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Erdogan Kills a Syrian Child in Ayn Issa, Displaces Residents

Erdogan terrorists bomb Ain Issa northern Raqqa Countryside, north Syria

Erdogan regime forces and gangs of mercenary underlings murdered a Syrian child on Friday, and continue ground-to-ground bombings in the Ayn Issa area as part of the caliph-wannabe’s forced displacement and annexation project.

As can be seen by the map, Ayn Issa is in the governate of Raqqa, which is in Syria, which is not in Turkey. In addition to the child being murdered by Madman Erdogan terrorists on Friday, four adult civilians were also slaughtered as bombs were fired into the village and around the roads leading to it.

On Saturday, the terrorist attacks continued against the indigenous Syrian population, and dozens reportedly abandoned their homes and businesses in order to preserve their families. In late November, the madman’s terrorists got into a faction fight in which Syrian civilians were made collateral damage. A few weeks later, the US-created and armed SDF terrorist militia asked the Syrian Arab Army to prevent a full invasion of Ain Issa by the Islam-hating Muslim Brotherhood-lover.

Madman Erdogan’s annexation map approved by the UN NATO klan.

The same UN that held a crying fest on the 10th anniversary commemorating the failure of the NATO Spring in Syria, will hold no emergency meeting on Monday, to condemn the murder of a child, and the forced displacement of several families, military invasion of someone else’s country being a war crime, despite ethnic cleansing being a crime against humanity. They have uttered no condemnation of Erdogan’s water war crimes against Syrians.

In October 2019, Ass. SG for Humanitarian Affairs and Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator, Ursula Mueller actually described Turkey’s bombing of the electrical power grid as part of military operations and normalized its terrorists as allied non-State armed groups.

Erdogan is, after all, the UN NATO junta’s rabid pet.

Miri Wood

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