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UNSC NATO Hyenas Hold Monthly anti-Syria Liars’ Club Meeting

UNSC United Nations Security Council - Syria

UNSC hyena golpistas held their monthly anti-Syria Liars’ Club event on 27 October. The P3 war criminals — indictable under Nuremberg Principle VI (a), Crimes against peace — tediously recycle the same anemic lies, month after month, at the expense of Syrian citizens and NATO taxpayers who are increasingly struggling against food insecurity and homelessness. Syria News remains obliged to continue to report on these endless propaganda meetings, to maintain historical accuracy, and perhaps for posterity.

NATO klan held its monthly con job meeting at the UNSC 27 October.
NATO klan held its monthly con job meeting at the UNSC 27 October.

Geir O. Pedersen is Secretary-General Antonio Guterres‘ Spec Envoy ‘for’ Syria. He whined that yet another meeting of the not-so-Small Drafting Body of the Constitutional Committee held from 18 to 22 October in Geneva was unsuccessful and that two more meetings before the end of 2021 are “regrettably not possible” (one might consider that his ongoing failure to move the imperial UNSCR 2254 should be cause for his replacement).

Calling for Viagra-like “confidence,” he hoped ”common ground” could be found among terrorists and the Syrian state, and then cast aspersions about “tens of thousands of people [who] remain detained, abducted.”

Neither Pedersen nor the other NATO junta members ruling the UNSC has ever made note of the grizzly forensics work the SAR has done in identifying the remains of thousands of Syrians kidnapped, brutalized, and slaughtered by the various factions of al Qaeda. Likewise, when bloviating about how western supremacists are to be the protectors of the rights of Syrian women, he consistently ignores that the P3 and underlings have funded, armed, and supported in the news, the savages who have engaged in femicide in the Levantine Republic — as he also omits noting that Syria’s VP is a woman, and that President Assad’s chief advisor is a woman.

Someone really scraped the bottom of the barrel with this months C-List celebrity, a Mounerfah Albarouki who was described as the “General Coordinator of the Syrian National Conference, which is composed of Syrian women and men within the Syrian territories and abroad,” an organization that this writer could not find a trace of, on the internet. She oddly suggested that alleged “Syrian doctors” be allowed to practice telemed from wherever (possibly because it is not enough that unlicensed — therefore illegal — sadistic Mengele – type physicians brag about performing surgery in caves and without anesthesia?).

Under‑Secretary‑General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, Martin Griffiths, wept those NATO humanitarian tears over the poverty and water crisis the Syrian people endure, omitting the reality that Syria did not have these problems before the terrorist NATO Spring was inflicted on them, and that much of the ”water crisis” involves Erdogan’s water war crime of controlling Syria’s Alouk plant.

That Griffiths whimpered about the WFP foodstuffs and other humanitarian goods delivered to Idlib, last month, which still require “the need for agreement on a suitable distribution modality that is acceptable to the relevant parties and security guarantees,” suggests the terrorists warlords occupying Sarmada have continued to starve the Syrian people about which the UNSC humanitarian bastards shed their crocodile tears, twice a month.

Let us side step for just a moment, to show our readers what the klansmen ignore — the life of al Qaeda warlords in the Sarmada Palaces estate:

As occurs regularly with these meetings, Griffiths and other NATO operatives at the Security Council meeting bloviated about COVID and vaccinations, we bring to the attention of Syria News readers the simple fact that the countries feigning concern over the C19 pandemic in the SAR are the same western imperialists that have utterly and contemptuously failed at protecting their own homelands from the virus.

Compare the US, French, and British covid deaths per million, to those in the Syrian Arab Republic: US, 2,284; UK, 2,828; France 1,798; Syria, 140.

The UK at the UN has been too busy tweeting about climate and enforcing western democracy on Sudan, to tweet about the blathering of the Deputy Ambassador on the UNSC; those interested can read the Meetings coverage synopsis.

UK did not bother to tweet about its ambassador's statement to the UNSC.
UK did not bother to tweet about its ambassador’s statement to the UNSC.

Permanent Representative to the UNSC, Linda Thomas-Greenfield is busy in Mali, forcing the country to accept GAVI / COVAX vaccines — paid for by the American taxpayer, teetering on homelessness, and in the midst of food insecurity — despite Mali having 27 deaths per million, compared to the US’ almost 2300 deaths per million. That the country is faring well during the COVID pandemic, because of the medicines such as the wonder drug, ivermectin, used to treat Neglected Tropical Diseases, is of no matter, when it comes to letting Americans foot the bill in making billionaire pharmaceutical giants richer.

Deputy Ambassador Richard Mills filled in for her at the UNSC anti-Syria Liars Meeting event. He also played the shell game against the American people, backing up his criminal lies with the lies told by two or our many tax-funded 501(c) non-profits, used in the echo chamber of perpetual war propaganda — Amnesty and Human Rights Watch.

As always, the French can be counted on to demonstrate their ongoing vendetta against Syria, for the outrage of having been evacuated from colonial occupation of one of humanity’s oldest countries.

We remind our readers that the UNSC never held an emergency meeting to halt the Macron regime’s mass enucleation campaign against the Gilets Jaunes.

France’s arrogant braying about COVID in the SAR is — as Casablanca’s Rick once said — poor salesmanship, given that its degenerate experts engaged in criminal and medical negligence, in moving infected C19 patients into non-infected regions of the country, spreading the virus.

First Deputy Permanent Representative Dmitry Polyanskiy maintained the Russian Federation’s standard of diplomacy and integrity, in his statement to the NATO-infested UNSC.

First Deputy Permanent Representative Dmitry Polyanskiy maintained diplomatic protocol when addressing the NATO-infested UNSC.
First Deputy Permanent Representative Dmitry Polyanskiy maintained diplomatic protocol when addressing the NATO-infested UNSC.

Syria’s Permanent Representative, His Excellency Bassam Sabbagh, told the UNSC that his country continues to be cooperative in the [useless/bogus] Constitutional Committee meetings. He also noted that, despite the Council passing Resolution 2585 (2021) in July, the Erdogan occupation force and it HTS and other al Qaeda proxies continue to obstruct the movement of humanitarian goods into regions still occupied by the west’s human garbage.

Stay tuned for the next edition of the UNSC junta’s eternal meeting on the phony chemical ‘Syria files.’

Miri Wood


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