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Syrian Law Enforcement Foil Large-scale Terrorist Attack in Damascus

Syrian law enforcement foil terrorist attack targeting Damascus

The Syrian law enforcement authorities foiled a terrorist attack targeting the Syrian capital Damascus eliminating 3 terrorists and arresting 3 others.

Locals in the towns of Zakiyeh and Kanaker in Damascus countryside tipped the law enforcement authorities about the suspicious movement of the terrorists upon which the security forces set an ambush for the terrorists far from residential neighborhoods on their way to the city of Damascus.

Engaging with the terrorists, the Syrian law enforcement authorities managed to kill three of the anti-Islamic Wahhabi suicide subhumans and apprehend 3 others, the terrorists heading to Damascus on their motorbikes were wearing strap-on suicide vests and were armed with light weapons.

We are waiting for the results of the investigations with the terrorists, a single of such suicide attack would have killed and maimed dozens of people especially in markets as we saw in the explosion of the twin terrorist attack in Baghdad on January 21st this year which killed 28 and injured more than 70 innocent civilians. God saved the people of Damascus of similar horror.

The US Pentagon did promise to revive ISIS and its deadly attacks against the Syrian people in September 2019 to gain political concessions from the Syrian people in favor of installing a puppet regime in Damascus or at least members of the opposition it sponsors residing currently in 5 stars hotels outside Syria. US people who voted for the ‘most inclusive and diverse’ regime at the White House must be proud that their junta led by Biden with dementia are fulfilling a longstanding foreign policy of the United States of America.

Ever since the Pentagon made that promise, the US army carried out a ‘military drill’ with an ISIS affiliate in the Syrian desert, moved dozens after dozens of commanders of ISIS from the Kurdish-run Al Hol (Hawl) concentration camp in Hasakah into Iraq for further training and rehabilitating, and into the Al Tanf illegal US military base in southeast Syria at the joint borders with Iraq and Jordan, the terrorists who would later carry out numerous deadly attacks against passenger buses in eastern Hama and Homs in central Syria and in Daraa in the south.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Biden terrorists wanted to celebrate their anniversary, disgusting inclusive diversified regime just hell bent on sucking the blood of innocent people around the world.


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