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Leaked: Saudis Start Enriching Uranium in Retaliation to Iran – Satire

Centrifuges enriching uranium by Saudis

Saudis, feeling threatened by the ever-advancing Iranian enemy they are trying to create for themselves, have come up with their first attempt to enrich uranium with the help of Pakistani scientists.

After the head of the junta ruling the US regime Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew the United States of America from the Iranian nuclear deal signed by his predecessor signed, the Iranian officials threatened to resume enriching uranium at higher percentages than what was before the signing of the international agreement signed by the permanent five member states of the United Nations Security Council plus Germany and Iran.

A leaked video shows a Saudi ‘scientist’ enriching uranium Saudi-style in the kingdom of the ‘Reformer’ MBS: the Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, no date was given for the video.

(Video also available on BitChute:

The only two who cheered Trump’s decision and act were the last two apartheid regimes in the world: Israel and the Saudis. Isreal, which wants to create its ‘Only Jewish’ state on the land stolen from the Palestinians, and Saudi Arabia, which calls the whole country after the family of the Saudi king seeing all other citizens as slaves in the massive fiefdom.

If you think the above is not a sincere effort by the Saudis to thwart the threat of Iran in the advanced technology of enriching uranium, in their views, or if you think this post is a satire, as the title assumes, then you’re not of the typical majority of the Western population, especially those of the United States of America, nicknamed: ‘Sheeple‘.

Worth noting the move by the Donald J. Trumpet earlier this month to withdraw his country from the JCPOA has drawn anger and resentment all over the world and affected to a very high extent the already discredited credibility of the world’s superpower.

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