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Israel Bombs Hama Province in Central Syria from off the Lebanese Coast

Israel bombs outskirts of Hama province central Syria from over Lebanon

Israel bombs the outskirts of the central Syrian province of Hama from off the coast of the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli and the northern province of Akkar at dawn, most of the incoming missiles were repelled.

A Syrian military spokesperson quoted by SANA said: ‘At around 4 am this dawn, the Israeli enemy carried out an aerial bombing with a barrage of missiles from the side of the Lebanese city of Tripoli targeting a number of posts in the vicinity of Hama province.’ The spokesperson added that ‘most of the incoming missiles were repelled and shot down by our air defense units.’

Lebanese media reported that strong explosion sounds were heard and the houses of the residents shook in Tripoli and in the towns across the Lebanese northern coastline.

This is the first Israeli direct bombing against Syria opening the Biden era and the 3rd in this month alone. Bombing the country that is fighting ISIS and other affiliated terrorist groups on behalf of the world is the Israeli, read: US continuous policy.

The Israeli bombings are usually from across borders after the Syrian air defenses shot down an Israeli most advanced F16 and damaged another F35 fighter jets while repelling a bombing in February 2018. The Israelis, and their US protectors and sponsors, couldn’t believe their most advanced fighter jets were shot down by 5 decades-old Soviet-era S200 air defense systems maintained and developed by the Syrians so they tried to cover up about the F35 destruction for 17 months before the story was exposed.

Ever since the February 2018 incident, the Israelis are carrying out their ‘routine’ bombing against Syrian military posts from across the borders, either from the Lebanese air space or from over the occupied Golan, and in times using the US air force corridors to carry out their aggression against Syria in direct support of ISIS and other terrorist groups.

Before leaving office, the useless and of no good the evil former US President Trump included Israel in the US Military Central Command which confirms beyond doubt that this latest Israeli aggression against Syria, just like every previous one, is carried out with the full knowledge and facilitation of the US regime of Biden. The team of this latter has already sent their first bloody message to the axis fighting ISIS and the US hegemony yesterday with the twin terrorist attacks in Baghdad killing 32 Iraqis and wounding 113 others in the poorest market in the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

The world has changed since you left office Mr. Biden and your team of recycled Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Barack Obama era hawks and war criminals in dove clothing, your military and financial powers are not superior anymore, your time in our region is getting narrower by the day and if the world was trying to avoid a full confrontation with a lunatic Trump who would burn the whole world, you have no excuse in your confrontations. All cards are on the table now, the Israeli bombing, assassinations, and sabotaging with your supervision coinciding with ISIS escalations are all of the old school and unless you be a little smarter than your predecessor, your troops will leave the Levant and Iraq region horizontally, not vertically.

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