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‘Erdogan Threats are Hollow’, Syria Challenges the Turkish Madman

SAA Syrian Arab Army destroys Turkish Erdogan tanks in Idlib

After the Syrian Arab Army killed 11 of his troops and injured 14 others in Idlib, the Turkish pariah Erdogan issued daring threats against the SAA thinking he has the real backing of NATO and still thinking he can bet on his terrorist groups in Syria to reverse its rapid defeats at the hands of the Syrian forces.

Syria calmly and swiftly replied to the threats of Erdogan describing it as “hollow and comes only from someone who is divorced from reality and who doesn’t understand the developments of the situation and the issues, and they only reflect ignorance.”

Syria vowed to continue cleaning ‘every inch’ in a direct challenge to the Turkish madman and those he works for in the west.

Russia, on its part, responded as well to Erdogan’s big mouth and accusations by simply pointing the finger back at the failure of Erdogan in fulfilling the commitments he obliged himself to.

More in this report by Dima Nasif of the Lebanese-based Al-Mayadeen news channel:

The video is also available on BitChute

English transcript of the video report:

Damascus’s response to the Turkish president’s statements was not delayed after he threatened to target Syrian army forces wherever they were if they repeatedly targeted his soldiers, he said.

Damascus has described Erdogan’s remarks as confused and hollow and that it continues its war on terrorism.

But Damascus is not alone in the (Turkish) accusation, the Russian Foreign Ministry also responded that Moscow is targeting terrorist groups only in response to Erdogan’s accusation that it is committing massacres of civilians.

Contrary to his silence throughout the battle of Idlib, Erdogan raises his voice today against Damascus and Moscow backed by two factors: the arrival of talks with Russia on Idlib to a dead end and his failure to convince Moscow to make concessions that are not commensurate with the developments of the battlefield, and the announcement of Washington’s support for him and the dispatch of Pompeo to Ambassador James Jeffrey to Ankara to respond to what he called a destabilizing attack.

The Turkish president, at the moment of an imminent confrontation with the Russians after the recent escalation, does not have the luxury of abandoning nine years of intervention in Syria and dropping the Idlib card, it was clear that the gap that the militants tried to create in the Neirab in the western countryside of Idlib is not the result of the reaction of the factions to the siege of the Syrian army and the removal of hundreds of kilometers from its areas of control, rather it was a military operation in which the Syrian Army fought a battle with an army of armed men backed by Turkish armored vehicles and rocket launchers that continued to cross the border and reach the weapons depots of armed groups, including Al-Nusra.

The Syrian east stole the light from its west, the locals of Khirbet Amo in Al-Qamishli countryside blocked a U.S. patrol from passing through a military checkpoint and clash with it and one of the citizens get killed, to mark, perhaps, a spark of popular resistance repeatedly preached by President Assad.

Ankara, which went to Sochi after its factions accumulated cards in the battlefield in Idlib, fears losing its golden card when bargaining with the Russians on Syrian and regional files after the rapid and significant advance of the Syrian Army in the province and control of 50% of its area to open the international road Aleppo – Damascus, and the return of the northern wing to the southern wing of Syria and the end of the partition project, once again.

Dima Nassif – Damascus, Al-Mayadeen

End of the English transcript.

Erdogan is sacrificing more Turkish soldiers to defend his al-Qaeda terrorists in Idlib and Aleppo’s western countryside. What a combination of enemies Syria has: an orange clown who was narrowly acquitted in impeachment a few days ago, an embattled prime minister who keeps redoing the elections in his borderless ‘state’, a madman who thinks he’s a caliph and wants to restore the old days, a crown prince best known for literally liquidating the remains of a journalist and snooping into mobile phones of rich people, and all of them are war criminals if we were in a just world they’d be ‘Nuremberged‘.

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  1. WKZ

    Erdogan is just a mad criminal who will lead Turkey towards total breakdown, luckily in the 2019 administrative elections he soon has a blow in the big cities where his party was expelled, we hope that in 2023 he will also lose central power, too bad he is supported much in eastern turkey.


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