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US Coalition and ISIS Attack SAA Posts East Syria

ISIS-F-1631A-001 U.S. ISIS Air Force - Coalition - massacre - trump - obama

Concentrations of ISIS remnants waged a large attack on Syrian Arab Army posts in the east of Syria in coordination with a US-led Coalition air bombing SAA posts in the same area.

This coordinated US-led Coalition and the anti-Islamic Islamist State terrorists, aka Daesh and IS, attacks are not a first, both allies have a history of attacking the same SAA posts at the same time with the deadliest in September 2016 which resulted in the deaths of over 85 SAA personnel and the loss of Thardeh Mountain protecting 120,000 civilians in the city of Der Ezzor to ISIS and the attack against pro-Syrian government militias who were called in by the SDF to protect the Coneco Oil field east of Der Ezzor to enable the SDF move to help their brethren combating Erdogan forces in Afrin in February this year, this heinous trap left about a 100 militiamen killed by the SDF and the ISIS Air Forces.

Started by blowing up a booby-trapped armored vehicle at an SAA checkpoint in the Syrian desert, the ISIS attack was followed by the US bombing of SAA posts between the towns of Bu Kamal and Hmemieh, again at the dense of the night.

The ISIS attack resulted in a number of casualties among the SAA personnel manning the post, while the US bombing resulted in material damage with no casualties, as Syrian state media reported.

The US-led coalition becomes insanely protective of its ISIS, FSA, SDF and other mercenary forces on the ground in Syria whenever threatened by the SAA and its allies. What has become now as ISIS Air Force has bombed SAA and allied forces advancing near Tanf border crossing southeast of Syria, near Raqqa in north central of Syria, and other places in the country.

Once Trump accused Obama of converting the US Air Force to ISIS’s 2nd Air Force, has now completed the conversion of the US Air Force to ISIS’s official Air Forces in Syria. It’s either Mr. Trump was subdued to follow the instructions of the Junta controlling Washington’s swamp, or he was a member of the swamp from the very beginning and wanted to lead a correctional movement directed at the more US patriotic less-Israeli enthusiasts in the ‘swamp’ in order to Make Israel Great.

The US created a ‘Coalition of the Willing’ in Syria to help ISIS and other al-Qaeda factions effect a ‘Regime Change’ in the country after the miserable failure of the ‘colored revolution’ in taking control of secular Syria and turning it to another Libya.

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  1. Stefan Heuer

    So now what do our beloved Putinists say to this new round of western aggressions against his ally Syria? Everytime the glorious Syrian Arab Army succesfully liberates key staretegic areas, like now in southern Damascus, the USA and / or its lackeys strike Syrian Arab Army positions. Of course, everyone can learn from this that the USA and its lackeys do NOT want Daesh / ISIS / AlQaeda to be defeated, do NOT want the SAA to liberate the areas east of the Euphrates, do NOT want the SAA to take back the oil-rich regions which the USA already have donated to the kurdish separatists who are just pawns in the game of the empire.
    One day, Russia will be totally humiliated, and this day is not that far in the future. Then, the Russians may thank their idol, their president and his zionist gang at the Kremlin and in parliament.

    Syria, however, is free to carefully move away from this treacherous ally who did not cherish the sacrifices Syria has made for Russia.

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