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Telegraph Reporter Ensor Pimps Last Propaganda Post against Syria

UN brings in fake Syrian women who support terrorist crimes against Syrian women.

Telegraph reporter Josie Ensor who has engaged in anti-Syria propaganda since the beginning of the foreign-imposed war of terror has attempted to cash in on the anemic last template. She has succeeded in flunking Bathos 101, and has stopped just short of asking NATO to obliterate Syria to make her feel better. A curious lamentation on the 2009 -10 Damascene air and atmosphere feeling and being much thicker and darker simply does not the mustard cut.

Ensor’s final goodbye is a hodgepodge of the ongoing criminal lies against the Syrian Arab Republic since the early attempts to impose a NATO Spring on the sovereign Levantine country. Following Ensor’s weird imagery schematic, it could be described as exuding the stench of a stew, made from rotting produce and maggot-infested meat, cooked up and then left in the summer heat — and with a Greek chorus conveniently nearby, which chants, Please, Sir, may I have another?

Ensor’s alleged last goodbye swansong has a potential silver lining; her personal heavy heart, personal misery, personal clubbing, are so maudlin as to warrant a return to shunning of first person singular in news reports (her egocentrism extended to pulling her lamentations out from behind The Telegraph‘s pay/registration wall).

The very very sad possibly the saddest reporter on the planet today may be the original source of the GPS hospitals hoax. Disseminated by multiple NATO media sources, these alleged coordinates of alleged makeshift medical facilities remain a thing of which Apocrypha are made. The NATO klan running the UN can not admit to their existence without confessing to breach of International Humanitarian Law which codifies hospitals in war zones.

Telegraph reporter Ensor was either the first, or among the first, in unhospitals-UN-coordinates hoax.

Despite her very very very profound concern for hospitals that are not there, the Telegraph reporter seems to have missed her friends — the armed moderates — bombings of real hospitals in Syria, including the car bombing of Al Assad Hospital in Lattakia, August 2015.

In her farewell note of 24 February, Ensor supported Donald Trump’s war criminal bombing of Syria, at the behest of takfiri in the al Qaeda haven of Idlib. She repeated the Khan Sheikhoun hoax, still oblivious to OPCW’s admission that there were too many terrorists in Khan Sheikhoun to deploy investigators, who then did the next best thing, accepting tainted evidence from the terrorists. Also oblivious to OPCW investigator Ian Henderson’s address to the recent Arria Formula Process in which he stated there was no chemical attack in Douma, Ensor repeated the mantra of the Douma chemical hoax. She bemoaned the fake betrayal of an armed separatist/terrorist gang.

The heavily hearted Telegraph reporter also bleated about someone she would surely love to have in her neighborhood.

Like many NATO women stenographer writers, Ensor seems to have the chops to play the chick journalist card while casually using Syrian women as stage props and/or by throwing them under the bus.

In last month’s interview, she claimed the ‘fetishization’ of women war correspondents was nearing an end, while also suggesting unpleasant critiques of her work are gender-related.

How can the Telegraph reporter not “support either side,” if she attempts Shakespearean white despair over an armed terrorist who laughs over murdered women? How did Ensor turn the mass slaughter of women and their children in al Rashidin into a ‘both sides’ report, when the terrorists made it out alive, but more than 130 women — and their kids — who had been hostages of the savages, were massacred?

How did Ensor miss that al Qaeda put Syrian women in cages and paraded them in the streets of Douma? How did she miss that women and children were murdered for snuff porn in Douma, their corpses dumped like garbage in a heap, corpses which were abused before being read for those MSM audiences?

Perhaps the Marie Colvin Award – winning journalist of the Telegraph was away, in August 2013, when armed moderates committed slaughter in Lattakia villages, kidnapping upwards of 400 women and children; perhaps she was away when many abductees were recognized as dead bodies in al Ghouta, August 2013; perhaps she simply missed when a whopping fifty-eight of them were released, three and one-half years later, in exchange for imprisoned terrorists?

How could she, though, have also missed the mass slaughter of Syrian women — upwards of one hundred — in Zahra village, 16 May 2016, and the moderate mortar bombing of Sebil Park, Aleppo, 22 July 2016?

Telegraph NATO stenographer journalist Josie Ensor has said her very sad final goodbye as she condemns the [NATO] world [which has armed and funded the criminally insane pathogens in Syria] for having “collectively lost its humanity” by not bombing Syria back to the stone age.

Sadly, it is not likely to be her final anti-Syria diatribe.

syria every inch Assad
Syria President Dr. Bashar al-Assad: “Every inch of Syria will be liberated”

Miri Wood

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  1. Igor Bundy

    terrorist Abdulhamid al Yussef, killed the twins and some other children and maybe even the women he was forced to marry.. Who was 6 months pregnant already and also had another child.. It was not HIS children he murdered.. and then erdoggie cries his heart out.


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