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Trump Regime Illegals Murder a Syrian Civilian, Get to Taste Syrian Anger

Khirbet Ammo locals stone Trump US forces

Trump regime forces illegally in Syria had to bomb their way to safety from an angry mob of locals, after murdering a civilian, on Wednesday. The American illegals in armored military vehicles attempted to breach a Syrian Arab Army checkpoint at al Suwais Alaia-Khirbat Ammo road east of Qamishli City. This area has always been safely under SAA protection; that the American illegals attempted to breach it suggests Trump is attempting to expand his colonial fake squatting rights.

Locals arrived to support their troops, surrounding the big, bad, American military vehicles, with American soldiers safely inside them.

Unlike the US’s all volunteer low-level mercenary military, the SAA is conscripted. This means that Syria’s soldiers are the sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, fathers of the Syrian people, upholding their responsibility to protect their country and families. NATO media stenographers consistently omit this key part when barking lies about the SAA killing Syrians. The SAA defends the homeland within its internationally recognized borders, from the invading pathogens funded and armed by NATO countries and their various, underling, house servant satellites.

SAA Brother, sister martyrs
Siblings Ghadeer Mirza and Lena Mirza. These SAA officers were martyred defending their homeland.

Syrian locals threw stones and garbage cans against the criminal Trump illegal invaders and managed to tear down some of the illicit US flags from the tanks; in the following video clip, a Syrian local holds a tattered American flag, while verbally confronting two small soldiers who are armed and well protected, but who nonetheless, back away from the towering man:

One Syrian Man defending his town is worth a Dozen US illegal invading highly trained heavily armed soldiers

This was too much for the cowardly, cheaply paid Trump regime forces, who then in full chickensh*t character, unleashed smoke bombs to blind the locals before shooting into the crowd, with live ammunition.

A civilian from Khirbet Ammo was murdered; another civilian from Hamoun village was injured.

Syrian civilian wounded by Trump regime illegals in his country.
This is what trauma care looks like, without the Hollywood moulage fakery used by criminals & spread like a virus by NATO media.

Ordinary Americans should realize that there is massive anger against US and Turkish forces among ordinary Syrians, because the US and Turkey have supported all the terrorist al Qaeda savages in their country, since the beginning of the foreign-imposed war. The FSA, Nusra Front, and ISIS have all committed the most heinous of atrocities against ordinary Syrians, who have then be forced to watch malignant NATO media cheer the criminally insane as normal.

When the Trump illegals opened fire on the unarmed crowd, some of these civilians got their weapons, weapons with which they fought ISIS scum, or some of the hundreds of millions of dollars worth of NATO weapons left behind by cowardly, retreating terrorists in areas liberated by the SAA.

These civilians fought back in self-defense, in their own village that had been invaded by the Trump regime American illegals military.

The video is also available on BitChute

Now under attack not only by garbage cans and stones but brought the light rifles they used to fight off ISIS terrorists, the Trump criminals had to call for aerial back up. The criminal US air force illegally in Syrian airspace then bombed nearby agricultural fields.

The locals have stated that today’s war crimes by the Trump regime illegals will ignite the popular resistance against the filthy foreign invaders

Russian forces nearby sent 5 vehicle reinforcements to the area anticipating the return of Trump forces with more power.

In recent interviews, President Bashar al Assad has told foreign audiences that the local resistance to foreign armed, foreign occupiers is growing.

At this writing, the Pentagon has not yet reported on casualties among the massively armed American illegals. Perhaps the Pentagon will be forced to replace the word ‘killed’ with strange ‘brain injuries’ among the retreating Trump regime military forces. Perhaps such news will ooze out, over the coming weeks, similar to those very strange reports on US troops in Ain Assad, Iraq.

The resistance will be a very brutal resistance.

The heavily armed Trump militia just caught a glimpse of what the ordinary Syrian people have in store for them.

Miri Wood & Arabi Souri

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  1. Miri

    The murder victim of the Trump regime American illegal killers in Syria has been identified as 14 year old Faisal Khalid Muhammad.

    Let this be known to the pro US border control double standard folk: This child is a murder victim of American illegals in Syria.


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