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Comeuppance Time as Syrian Arab Army Strikes Israel in the Occupied Golan Heights

image-SAA Air-Defense Shoots Down Incoming Israel Missiles over Damascus - 09 May 2018

On Wednesday evening Israel once again launched attacks on Syria, but this time with a crucial difference; Syria struck back for the first time in the seven-year war waged against it by Israel. Israel, and consequently the MI6/CIA/Israel loyalist media made claims that Iranian Quds forces fired rockets at Israel, prompting retaliation which made Iranian forces “pay a high price” for their aggression.

The chain of events and who instigated the clashes is always held hostage to and obfuscated by intense propaganda which can be hard to wade through to get to a semblance of the truth.

It shouldn’t take any more than a few moments of thought to realize the inherent inaccuracy in headlines in the CIA/MI6 (and Israel) loyalist media that Iranian forces had fired missiles at Israel from Syria. It is ludicrous to believe that Iran directs any military operations against Israel from Syria. It is even more ludicrous, but unsurprising that the media would repeat such falsehoods reading directly from the Israeli script.

The Washington Post, which goes beyond just being a loyalist and could be said to be CIA controlled routinely forgives the crimes of Israel against Palestinians, so it is no surprise to see a headline of “Iranian forces fire rockets at Israeli military in first direct attack ever, Israel’s army says”, followed by an article introduction,

A confrontation between Israel and Iranian forces in Syria sharply escalated early Thursday morning as Israel said Iran launched a barrage of 20 missiles toward its positions in the Golan Heights.

CBS NEWS followed suit with “Israel says Iran fired rockets at military in the Golan Heights near Syrian border.” Well into the article it did hint at what really happened, saying:

Syrian media earlier said the hostilities began with Israeli fire at Syrian positions in southern Syria from across the border. Pro-Syrian media said Syrian missiles then fired at Israeli forces. One TV station, Beirut-based Al-Mayadeen, said at least 50 missiles were fired from Syria at Israeli forces in the Golan Heights. Al-Ikhbariya TV said missiles targeted 10 Israeli positions.

Of course, there was no Israeli fire “across the border” as the IDF is occupying Syrian land, so CBS still manages to plant lies to distort hints at the truth.

Reuters dropped nearly all pretense of objectivity in a one-sided article which commenced with:

Israel said it attacked nearly all of Iran’s military infrastructure in Syria on Thursday after Iranian forces fired rockets at Israeli-held territory for the first time in the most extensive military exchange ever between the two adversaries.

The extreme right-wing Fox News dispensed with any qualifier of claims by Israel, reporting the strikes as being from Iran.

Iranian forces based in Syria fired approximately 20 rockets toward Israeli positions in the Golan Heights, triggering a retaliatory bombardment that rocked Syria’s capital late into the night Wednesday.

Nowhere in this stenography to Israel was it acknowledged that the Golan Heights is illegally occupied by Israel. No wonder Fox News viewers are some of the most dumbed down on the planet.

The BBC, constantly criticized for parroting the UK state line and unwavering devotion to the terrorist aligned White Helmets, reminded us they are at the forefront of anti-Iranian propaganda, stating, “Iran has repeatedly called for an end to the existence of the Jewish state.” Iran calls for an end to a state based on supremacy by virtue of being Jewish, which is a wholly justified stance to take.

Playing into the “Israel has the right to defend itself” meme (clearly Syria doesn’t) the White House reiterated the claims of Iranian aggression, desperate for some good PR post pulling the plug on the Iran nuclear deal by being able to say, “see we told you Iran is aggressive and can’t be trusted.” How convenient for strategically savvy and restrained Iran to walk so readily into the trap set by Washington and Tel Aviv.

Given the context that Israel has occupied Syrian land in The Golan for 51 years, has repeatedly made unprovoked strikes on Syria for the last 7 years, that Syria said enough is enough and vowed to retaliate on top of the Trump withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal providing Israel motivation to stage a strike against Syria and then call retaliation Iranian aggression, it is clear this was an inevitable clash between Syria and Israel.

A series of tweets posted as events were unfolding captured the reality of the Israel instigated escalation, undoubtedly coordinated with a US regime imbued with a renewed thirst for regime change in Iran with the injection of ultra hawks to the top echelons of power into the mega military state. HYPERLINK   As Israel attacked Syria for the second successive day, the tweeters reinforced each other with the depiction of the chain of events.

  • Israel strikes
  • Syria retaliates
  • Israel strikes again
  • Syria retaliates again

Sounds pretty logical and a normal set of expected events under the new rules of the game.

Second day in a row #Israel bombs #Syria in an attempt to provoke #Iran into a war; Israel shelled #AlQunitrya Syria retaliated targeting #GolanHeights Israel re-targeted same positions in #AlQunityra Syria responded with heavy MRLSs

Some expressed bewilderment at Syrian self-defense and retaliation being spun as Iranian aggression. Fake news at its finest. Or should that be at its lowest?

