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One Man Killed by a Bomb Planted in his Car in Damascus Countryside

Car bomb explosion in Harasta- Damascus countryside

A man was killed by a bomb exploded in his vehicle in the city of Harasta, in Damascus countryside, earlier today 20 November 2020, local sources confirmed.

46 years old Abdullah S. al-Iss was rushed to the Muwasat Hospital in Damascus after sustaining severe injuries from the explosion of the bomb that was detonated upon turning on the car engine, he was pronounced dead by the hospital.

A spokesperson for the Damascus Countryside Police Command stated that the bomb was planted under a private vehicle parked in the Bustan neighborhood, in Harasta city, and was detonated when its driver turned on the engine.

The police spokesperson confirmed that an investigation was launched to find the criminals.

Mr. Al-Iss is a resident of the city of Harasta and was heading a local unit of the National Defense Forces who aided the Syrian Arab Army in defending the city from Al Qaeda terrorists, his killing was celebrated by Al Qaeda propagandists on their social media accounts and on their media outlets.

The Syrian capital Damascus and the Damascus Countryside province, the cities, towns, and villages surrounding Damascus, have been relatively calm save the timings of Israeli bombing or similar assassinations like the assassinating of Damascus Mufti Muhammad Adnan Afyouni on the 22nd of last month in the town of Qudsaya, in the southern Damascus countryside.

This is definitely a terrorist attack aimed at assassinating the individual. Such terrorist attacks are trademarks of Israeli Mossad and its operatives who usually target scientists and notables and army and security officers.

There was an increase in the recent months of similar attacks in the southern province of Daraa where terrorists take refuge under the protection of the illegal US military base in Tanf, which also operates the infamous Rukban concentration camp where it still holds thousands of Syrians in miserable inhumane conditions. This attack could very well be carried out by the same group.

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