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Israeli Zionists Plans for the Kingdom of Jordan, Not Good!

Jordan King Abdallah

Jordan, the new homeland for Palestinians, as per these Zionists work, especially with their puppet now on top of the junta ruling the US regime, the hypocrite dictator Erdogan in full control of Turkey, and the Muhammad Bin Salman readiness to sign anything given to him.

Instead of repenting their crimes, asking for forgiveness and going back to their home countries and return the land they stole to its original people, the Palestinians, let alone compensating them for decades of land theft and oppression, the Zionists planning for further stealing of land, further expelling of Palestinians, and new coming decades of more instability.

Evil brains do not stop plotting evil, because they cannot think of anything else peaceful. They’ve been working hard for over a century to control the USA, and now they think is the best chance, they failed in Lebanon and in Syria, so the weakest part is now their own puppet the King of Jordan.


(Video also available on BitChute:

These anti-Judaism Zionists know very well they do not represent the Jewry worldwide, they further know they are working against God’s commandments, they are very well aware their acts will result in human sufferings and in crimes against humanity, but they believe the regime of Donald Trump can protect them until the last US soldier’s blood drop.

Watch real Jews protesting Zionism:

And Watch Rabbi Yakov Shapiro speaking at a mass protest in occupied Jerusalem on 28th of March 2017:

(Video also available on BitChute:

Another group of Real Jews protesting on the streets of London against Israel and the atrocities committed in their name by this Zionist regime:

(Video also available on BitChute:

This is just a lesson to all those who worked as puppets for foreign powers, once your role is done you will be thrown away worthless the value you valued yourself when you sold your country and your people. Whatever the size you think you are, or who you know, or the services you have delivered to your masters.

Jewish Trumpet Shofar Blowing - Donald J. Trumpet
Jewish Trumpet Shofar (Ram’s Horn) Blowing – 45: Donald J. Trumpet

The above is their plotting, they think the dynamics of the world now continue to work in their way, they did not realize yet, and they insist on not learning from the recent encounters starting today 18 years ago with the liberation of South of Lebanon, that their foes are more determined to uproot their evil from the land, at all costs.

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  1. miri

    The fiefdom known has Jordan has been aligned with Israel against Syria since the beginning of the foreign-imposed terrorist crisis. Let these twins of the Brits created to destabilize the Levant, destabilize each other, now.


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