Daniel McAdams Retweeted Jonathan Conricus

Israel just itching to suck US into war with Iran. After innumerable Israeli strikes killing dozens of Iranians legally in Syria, the one time Syria fires back it’s “Iranian aggression!!!” Someone needs to tell Bibi to take his medication…

Tim Anderson clarified that any strike by Syria on the IDF occupying the Golan can only ever be self-defense against an invading occupier of Syrian land

Direct armed clashes between #Zionist forces in occupied #GolanHeights and #SyrianArabArmy in #Quneitra . Confirmed by #Syrian and #Israeli sources. Clip is from SAA veterans.

image-Twitter Activist Chain of Events in Golan Heights

Anderson again, illustrating how propaganda follows hot on the heels of provocations to justify “righteous wars.” Unfortunately, Israel devoted media in the west lapped it up and printed “news” virtually scripted by the IDF. This is more than just spreading the false or fake news; it is propagating lies, promoting and advocating for further bloodshed and wars. It is the material consequences of a military industrial complex controlled media and explains why there is such strong, articulate and committed opposition to the poison pouring from the mouths of the mainstream media. When these voices are fervently anti-war in opposition to the corporate media marching in almost universal lockstep toward war, it is any wonder the corporate media reputation is in the sewers, while alternative voices continue to soar and gain traction.

How wars begin. The aggressor makes provocations then spreads lies, pretending to be an innocent victim. #ApartheidIsrael #Syria More: …

Within hours of the clashes, Israel claimed no casualties and no damage to military infrastructure as no rockets reached Israeli held territory. This was contradicted earlier by IDF spokesman, Jonathan Conricus who tweeted:

image-SAA Retaliates to Israeli Aggression Western MSM Claim Iranian Aggression against Israel

Jonathan Conricus‏ @LTCJonathan:

Iranian Quds force fired 20 rockets towards forward IDF positions on Golan Heights. Several rockets intercepted. No Israeli casualties. The IDF views this Iranian attack with severity. More to follow

The fallacy that Iran either attacked or retaliated Israel was refuted by Abolfazl Hassan Beigi, a member of Iranian National Security and Foreign Policy Parliament’s Committee who said:

“Iran has no military presence in Syria, no bases. Israel is lying. It was Syria that conducted strikes yesterday in response to the repeated attacks on the country. Israel must realize that the situation has changed and aggression would not go unanswered.”

To settle the issue, look no further than tributes being paid on social media to fallen Syrian soldiers, heroes killed in defending against the latest Israel aggression.

Ahmad Al-Issa‏ @ahmadalissa:

#Syria: First lieutenant Ali Mustapha critically injured by the #Israeli aggression died of his wounds today. RIP our Saint. #FromSyria

image-SAA First lieutenant Ali Mustapha Killed in Israeli Aggression on Syrian Air Defense Units
SAA First lieutenant Ali Mustapha Killed in Israeli Aggression on Syrian Air Defense Units

Let’s be clear; Syria, not Iran, fired back at Israel. When strikes emanate from Iran on Israel corporate media have permission to call it Iran. Until then put the propaganda and lies back in your box.

Further indications come from Israel Defense Minister, Avigdor Lieberman and Transport Minister, Yisrael Katz at a conference in Herzliya. Lieberman claimed Israel is not “intervening in Syria’s civil war,” positing Israel as a victim of aggression seeking to defend its territory. He then went on to sound aggressive warnings against Lebanon for having the temerity to democratically elect Hezbollah, accused Gazans of trying to destroy Israel as IDF snipers pick off unarmed Palestinians for fun and staunchly vows Israel will not tolerate Iranian presence in Syria, because of, not in spite of the fact Iran is helping fight ISIS and Al-Qaeda, the terrorists Israel supports.

Katz mimicked the disinformation on Iran and also partially answered the crucial question, did Russia green light the heaviest attack yet on Syria, to which he responded, “Russia isn’t preventing the Iranian entrenchment, but it isn’t stopping Israel from acting. He also showed the clear strategy to strangle Iran with US-led sanctions, from which they plan to sow the seeds of an internal uprising which will result in regime change.

On the issue of will Russia act to prevent further acts of war by Israel against its ally Syria, and by extension Iran, it risks reaching a stage of too little too late. SANA news agency quoted a Syrian military official as saying Israeli missiles hit air defense positions, radar stations and a weapons warehouse, but claiming most incoming rockets were intercepted.

Netanyahu to Putin: Can I bomb Syria some more please, Mr. Putin?

The real reason why Netanyahu flew to Moscow was not to attend Victory Day festivities, but to assess Putin’s reaction to Israeli strikes of Iran’s objects in Syria.

Benjamin Netanyahu was in Moscow as a guest of honor for the annual Victory Day celebrations, having plenty of opportunity in 10 hours together to communicate his message that Israel must defend itself against “Iranian aggression.”

Ten hours should have been sufficient time for Putin to talk not about green lights, but about red lines. He had warned Netanyahu not to overstep the mark back in February when he pleaded with Putin to wind back Iranian presence in Syria, but that clearly fell on deaf ears. Everyone knows that Russia and Israel have close ties, it tries to play the multipolar “balancer” in the region and it is wary of the US unleashing its military might on Syria, but surely at a minimum, Syria can ask can we have some S300, please?

On the contrary, reports have emerged that Russia has suspended any plans to deliver the S300 system to Syria, despite strong indications they would do so following the US-led strikes on 14 April. If Putin is not careful he will be accused of being like Donald Trump, a stooge of Israel. Importantly, if Israel is allowed to continue to degrade the capabilities of the SAA there is a very real risk that terrorist groups can retake lost ground. That means an expanding terrorist threat and isn’t that why you are in Syria, Mr. Putin?

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