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GRAPHIC – SAA Kills Dozens of ISIS Terrorists in al-Mayadeen

image-Graphic: SAA Kills Dozens of ISIS Terrorists in Mayadeen Countryside

Dozens of US-supported ISIS terrorists were killed by the Syrian Arab Army and its allied forces during the coordinated attack carried out by the US-led Coalition and groups of ISIS terrorists on a number of SAA posts near al-Mayadeen city the early morning of Thursday 24 May 2018.

Syrian Arab Army cleaned al-Mayadeen and its surrounding areas from ISIS last October 2017 after a series of lengthy fierce battles in Der Ezzor countryside and were stopped by the USA from further pursuing ISIS in the east of the Euphrates River. The US and its coalition are defending ISIS terrorists with the same power they would defend the White House itself in Washington just short of using nuclear missiles, for now.

The following video report contains Graphic contents, viewers discretion is advised;

(Video also available on BitChute:

Transcript of the video, self-explanatory:

Syrian Arab Army General: Our forces defending al-Mayadeen – al-Faydha were confronted by ISIS rats infiltration attempts early this morning.

This aggression against a number of (SAA) posts was repelled by all forces and means thanks to the determination and steadfastness of the Syrian Arab Army and its allied forces.

We repelled the attack and inflicted (upon the attackers) a large number of casualties, at one post alone there were 10 dead (terrorists), in addition to the wounded (we allowed) ISIS terrorists to evacuate them from the battleground.

We are steadfast in this desert to the last drop of blood in our veins.

Another Syrian Arab Army Officer added: The terrorist groups sneaked on a number of (SAA) posts, and were repelled thanks to the vigilance of the men. The terrorists fell directly into the ambushes, we discovered that they were from a number of nationalities, Arabs, Chechens, and Westerners, and they evacuated a large number of their wounded after the fighting.

End of Transcript.

The Syrian Arab Army for more than 7 years is fighting more than 120 different terrorist organizations all over Syria, and winning over them on each front, all of these terrorist groups are sponsored by NATO member states, the Gulfies, Israel and other volunteering countries to effect a Regime Change in Syria, turn it into a failed state depending on Western aid, and install puppet regimes in the endless infighting split divisions created on the bases of ethnic, religious and radical lines, the Libyan style is the closest output nightmare desired by NATO for Syria.

Some allied forces came from Lebanese Hezbollah in 2013, Iranian advisors later that year, and Russian advisors and Russian Aerospace Forces end of September 2015. The aid came in after it was evident that the plot doesn’t stop at Syria but also targets the rest of the world not under the US hegemony and that NATO managed to smuggle into Syria more than 350,000 terrorists at a rate of 7,000 foreign anti-Islamic Wahhabi Suicide terrorists every week through Turkey alone. They were imported from more than 80 countries.

The defeat of the terrorists is driving NATO, Israeli and Gulfies leaders mad they’re now intervening more overtly against the Syrian state after years of hiding behind fake humanitarian slogans and fake ‘moderate rebels’. USA, Britain, and France carried out a blatant aggression against Syria last month, Israel trying to start a regional war under different pretexts by taking each chance to bomb SAA posts in different locations most recent was yesterday near Homs, emboldened since having their puppet at the White House, and the Gulfies fearing the terrorists they sent to Syria would go back home experienced on all sorts of terror they increased their financial support.

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