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Israel Bombs Southern Damascus and Quneitra from over the Golan

Israel bomb Syria - Archive Photo

Israel carried out an airstrike against a site in southern Damascus and a village in southern Quneitra just before midnight, the bombing caused material damage.

A Syrian military spokesperson stated: ‘At 11:50 pm of November 24th night the Zionist enemy carried out an aerial bombing from over the occupied Syrian Golan against southern Damascus, the strike caused material damage.’

The bombing targeted Jebel el Mania in the southern Damascus countryside east of Al Kiswah city, another missile bombing targeted the village of Rwihinah south of Quneitra in the southwest of Syria.

The military spokesperson’s statement did not elaborate on the illegal attack in the statement distributed by the Syrian news agency SANA.

It’s more correct and fair to say that Israel cannot carry out any attack against any of its neighbors, let alone sustain its presence, without the complete support, arming, funding, and protection from the USA and its European minions, added to them the NATO member state Turkey and now the role of some Gulfies is being exposed in supporting Israel directly and in their funding to terrorist groups sponsored by the USA to destabilize and destroy countries that do not recognize the anti-Jewish Zionist entity.

Syria, an establishing member of the United Nations does not recognize Israel and have stated over the past decades that it will never recognize the ‘Zionist entity’, as it is officially called in Syria until all the land stolen by the imported Europen settlers is returned to its rightful owners and all the refugees are returned to their lands and homes. This is the only reason why the United States and its minions have this feverish enmity toward Syria, which has never invaded or attacked any other country but has been invaded and attacked by every other country.

Israel (read; the USA and its minions through Israel) has been instrumental in supporting the terrorist groups working against the Syrian people, more documents revealing every day, this is much demonstrated in its continuous attacks against Syria under the cover of the USA and the deafening silence of the United Nations Security Council which is dominated by NATO member states the USA, UK, and France. The previous Israeli bombing was on the 18th of this month; it’s an obvious attempt by the embattled Israeli PM Netanyahu to drag the USA to a new regional war in the ‘Middle East’ before his loyal servant Donald Trump leaves office.

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  1. Vitaliy Yakubovskiy

    How much your masters pay you for your rubbish about Zionism vs gentile loving good Jews?
    You just another tool in the Judaist hands, trying to destruct the readers from ongoing world Jewry’s humanity extermination project.
    Shame on you, my friend…

  2. Vitaliy Yakubovskiy

    How one can call Satan a war criminal? Judaism is much, much worse than that.
    Jews won’t sleep until non-Jews will be fully exterminated on this planet…


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