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Syrian Opposition Object Sovereignty Article in the Proposed Constitution!

Syrian Constitution Committee meeting in Geneva w UN Special Envoy Geir Pedersen

The Syrian ‘opposition based abroad’ protested some points in the constitution proposal presented by the delegation representing the Syrians in Syria, the head of the opposition delegation considered the part of ‘treason’ as a summons!

Geir Pedersen was excited to announce the resumption of the work of the committee to write a new constitution for Syria, the UN special envoy isn’t happy with the current constitution the Syrian people approved in the 2012 referendum because it doesn’t allow western countries to intervene in Syria, the hundreds of billions of dollars spent by the Saudis, Qataris, the US, and EU taxpayers to install a puppet regime in Damascus will go into waste after the failure of the military intervention on the ground, the defeat of the Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists by the Syrian army and its allies, the failure of the sanctions and siege imposed on Syria, and now the constitution committee.

The delegation representing the Syrians of Syria living in Syria presented to the committee meeting in Geneva yesterday, Monday 18 October, a 6 points draft in regard to Syria’s sovereignty in the proposed constitution, the 2nd point of the draft considers ‘any form of cooperation with a foreign occupation that contributes to the continuation or consolidation of this occupation is considered high treason.’

That particular part was considered by the delegation representing Turkey, NATO, Israel, Al Saud fiefdom, and the ‘great democratic gas station of Qatar’ [sic] as a ‘summons to prosecute the members of his team as traitors,’ we wonder why?

‘Sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic’ was the title of the draft constitution presented by the delegation coming from Damascus to the Constitution Committee in Geneva, the following are the 6 points of the draft:

  1. The Syrian Arab Republic is an independent and fully sovereign state that does not accept interference in its internal affairs in any way. It is united by land and people and is indivisible, and it is not permissible to give up any part of it, nor to prejudice the right and duty of the state to extend its authority over its entire territory, and ensure the continuity of the work of all its institutions. Anyone who deals with any third party in any illegal manner that affects this provision shall be subject to legal accountability.
  2. The liberation of the occupied lands is a sacred national duty undertaken by all state institutions, and the restoration of these lands is an inalienable right that is not subject to waiver or bargaining and is not subject to the statute of limitations, and any form of cooperation that contributes to the continuation or consolidation of this occupation is considered high treason.
  3. Any separatist or semi-separatist projects or trends, whatever their formulation, are completely contrary to the principle of the unity of the Syrian land, and contrary to the will of the Syrian people. The Local Administration Law regulates the powers and authorities of the councils of administrative units.
  4. The Syrian state has the exclusive right to have full sovereignty over the total capabilities, natural resources, and underground wealth in all its lands, including the occupied ones, and to manage and supervise their investment. Any illegal exploitation of it by anyone, or participation in it, is a theft of the assets of the people, punishable by law.
  5. The Syrian Arab Republic is part of the Arab world, is proud of its Arab affiliation, and works to support and strengthen Arab cooperation and solidarity, with the aim of achieving the unity of the Arab nation.
  6. The Syrian Arab Republic seeks to achieve international peace and security in light of respect for international law and the values of truth and justice.

This is the 6th round of negotiations between a delegation from Damascus representing the people of Syria and a delegation based mainly in Istanbul, Turkey, representing Al Qaeda, ISIS, the USA, Israel, the Gulfies, and the regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan, the latter group of non-Syrians and their agents in the delegation insist on not stopping their intervention in Syria until a ‘political solution’ is achieved which they approve because they themselves in their countries seem to be fine with others interfering in their elections, breaching their nations’ sovereignty, and let alone others writing their constitution for them unless someone can explain this whole circus otherwise.

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  1. Roy A Booher

    American traitors wrote the US Constitution to suit the British Empire at the time of it’s writing, that’s why the US is the way it is.


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