Arab) Army and Armed Forces

Fighting on multiple fronts is what the Syrian Arab Army has been doing for more than 7 years, in the matter of fact we can say the SAA was fighting on dozens of fronts at the same time all over the geography of the country combating herds of tens of thousands of anti-Islamic Wahhabi suicide terrorists while being attacked from within by sleeping cells of the FSA’s different branches. Fighting on two concentrated fronts with its back to large provinces cleared completely from terrorists and very supportive of it is a much easier task.

When reports of the first wave of leaflets dropped over the town of Inkhil in Daraa countryside emerged along with reports of SAA troops advancing south, the regime of Donald Trump showed its real face and warned the Syrian state from any attempt of fighting its dearest terrorists in the south, whom include ISIS, Nusra Front and their affiliates, groups the US itself designated as terrorist organizations and claims it’s fighting.

The US warnings were so blatantly strong in its wordings we Syrians felt the US is trying to protect Wall Street and the Military Industrial Complex that control the US, not groups of terrorists they claim they’re fighting!

Russia pressuring the SAA to slow down its operations against terrorists trusting in its ability to talk with Mr. Putin’s ‘Western Partners’ was delivered a very harsh message by those ‘Western Partners’ when the US coordinated an attack by ISIS and SDF against a Syrian Arab Army post in the desert of Der Ezzor with Russian military advisors accompanying the SAA troops. 5 Russian servicemen were killed in the attack that also left 43 terrorists killed and 6 armored vehicles destroyed, as per the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Video report by RT about the US coordinated ISIS and SDF attack on the SAA post that killed 5 Russian servicemen

Later the Russian Ministry of Defense showed images of what appears to be great collusion, if not coordination, between the US forces, the US-sponsored SDF Kurdish separatists and ISIS shoulder to shoulder against the attacked SAA post.

This was an obvious stunt by the US to divert the attention of the Syrian Arab Army from the ‘precious’ south, not with any interest for the US, but as evident by now, for the sole interest of Israel and its aggression plans, on the account of US troops and the US taxpayers.

The Syrian state has no option but to clean the whole country from terrorist groups and their sponsors and restore the sovereignty all over its territories, with the acceptance of NATO spearheaded by the USA and the Russian politician brass or without. It’s a decision made by each Syrian at any cost and until the last inch of the country liberated.

Syria President Dr. Bashar al-Assad: "Every inch of Syria will be liberated"
Syria President Dr. Bashar al-Assad: “Every inch of Syria will be liberated”

The junta ruling the regime of Donald J. Trump warned Syrian armed forces from advancing towards Daraa in the south claiming there was a de-escalation agreement signed with the Russians and Jordan in the south and the US considers itself as one of the guarantors as if the US respects agreements it signed. How would the US justify the protection of clearly designated Nusra Front controlled areas in Idlib province where it’s not a signatory of any agreement there?

Author’s note: For us Syrians, we have no other choice but to liberate our country from all terrorists and their sponsors as they pose an existential threat to us and our coming generations. We’ve already experienced more than 7 years of war, no thanks to NATO and its regional stooges, we have sacrificed a lot in souls and destruction of our country, a bit more will just add to your toll in the crime NATO committed against humanity in my country, but how many US Marines in body bags you will receive until you realize it’s not your fight in our country, it was never your fight, it was the fight for a foreign force that lives as a parasite on your people’s account and only wants to expand further. We can expedite the process for you Mr. Trump, if you want, once we get Mr. Putin to ease a bit on protecting his dreams on reasoning with his ‘Western Partners’.

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