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Erdogan Forces Kidnap 3 Women from a Clinic in Raqqa Countryside

Erdogan forces NATO Turkish army with Al Qaeda HTS and ISIS terrorists in northern Syria

Erdogan kidnapped 3 women from a clinic in the Syrian city of Tal Abiad in the northern Raqqa countryside, following the kidnapping of civilians in the Rajo region in Afrin in the northwestern Aleppo countryside.

Local sources who reported the incident told the Syrian News Agency, Sana, that terrorists working for the Turkish madman Erdogan stormed a clinic in the town of Suluk in the Tal Abiad area, northern Raqqa countryside, and kidnapped three women from there.

The sources couldn’t figure out where were the women taken to by these subhumans working for NATO’s second top leader.

Yesterday, a terrorist group disguised as military police stormed several houses in the village of Maamal Ushaghi in the Rajo area of Afrin in northwestern Aleppo countryside and kidnapped several civilians from there, their whereabouts remain unknown.

The Turkish madman, whose health is deteriorating as per some Turkish activists most of who are already arrested in Turkey, continues his crimes against the Syrian people in the northern regions while he continues to beef up his troops of both the Turkish Army and the Al Qaeda terrorist groups threatening to invade the north and Israelize more land.

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  1. Nora Booher

    Must be desperate, even here in the US, I hear shouts in the street that I’m about to die, but God has already sent his archangel Putin to protect Syria, and exposed yet another NATO plot to poison Syrians, so I am confident of Syria’s future.

  2. Muhammad Turkmani

    Mad dog of war and blood neo-Ottoman Erdogan, saw activists in Turkey circulating that he died, that would save countless lives if true, unless there are more like him, the Turks showed that they like the war crimes he’s committing in their names all over the Muslim world.


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