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Why Trump Can’t Succeed in Syria, With a Newsweek Manipulation

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Under an article titled: Iran Goes Against Russia, Says It’s Staying in Syria as U.S. Military Threatens ‘New Actions’ (link), Newsweek went on its usual path, we’re accustomed to, and pushed the false narrative to try to play on the Russian – Iranian relations over Syria. It cites, as we expected, the call of Russian president Putin for all troops to withdraw from Syria.

There’s almost nothing for us to gain and a lot to lose.” ~Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis, Ret. on U.S. troops in Syria.

We did write a couple of articles in that regard, the first one when we reported the visit of the Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad to Sochi and his meeting with his Russian counterpart Mr. Putin where we mentioned that it could be a slip of a tongue by Mr. Putin in his closing statement calling on ‘all foreign troops to leave Syria’ without specifying whether they’re invited.

Our second article when the Kremlin did clarify that particular point that Mr. Putin, and his echoes Mr. Lavrov and his special envoy to Syria, were referring to ‘foreign troops uninvited by Syrian government’.

Yet, the Western discredited mainstream media maintained the false narrative that Mr. Putin meant all foreign troops to withdraw from Syria, highlighting the Iranians but failing to mention the US, French, British, ISIS, Turkish, Nusra Front, Saudi and other troops operating in Syria in different pockets across the country.

image-Newsweek Iran Goes Against Russia, Says It's Staying in Syria as U.S. Military Threatens 'New Actions'
Newsweek Iran Goes Against Russia, Says It’s Staying in Syria as U.S. Military Threatens ‘New Actions’

This typical propaganda works well for them with their own audience, especially the Sheeple of the West and their regional stooges, but doesn’t work and never have worked in Syria and on the Syrian people, which explains the failure of NATO and its allies including its forces in military uniform or in black uniforms and long beards in effecting their ‘Regime Change’ in Syria.

They did manage, and we have to confess, to cause maximum damage to the country, which achieved its self-sufficiency just before the crisis started, and they did achieve in causing the deaths and life-changing injuries of hundreds of thousands of innocent souls of all sorts of human beings, especially the most vulnerable the children, the elders and the women.

Newsweek, however, included a video clip by a retired colonel in the U.S. armed forces calling on the USA to withdraw its troops from Syria and detailing why. The video of Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis, Ret., which plays in silent unless you turn the sound on, isn’t cited in the article itself but was on Newsweek’s YouTube channel since April 17, 2018 with only 125 views at the time of writing this post, while their article got only 4 comments on their site, they deleted mine, and 587 reactions on the same article relayed by Yahoo News.

image-Reactions on Newsweek's Article on Yahoo News
Reactions on Newsweek’s Article on Yahoo News

The video is titled: Why Trump Can’t Succeed in Syria. And here’s what the retired colonel, who seems to know what he’s talking about, said:

(Video also available on BitChute:

The best thing that we can do to ensure American prosperity and national security is to remove our forces from Syria so that we get out from underneath that strategic risk that we’re currently enduring.

The claim is that we have to keep those troops there because they’re training Syrian defense forces, they’re a hedge against Iran… Those 2,000 troops cannot accomplish anything of strategic importance for the United States but they do saddle us with enormous strategic risk.

Now anytime we use American military power, it ought to have a direct relation to our security and our prosperity, and these chemical strikes, whoever launched them, they did not threaten the United States and our security not put at risk by them.

But still, before we can take action with our military, it is very important for our own credibility to make absolutely certain, at least the best that we can of what happened.

If some missiles had gone off course and actually hit a Russian aircraft or Russian troops on the ground and they responded, now then you’ve got the possibility for a real major military clash and a major diplomatic issue with a nuclear-powered state.

The real question is what’s next in Syria and what’s the possibility for coming to any kind of a solution that’s going to be beneficial to the United States or the region.

They’re in the middle of this ‘civil’ war and there is so many different sides, and it is constantly ebbing and flowing and shows no sign of ending anytime soon. So America has no interest in involving itself in that ‘civil’ war.

Even if we have a preferred outcome, we don’t have the power or the ability to really influence what happens there.

Newsweek's Video On YouTube- Why President Trump Can't Succeed In Syria
Newsweek’s Video On YouTube- Why President Trump Can’t Succeed In Syria (125 views, 4 reactions only)

It’s still not too late to withdraw the troops wearing US military uniforms and working as mercenaries for the Saudis as Trump has turned them to. Citizens of NATO member state demand your leaders to withdraw their troops from Syria as soon as you can, we never invited them there and they are legitimate targets for the Syrian Arab Army, its allies and local Syrian militias defending their country. When they will be killed, they won’t be ‘heroes’, they didn’t die defending their countries in Syria, they will die as mercenaries for the money Trump extorted from the Saudis and other Guflies.

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