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NATO Terrorists Bomb Aleppo Neighborhoods: Two Murdered

NATO Turkey – run terrorists bombed two neighborhoods of Aleppo on 21 March, murdering two civilians, injuring several others, and destroying homes and businesses.

The deadly ground-to-ground bombings from western Aleppo countryside, targeted al Salehin and al Fardous neighborhoods in the east of Aleppo city.

Terrorist attacks against Syria have been on the increase since 15 March, when the UNSC held a meeting to bemoan the 10th year anniversary of the failure of the NATO Spring against the Syrian Arab Republic. Around the time the professional mourners of the Security Council were pulling their hair and rending their garments, Syrian law enforcement was foiling a massive terror attack plotted against Damascus.

On 16 March, terrorists launched an attack on a bus carrying Syrian Arab Army soldiers in Daraa, one child was murdered from a landmine and another seriously wounded from a landmine explosion also in Daraa, and NATO ally Israel bombed Damascus countryside, from the Syrian Golan, which it criminally occupies. On the day that Syria was virtually NATO terrorists bomb-free, Biden forces criminally transported more stolen Syrian wheat from the SAR into Iraq. On Saturday, Erdogan terrorists murdered a child in Ain Issa, while engaging in more ethnic cleansing — also a war crime — in that area of the SAR.

Hopefully, the SAA wiped out the human garbage enclave from which the ground-to-ground bombs were fired.

SAA bombs NATO terrorists, ya rab.

Syria News again reminds our readers that NATO weapons do not fall like manna from the heavens, into the arms of the world’s human garbage that has been dumped into the SAR. We also remind our readers that when the junta ruling the UN erroneously demands a ceasefire — rightly called Cessation of Hostilities — these rabid dogs of imperialism are demanding that Syria not fight the savages murdering its people, within its homeland.

Moderate terrorists with their moderate lethal weapons, courtesy of NATO.

Today is Mothers’ Day in Syria. It is also the eighth anniversary of the martyrdom of Sheikh al-Bouti, blown up in mosque, not long after he described the FSA as scum.

NATO terrorists would not ignore this day.

Miri Wood


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