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Israel Attacks Syria and SAA Retaliates Strongly

image-Israel Attacks Syria SAA Retaliates

No longer the Syrian Arab Army will maintain constraint even if pressured by Russia, starting 10 pm Damascus local time the Israeli forces attacked the Syrian capital with 9 missiles which were intercepted by the SAA air defense. The SAA retaliated in a forceful way and targeted 9 Israeli armed posts inside the Golan Heights under the Israeli occupation.

The following thread is from our Twitter account through the night:

  • Breaking: After a series of Israel (NATO + Gulfies) aggressions in the past few months against a number of #SAA positions in Syria, Syrian Arab Army retaliates with dozens of missiles against IDF posts in occupied Golan Heights despite pressure from Russia not to retaliate.
  • Israel sources falsely claim the retaliation is by Iran forces in Syria not by the SAA; lying is a basic feature of the Zionist regime.

SAA air-defense shooting incoming Missiles over Damascus skies

(Video also on BitChute:

  • Israel fighter jets targeted Damascus with 9 missiles about 2 hours ago and SAA Air Defense Forces responded to the missiles.
    It’s the second attack with 48 hours against Syria coordinated with ISIS missiles earlier today from their last posts south of the capital.
  • The SAA retaliation targeted 9 IDF posts INSIDE Syrian Golan Heights occupied by Israel.
    Israeli fighter jets were using US coded fighter jets & routes to attack Syrian military posts previously.
  • Foreign imported settlers in occupied Golan Heights rushed to the underground shelters but many had to leave them as it’s not prepared, high corruption in the ranks of Zionist officials deprived safety for their people.
  • SAA, Hezbollah and allied forces prepared to storm northern occupied Palestine as the way rolls on.
  • SAA continues to respond to incoming missiles from Israel now.
  • Netanyahu in Russia to take approval to attack Syria and ask Putin to remove Russian embedded troops with Syrian forces, waiting for confirmation from Moscow about their meetings.
  • Israel pushes its reserves in ISIS & Nusra Front to assist by launching attacks against SAA positions south of Syria.
    Syrian Armed Forces retaliating with more force.
  • Residents in Damascus hearing series of loud explosions in the city’s skies watching SAA shooting down incoming missiles.
    Residents in northern occupied Palestine hearing similar explosions in the skies.
  • Israel top officials in a state of shock from SAA’s large retaliation, most of them are in hiding.
  • Israel IDF only carries attacks against Syria from Lebanon and occupied Palestine and Golan Heights and only at night fearing to enter Syrian skies after #SAA shot down of the F16 a couple of months ago.
  • Zionist settlers, their IDF commanders, and political leaders rush to underground shelters while residents of Damascus & commanders of SAA are on buildings rooftops following the news.
    Difference between the cowards and the brave.
  • US Taxpayers must immediately start funding their accounts to replenish Israel missiles, the Zionists are emptying their stockpiles at a fast pace in their dozens each time.
  • Just Now (04:40 Damascus local time): SAA air defense destroyed 2 more incoming missiles in mid-air over Damascus.
  • SAA until now is retaliating to Israel aggression in quality and quantity to push away the wider regional war, unless needed.
  • Israel has created a lot of enemies and attacked many targets inside Syria and only got Trump and Saudi Clown Prince as allies.Foreign imported settlers in Palestine & Golan Heights better book their tickets back to Europe at their earliest.
  • (04:58 Damascus local time): Israel has widened its already 5 hours aggression against SAA posts to reach #Homs countryside central Syria from within Lebanon.
  • The IDF wants to be the last who attacked and at least score something to talk about it, #Syria Armed Forces not giving such chance.
  • Whoever took the decision to attack the SAA while the Syrian Armed Forces are continuously fighting ISIS and Nusra Front all over the country will get his fingers burned, big time.
  • Large sounds of explosions in Kiswa area south of Damascus due to SAA shooting down Israel incoming missiles.
  • The Israel attack on #Homs Countryside was with more than 20 missiles.
  • Syria has been in constant war for over 7 years with the world’s strongest Armies of Anti-Islamic Wahhabi Suicide terrorists and the Syrians are accustomed to war, are the foreign imported settlers ready to a full war? Go back home to Europe.

Link to the above thread:

We will continue to update the post as the aggression is still ongoing until the moments writing this post.

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  1. Stefan Heuer

    Everytime Netanyahu visits Putin, “Israel” bombs Syria – what a ‘coincidence’!
    I am waiting for the Putinists (like “The Duran” Adam Garrie and others) who will come up and bully you for just speaking out what everyone with a functional brain has to realise: Putin sold Syria to save his deals…

  2. miri

    Stefan, the fan club considers this more evidence of his ‘genius.’ Such ‘genius’ I wonder what Ambassador Karlov would say about it.


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