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SDF Kidnap 14 People from al Hol, Terrorist Begum Interviewed again

Al Hol Camp - Hasakah - مخيم الهول الحسكة

SDF insurrectionists have kidnapped another fourteen people from the open jail of al Hol. This gang of terrorists seized the camp for internally displaced persons back in 2015, two years before the Trump regime invaded and occupied key regions of the Levantine Republic. At the time of the original seizure, the Obama regime merely had special operatives deployed, American illegals who worked with criminals from other NATO countries to stabilize the armed separatist Kurds.

There is no room in NATO media to report on these abductions, as al Hol’s most famous inhabitant, British takfiri Shamima Begum has again been interviewed.

The NATO wetworker operation launched under Obama, continues to be a failure in that the criminal Kurdish SDF separatist group continues to require the Biden occupation military forces to protect it; al Hol is under the occupation of the US armed, the UN and EU supported, but survives only because of the physical support of the US military, and its ongoing war crimes against the SAR (failure in terms of the terrorist gang’s inability to commit its crimes without backup; it is a success in America’s increasing Military Industrial Complex and ongoing attempts to destroy Syria).

The purpose of the latest round of SDF kidnappings is unknown, as has been the previous ones, except those involved with the abduction of Syrian children, to violently force them into military training — and contrary to the phony promise SDF phony leader Mazloum Abdi gave to Virginia Gamba in an illicit meeting at UN Geneva, dubbed the June 29 Action Plan.

UN and SDF agreed that the SDF would not make any more kids soldiers. Really.
UN and SDF agreed that the SDF would not make any more kids soldiers. Really.

The Al Hol concentration camp is known by name in the western world. Few know that an Italian boy named Alvin was incarcerated there for more than three years. His psychotic mother abducted him from his family and smuggled him into Syria via Turkey, where she embedded with ISIS terrorists. She was eventually blown up in front of Alvin, whose foot became infected and deformed from lack of medical care. Though he was discovered in al Hol in 2016 — and his father was ‘allowed’ to visit him — the SDF terrorists would not release the little boy until 2019.

Most westerners have been mesmerized by decades of the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird, and have therefore been swept into the romanticized fairy tale of the armed terrorist SDF. Sadly, they have been forced into the paradox of supporting both the foreign armed insurrectionists and the British pathogen, Shamima Begum. Coincidentally, the most recent SDF kidnappings from al Hol coincide with the most recent bruhaha surrounding her latest interview, by yet another supremacist journalist, who entered Syria with the same normalcy as he would enter his own home.

Begum left her home in the UK in 2015, entering Syria via Turkey (and of course without stepping on any of the nearly 200k land mines that Turkey promised to clean up when it joined the Mine Ban Treaty in 2003),

The Brit immediately became the concubine of Dutch terrorist Yago Riedijk, who used his western entitlement to enter Syria to join ISIS. He allegedly sired 3 or 4 of Begum’s children, all of whom sadly died because her mammary glands became concrete, and there was no food (even while she managed to gain weight). Riedijk is also now imprisoned by the SDF terrorists.

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Western media ignore the atrocities perpetrated against the Syrian people by these two violent criminals and focus instead on the poor Brit having her citizenship stripped when all she wants is to go home.


The entitlement of western supremacy has afforded her a person fitness trainer, a make-up artist, hair stylist, and Spaniard Alba Sotorra Clua who also illegally entered the SAR to do a documentary on her, and other western terrorist women who committed unspeakable horrors against the Syrian people, but feel entitled to be repatriated.

It is quite ugly, and especially so as these western countries fall all over themselves to feign not being racist, while fully engaged in imperialist colonial entitlement.

The criminal propagandists continue to paint perpetrator as victim.

SDF armed insurrectionists have abducted another fourteen people from al Hol camp. Let us continue to ignore these terrorists, and fret, instead, over the phony victim status of terrorist Begum.

Miri Wood

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