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UNSC: NATO ‘Humanitarian Bastards’ Bleat over Syria’s ‘Needs’

UNSC meeting on Syria cross-border humanitarian aid to support Al Qaeda

UNSC held its monthly meeting of NATO hyenas to bark, bleat, and bloviate over the humanitarian needs of Syria’s citizenry, on 20 May. As always, the western diplomats were profoundly concerned over the problems they have caused, while pretending they had nothing to do with them. Despite their esoteric, heavy-heartedness over the suffering of the Syrian people, many of the NATO clique diplomats (or their stand-ins) waited days before tweeting their virtues.

Syria News will begin with coverage limited to reporting on the synopses provided by the United Nations Security Council Meetings Coverage, and add any details that should subsequently arise, from original sources.

UNSC meetings coverage synopsis.

UNSC meetings coverage synopsis.

Martin Griffiths, the Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator [OCHA] was the first to address the UNSC. He “welcomed the pledges totaling nearly $6.7 billion at the recent sixth Brussels Conference for Syria and the region,” though in blatant dereliction of transparency, he neglected to mention that in impressive colonialist fashion, the Levantine Republic has never been permitted to attend any of the NATO-run Brussels Conferences on Syria. Griffiths also did not note that Russia also was not permitted to attend.

It is the same Brussels-controlled European Union that renewed its illegal sanctions on Syria for another year at the beginning of this month; illegal because sanctions can only be imposed by the United Nations Security Council, any other sanctions are deemed illegal by International Law and are termed instead: ‘unilateral coercive measures.’

Griffiths previously had given an extensive briefing to the Security Council in September 2021, the report of which is worthy of a second reading. One month later, he was still noting “the need for agreement on a suitable distribution modality that is acceptable to the relevant parties and security guarantees,” which suggested the terrorist warlords occupying Sarmada had continued to starve the Syrian people by withholding foodstuffs from the humanitarian convoy.

For whatever reason, Griffiths did not mention the Tabqa Dam (under NATO-FSA, NATO-ISIS, and NATO-SDF occupation since February 2013), that the Turkish regime of madman Erdogan is blocking the flow of water through the Euphrates running from Turkey through Syria and then Iraq causing a massive shortage in drinking and irrigating water, desertification, and drought across its path and affecting millions of people; nonetheless, while complaining about the water war crimes against al Hol, and in al Hasakah, the Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator criminally side-stepped the facts that these heinous water war crimes are perpetrated by violent, armed criminals marauding through areas of Syria. According to the UNSC Meetings Coverage, no NATO diplomat on the Security Council brought these atrocities to his attention.

Addressing the 20 May Security Council meeting, he bleated about “airstrikes and shelling in north-west Syria,” harming civilians, he feigned oblivion to the fratricide among Turkey’s criminal invaders and various al Qaeda factions, and the armed fighting between al Qaeda/Turkish military and the armed insurrectionist SDF creation by the US (SDF is criminally fighting on two fronts — against Turkey’s war criminals, and against the indigenous Syrian population these terrorists are trying to ethnically cleanse from the region. In foul western supremacy fashion, as he squeezed out those crocodile tears to show his true feelings about those stuck in al Hol camp hell, he apparently had a nanosecond of a trans-ischemic attack, which permitted him to forget that the Al Hol camp which is located in Syria, is run by the armed terrorist SDF, fully under the protection of the American military war criminals in the SAR.

Cynically, he described the armed insurrectionist SDF and this gang of terrorists’ American strongmen back-up as “humanitarian partners serving” those within the concentration camp, who may not leave without payment of substantial bribes, or years-long diplomatic negotiation.

Griffiths shamelessly bloviated about the horrors of children being condemned to this hell — where murder and assaults occur under the watchful eye of armed insurrectionist SDF thugs protected by Biden regime illegal forces, he pretended he did not know the story of the Italian boy Alvin, who psychotic mom kidnapped him from his family, brought him to live with al Qaeda savages, and who got to watch her blow up at the time his foot became permanently deformed, from lack of treatment of infection, and of setting broken bones.

It took three years from when the SDF killers allowed the IFCR to bring Alvin’s babbo for a visit, until the criminal thugs allowed the IFRC, the SARC, and the Syrian government to negotiate his release.

It is not shocking that Griffiths feigns not to have known of the SDF thugs and US war criminals sadistically preventing Alvin’s repatriation to his father, given the SDF insurrections occupying the camp; had he acknowledged this, he would have had to have blamed the SDF for the water and electricity shortages to al Hol, as these cannon fodder slop occupy the Tishreen Dam. Similarly, while sniveling over the situation of water being dragged on trucks not being sustainable, along with the paucity of electricity from the Alouk water station.

Again, he made no mention that Alouk has been under the control of the Erdogan regime occupiers since October 2019, that the NATO Turkish air force had bombed it, bombed it again after Syria had repaired it, and then invaded and occupied it.

