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Biden Forces Continue Smuggling Stolen Syria’s Wheat into Iraq

US Biden forces in Syria

Herds of Biden military forces illegally deployed in northeastern Syria were spotted smuggling a new shipment of stolen Syrian wheat from its silos into neighboring Iraq.

Locals confirmed that an additional 17 trucks loaded with stolen Syrian wheat from its silos in Al-Tobiyah in the Rumailan area, in the northeastern Hasaskah countryside, were smuggled into Iraq under the protection of Biden forces and their Kurdish SDF terrorists.

This is the second shipment of stolen Syrian wheat smuggled from Syria by Biden forces this same week. The most diverse and inclusive regime in US history is displaying its ‘killer’ features against the Syrian people who just marked their 10 years of struggle against assorted terrorist groups brought into their country from all sides of the planet since the first Biden / Obama term.

Syrians daily food staple is based on wheat, disgraced US citizens deprive other people of their food is a war crime they’re committing and a double crime claiming they do so to help the Syrian people achieve ‘democracy’ and ‘freedoms’ at least half of the US citizens themselves don’t ‘enjoy’.

Oil is the other item the regimes of Black Obama, Orange Trump, and colorful Biden regimes targeted for destruction and theft, including sabotaging undersea pipelines, refineries, stealing oil machinery by Erdogan, the US faithful lapdog in the region, and along with their scattered collection of illegal settlements on stolen Palestinian lands, aka Israel, sabotage ships carrying oil for the Syrian people en route to the country.

The Syrian people in Syria who endured all of the terror and suffering during the past 10 years, whenever asked, confirm they will not surrender and will definitely not give to the fading US empire in its last days what they refused to give at its peak of power 10 years ago.

The most diverse and inclusive Biden-led junta should not feel sad when soon enough loads of body bags of Biden forces start returning home, demented Biden can claim they were killed in ‘self-defense’ stealing Syrian food and oil as much as he wants, history tells us that’s how starved and oppressed people react to war criminals.

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