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Health Ministry Builds a Hospital and Rehabilitates 3 Clinics in Damascus and Latakia

Al Tal Hospital - Damascus Countryside

The Syrian Ministry of Health built a new hospital in Al Tal city, northwest of Damascus, and rehabilitated, re-equipped, and reopened 3 healthcare centers in the province of Latakia, the centers were destroyed by the US-sponsored ‘freedom fighters’.

Al Tal Hospital – Damascus countryside:

Al Tal Hospital was inaugurated yesterday by the Syrian Prime Minister Hussein Arnous in the city of Al Tal, northwest of Damascus. The hospital has a capacity of 60 beds and it cost 1.450 billion Syrian Liras.

The hospital’s cadre comprises of 170 doctors, nurses, technicians, and administrators, it is well equipped with needed equipment for its operating room, laboratories, radiology, and outpatient clinics.

Al Tal Hospital now provides healthcare services to 600 thousand people in many departments including emergency and kidney dialysis.

Latakia Province:

In the coastal province of Latakia, two of the rehabilitated centers were opened in the countryside, and one in Latakia’s Raml Shamali district.

The first health clinic is the Kafriya Healthcare Center in the Haffeh countryside needed complete rehabilitation after 7 years of being out of service due to terror attacks.

The other health clinic is Al Janderiyeh Healthcare Center was built and equipped in partnership with the local community, now it provides health services to about 100,000 people in the area of Janderiyeh and its surrounding villages. The center has specialized clinics for internal, ophthalmic, teeth, ears, children, vaccination, nutrition, health education, aid, bandage, laboratory, and reproductive health.

In the Raml Shamali district at the Azhari roundabout in the city of Latakia, the Ministry of Health opened Martyr Adnan Muhammad Abdin Healthcare Center.

The center is a 4-storey building with an area of 1700 square meters (18,300 square feet approx.) and comprises of 24 specialized clinics covering all main health needs.

During the past 10 years of the US-sponsored war of terror and war of attrition waged against the Syrian people, the once self-efficient and pride of the country’s developed healthcare system was systematically targeted, destroyed, looted, and many of its facilities turned into quarters for the assorted terrorist groups, torture cells, and most of the equipment and vehicles were turned into explosive devices, by the freedom fighters poured imported from all sides of the planet and poured into Syria from all its borders, especially its northern borders with NATO member state Turkey.

Worth noting that the ‘humanitarian’ hypocrites in the USA and its lackeys in the European Union not only created, trained, armed, and supported the terrorist groups they dubbed freedom fighters in Syria in all their criminal acts over the past decade; they also whitewashed their crimes politically, they accused and demonized their victims, and furthermore, they impose and continue to impose inhumane sanctions on the Syrian people to prevent them from rebuilding their country. Though the western officials claim the sanctions do not include humanitarian aid and healthcare-related equipment, they made sure those were also blocked from Syria’s access by blocking the Syrian banking system and trading by imposing sanctions on third-parties who deal with any Syrian-based institute.

These are real healthcare centers and real hospital, not terrorist dens reported by western mainstream media as hospitals, these are equipped with medical equipment, not torture tools used by the terrorists in their dens, these are real doctors and real nurses studied at and graduated from medical schools after finishing their high school, not radical and head-chopping al-Qaeda terrorists graduated from training camps changing their black robes to white robes based on the photo-op and the medium they’re shown on. These are what the USA and its EU minions are targeting, sanctioning, and demonizing while crying for their terrorists the Syrian state and its allies are fighting.

White Helmets Nusra Front al Qaeda Levant HTS NATO
Western audience look at the left picture only; for recruiting terrorists look at the right picture…

Western citizens are all accomplices to these crimes as they first prioritize using their hard-earned tax money on destroying Syria rather than the welfare of their own people, they elect the politicians committing these crimes against the Syrian people, they do not hold the criminal politicians accountable to the crimes they commit after they leave office, and continue to ignore the suffering of the Syrian people, their victims.

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