As our divining rod appears to be in need of repair, we have no idea why Griffiths did not mention the water situation of al Tabqa, under NATO FSA/ISIS/SDF occupation since February 2013, nor did he (nor any of the NATO klan) mention the previous terrorist occupation of the ancient al Fijah water spring in Wadi Barada, which required five weeks and one al Qaeda assassination of a retired general engaged in reconciliation to resolve.

Griffiths and the other NATO clique members of the UNSC all demand the renewal of Resolution 2585, with some neo Sykes-Picot adherents requiring an actual expansion ignoring Syria’s national territory.

As such, Syria News must remind our readers that the result of the first UNSCR 2165 (2014) to breach Syria’s national sovereignty was celebrated by the intentional murder of upwards of fifty Syrian children, by poisoned measles vaccines brought in from Turkey.

UN Security Council Resolution to breach Syrian sovereignty resulted in the murder of upwards of 50 children.
UN Security Council Resolution to breach Syrian sovereignty resulted in the murder of upwards of 50 children.

We also provide our readers with the UNSCR subsequent extensions:

The passage of UNSCR 2165 (2014) allowed for foreign entities to deliver alleged “humanitarian” goods via corridors not explicitly opened by Syria. It was quickly celebrated when around 50 children were killed by intentionally poisoned measles vaccines brought in from Turkey. It was renewed via UNSCR 2393 (2017), followed by 2449 (2018), and then a six-month compromise via 2504 (2020) which was rolled over into 2533 (2020) for another year. Any member of the P5 could have refused the Syria-excluded compromise; instead, the colonialist P3 persist in clamoring for the reopening of other imperial corridors, obsessively, Yarubiyah — breaches of sovereignty that none would tolerate against their own countries (it is possible that 2504 broke the UNSC record; only France voted yes, while US, UK, China, and Russia abstained.)

Syria News has previously noted that each UNSC monthly pro tempore president may invite a celebrity guest to address the Council. May President Thomas-Greenfield subsequently shared and described the meeting with her celebrity guest, alleged ob-gyn Farida Almuselm, who is now a member of NGO Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS). Given not-authorized-to-be-in-Syria, SAMS has de facto admitted to either lying about its health services to Syrians or engaging in vivisection against Syrian people, given SAMS was closely aligned with terrorists Jaish al Islam and White Helmets in the Douma massacre, and other regions of Syria, given SAMS has been described as Al Qaeda’s MASH Unit, US Americans facing unprecedented food and housing insecurity may wish to know their taxes help to fund SAMS charitable status.

She and Greenfield-Thomas discussed those barrel bombs tossed from helicopters. Somehow, the grandma diplomat never heard of MOVE, never saw the PPD deployed by Philly Mayor W. Wilson Goode to drop explosives from a helicopter, onto 6221 Osage Avenue, incinerating most of the inhabitants, and leveling most of the neighborhood.

Though not a household name, Almouslem has made the rounds.

In 2016, during an interview with The Intercept, she made the egregious claim that, upon opening up a woman for a Caesarean, the patient was emergently moved to a nearby house, because of a bombing (in the real world of surgery, there is no way a woman in such a condition would have been moved until after the baby was safe and her belly was either sutured or protected. Otherwise, such a bathetic move would have most likely ended in at least two deaths — mom and baby).

She was a guest speaker — along with Madelaine ‘five hundred thousand dead Iraqi babies was worth it’ Albright, at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee meeting on 18 June 2020, on forced displacement (for the record, terrorists who had occupied eastern Aleppo were given the choice of reconciliation or being put onto air-conditioned buses to Idlib). The SFRC announced her as Director of Adana Maternity & Children’s Hospital in Syria — despite there being no such hospital (lists of public and private Syrian hospitals are hyperlinked, here. There is, however, an Adana Hospital in Adana, Turkey, which includes a maternity and a children’s ward.).

In March 2021, she gave an interview to Foreign Policy Media Room, during which time she reported working in hospitals in Syria which were being bombed.

In her address to the UNSC, Almouslem gave a proverbial gut-wrenching report on barrel bombs — including an anecdote about a ”tearful” woman begging for help getting pregnant, because her four children had all been killed by barrel bombs (no mention of how she had already been gravida 4, para 4).

As expected, she hit the trigger words, suicide, domestic & gender-based violence, substance abuse.

This author continues to do a slow seethe on every occasion the United Nations NATO klan trots out a ‘sister’ to emit a deceitful gas of concern over that “gender-based violence.”

Not a single one has condemned the mass kidnapping of Syrian women from villages in Lattakia; not a single one cheered the release of 58 of these women and their children, some conceived in captivity almost four years later. The NATO-affiliated puppets who chirp before the UNSC — like the NATO-affiliated media — have never concerned themselves with terrorists of Ghouta and Douma caging women, massacring them for war propaganda, nor have they shed a single, collective tear over the slaughter and abduction of more than 150 women in al Sweida, nor did they fake rejoicing when the SAA managed to liberate 19 of them from the savage rapists and femicidalists.

As is their wont, the NATO klan tripartite aggressors essentially spoke with one colonial, NATO supremacist voice: All demanded renewal of UNSCR 2585, which expires 10 July. The US diplomat demanded an increase in cross-border authority.

