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New Israeli Bombing over Damascus to Cover Up the IDF’s Heinous Crime in Gaza

Israeli aggression against Damascus 23 February 2020 at 23:25

“At 23:25 of Sunday 23 February 2020 the Israeli air force from out of our air space and from over the occupied Golan targeted the vicinity of Damascus with more than one guided missiles waves, and as soon as it was discovered it was intercepted with high efficiency, some were diverted from its track, and most of the rest were destroyed before reaching its target, we are still monitoring the results of this aggression.”

A Syrian military source stated the above shortly after the latest aggression by Israel against Syria. Israel is taking advantage of the Syrian Arab Army direct confrontation with NATO’s second and third largest armies, Turkey and NATO terrorists respectively, mainly in Idlib and in a number of open fronts in northeastern Syria.

Side of the Syrian Arab Army’s air defense units intercepting the incoming missiles over Damascus within their limited capabilities:

The video is also available on BitChute.

The author tried to see whether the Israeli embattled and indicted by his own courts PM Netanyahu called President Putin or visited him prior to this aggression, so far couldn’t find. This is a custom usually to challenge the Russian President whose country might not be involved directly in protecting Syria as an ally, Syria at least is a main customer of Russian weapons, especially air defense systems, and these Israeli acts do not help the Russians market their air defense systems properly.

Moreover, Russia is one of the five permanent members of the United Nations ‘Security’ Council, remember that body of the international organization that is supposed to establish security (from its own name) and stability around the world. Recently, the three NATO members of the UNSC has used it to the exact opposite of that, unless they think the security of al-Qaeda and other anti-Islamic terrorist groups operating around the world is their goal.

This latest Israeli aggression comes on the same day the Israeli IDF terrorists committed one of their usual heinous disgusting crimes in Gaza when killing a Palestinian then bulldozered his body and desecrated all humanity in the way the bulldozer carried it to another IDF terrorists’ vehicle who stole the body.

WARNING: The below video is very disturbing:

Netanyahu’s forces bombed Gaza to add more suffering over the people of Gaza for simply not dying out despite the strangling blockade the NATO’s spoiled ‘Jewish State’ impose on the tiny overcrowded strip for over 1.5 decades.

Leading Israeli journalists and IDF propagandists highly criticized their war ministry for the bulldozer crime, not because of its nature, because it will make their work much harder when they will try to whitewash it and cover it up.

The Palestinians and Syrians are witnessing firsthand the features of the Jewish State the US anti-Christ Zionist Evangelicals promised to establish over occupied Palestine and beyond and are helped by Turkish madman who was assigned the task to destroy Syria and other Arab nations using his anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood cult.

Some of the previous Israeli attacks to assist al-Qaeda in Syria in this list:

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