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Twin Terrorist Explosions in Baghdad Kills 28 Injure More than 70 Others

twin terrorist explosions kill 28 injures 70 in Baghdad

Two consecutive explosions rocked the Iraqi capital Baghdad in the noontime of today, Thursday 21 January 2021, the explosions killed 28 and injured many more.

In the poorest market in Baghdad where people buy second-hand cloth and cheap produce, a man asked for help claiming he was not feeling well, when people started gathering around him he pulled the trigger in his suicide vest killing a number of people around him, shortly after more people gathered to rescue the wounded another suicide bomber blew himself up in the crowd killing many more than the first suicide bomber.

Eyewitnesses and local reporters confirmed that at least 28 people killed and more than 70 injured in the explosions that took place around noon time when the market is more crowded in the Tayeran Square, ‘Aviation Square’, almost in the center of the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

Iraq is suffering from turmoil ever since the United States of America decided to ‘democratize’ it as punishment for the alleged role of 9 Saudi citizens in the 9/11 attacks and for imaginary trucks loaded with missiles stuffed with weapons of mass destruction capable of bombing London within a couple of hours of launching, a fictional story that was adopted by both NATO superpowers at the time the USA and the UK and parrotted without questioning by the western mainstream media despite numerous reports by the OPCW, the United Nations chemical weapons watchdog confirming there’s no such thing. The US and UK officials continued to harass the OPCW directors until they got a dubious report they used in their favor and the most disgraced US former four-star general and secretary of state at the time Collin Powell claimed falsely at the infamous United Nations Security Council meeting that the USA has evidence of Iraq developing WMDs thus justifying the attacks, invasion, and destruction of Iraq which led to literally millions killed and maimed and the suffering continues until this very day and had spread to neighboring countries, especially Syria, while the US allies were not harmed, miraculously, from those terrorist attacks.

Collin Powell was fired when his boss George W. Bush was re-elected as a reward for his role in going along the lie he was told to promote.

This background is important to compare what they’ve done to Iraq with the NATO campaign to destroy Libya, the once Jewel of Africa, under similar lies, and are trying hard to destroy Syria with the same exact lies they pulled about Iraq 2 decades earlier. The western mainstream media, not surprisingly, is on the same page as the Pentagon in the Syrian case as well, so is the majority of the US dinosaurs in Congress.

Iraq managed to unite to great extent and reached a point to ask the US to end its occupation after looting much of the country, to find itself shortly after the US occupation leaving facing ISIS with the support of the USA and its regional allies, mainly Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Today’s deadly attacks are believed to be carried by ISIS terrorists, the fingerprints of the attack are similar to what the terrorist organization was carrying out all over Iraq, the last of which was about a little over 3 years ago in 2017.

Is this the Biden team, or some US regional proxy, sending a message to the Iraqi officials in regard to the Iraqi Parliament ordering the expelling of the US forces from their country after Trump killed visiting Iranian most revered General Qasim Soleiamni and Iraqi’s top commander of the PMU Abu Mahdi Al Mohandis, both who led the war on ISIS terror, and to use this bombing in central Baghdad as a bargaining card to keep US troops in Iraq? Biden did bring back the same cabinet that during its watch ISIS emerged and grew, wandered the open deserts with hundreds of brand new machine-guns mounted Toyota pick-up trucks.

UPDATE 11:00 pm Baghdad local time: Iraq’s Ministry of Health stated the latest toll: 32 killed and 110 injured, some of the wounded are still being treated at the hospitals at the time of this update.

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