Basically, the P3 call to the UNSC means that Syria should have no sovereignty over its borders, that these NATO countries which have dumped hundreds of thousands of their criminally insane and wetworkers into the SAR, who have provided all terrorists with weapons — no, Virginia, they do not fall like manna from the heavens — not only continue in their arrogant, illegal entries into Syria, but also demanded their routes be expanded (one might wonder at how many of these NATO diplomats live in gated and otherwise protected areas; we have noted that wherever they go, they are surrounded by military guards).

We especially make note of the UK representative’s demands, particularly given the recent plan to dump large chunks of refugees into Rwanda (excluding, of course, Ukrainian ones, perhaps — especially if they are blue-eyed and blonde).

Kariuki’s concern for “sexual and reproductive health” for Syrian girls is particularly disturbing, and his country’s ongoing white savior concern for vaccinating “Syrians against Covid-19” is simply hypocritical, given the Kingdom’s horrific deaths per million is 2,596 compared to Syria’s 172, as of 22 May 2022.

Again, Syria News points out that the Levantine Republic had full employment, affordable university, affordable housing, affordable petro/heating, and nearly free universal healthcare prior to the regime change NATO Spring launched in March 2011.

Again, we point out that the problems of water and electrical outages for which Griffiths shed his tears are caused by the illegal invasion and annexation plot by Erdogan (oil and food shortages are caused by the Biden regime’s illegals’ massive theft of Syrian oil, and of its grain silos. Additionally, the US-created SDF armed insurrectionists frequently shut down Syria’s industrial bakeries to accelerate its war crime of ethnic cleansing of the indigenous citizenry.).

Again, we ask our western readers and the UNSC NATO klan and their assorted house servants forced to tap dance to keep from being put on the NATO regime change list, to imagine the countries surrounding France each having stolen a piece of France, after French nationals engaged in deadly terror attacks in 2015.

Actual safety zones would be within the countries fretting about takfiri savages entering them; a safety zone is not a synonym for annexation — except in NATO Newspeak for invasion and occupation of a sovereign state.

The Russian Federation’s First Deputy Permanent Representative Dmitry Polyanskiy‘s words functioned as a pristine air freshener, cleansing the decomposing stench of the NATO P3 supremacists braying for a new Sykes-Pico (a.k.a the white man’s burden) at the UNSC.

His Excellency Polyanskiy noted that prior to the exceptional American intervention, “Syria sold [its] surplus food,” having no need for colonialist “humanitarian” aid prior to the NATO Spring.

Russian Federation First Deputy Dmitry Polyanskiy addresses UNSC.
Russian Federation First Deputy Dmitry Polyanskiy addresses UNSC.

Diplomat Polyanskiy further noted: “We cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that HTS terrorists, recognized as such by the international community, are usurping power and manipulating humanitarian aid, the supply of which, if desired, can be easily arranged from Damascus. But you do not show such a desire, leaving us no grounds for maintaining the cross-border mechanism.”

However, from the very beginning, the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 2585 stalled. It also became immediately clear why this happened. None of you, colleagues, simply wanted to take responsibility for proper work with the Idlib terrorists so that they would stop sabotaging cross-line convoys… — H.E. Polyanskiy to UNSC, 20 May 2021

Syria News has previously reported on the inability of the humanitarian bastards to guarantee that the foodstuffs and other essential aid make it to the Syrians in need, living under the occupation of various offshoots of al Qaeda terrorists: These savages prohibit the distribution, and sell what should be freely given food to the highest Syrian bidders, and also bombed 31 lorries brought in by SARC, and the warehouses where foodstuffs are essentially being held as ransom.

This author anticipates that come 10 July, the Russian Federation will be cognizant of the ongoing devastation brought by UNSCR 1973 (2011) — which could not have passed without Pontius Pilate’s abstentions — and will keep close Mr. Polyanskiy’s principled, statesman’s statement to the UNSC.

Syria’s Permanent Representative, His Excellency Bassem Sabbagh gave a short address to the UNSC. He spoke of his country’s most recent Presidential Amnesty Decree, applicable to Syrian terrorists who have not committed murder, as part of his country’s ongoing reconciliation process. He again requested that foreign countries repatriate their terrorists. Mr. Sabbagh reminded the UNSC that western [NATO] countries continue to flagrantly ignore that Turkey and the United States are in breach of both International Law and the noble UN Charter, as Turkey engages in genocide [ethnic cleansing] and the US continues to steal Syria’s oil, gas, and agricultural products.

He noted that [NATO] Brussels meetings continue to prohibit the Syrian Arab Republic from attending these imperialist meetings in his homeland and have also excluded the Russian Federation from attendance.

Diplomat Sabbagh also pointed out the ongoing war criminal bombings by Israel, against Syria, bombings which have never garnished a complaint at the UN Security Council.

As long as the NATO mobsters rule the UNSC, will the International Humanitarian Law, or the United Nations’ own noble Charter, ever be enforced?

Miri Wood

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